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The Blocker
Player: @The Blocker
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Steven Richard Knox
Known Aliases: Blockie, Blockhead, The Lion, Steveo
Species: Human
Age: 25
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 287 lbs
Eye Color: Hazel/Green
Hair Color: Brown/Dirty Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucassian
Occupation: full time bartender at Club Ecstasy; current leader of the supergroup The Proteges
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rhode Isle
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Rhode Isle
Marital Status: dating
Known Relatives: Ken Knox (father); Sharon Knox (mother; deceased); no known brothers or sisters
Known Powers
invulnerability, super strength
Known Abilities

The Character

Steve is a big guy with an even bigger heart. Though physically built like a linebacker he can easily pass for a normal human in a crowd. He has a quick wit, a sometimes sarcastic sense of humour, and is a shameless but harmless flirt.

Burning beneath that easy smile and youthful chuckle however, is a volcano of a temper and a ferocious need to protect those he cares about. Quite often he refers to this as his "White Knight syndrome". Threaten anyone he considers a friend...or worse cause them harm, and there is no limit to what he would do. He will not slow down, will not stop, and will not show any mercy. He's a hero...not a saint.

Life in Paragon

Steve is a native to Paragon City, born and raised. When he was just a baby a tragic car accident took his mother's life. His father, however, did his best to raise him. As Ken Knox worked for TransWorld Airlines as a commercial piolet he wasn't always home as Steve grew up, but he made sure to always call him before he went to bed. "A man is defined by his word," he used to tell Steve. "A man gives his word and he keeps it, through thick or thin." This was a lesson that Steve took to heart and never forgot.

Growing up it became apparent rather quickly that Steve was different. At the age of ten he was already over five feet in height. By sixteen he had reached his full six foot frame, his weight and musculature catching up almost as fast. And as far back as he could remember, Steve had never had so much as a sniffle of a cold. It was early in life that Steve would meet and befriend Johnny Mercury, youngest son of the famous Mercury family. The Mercury's were part of an extremely effective super group, the Fifth Dimension, in the late 70's and early 80's. The family took one look at Steve and immediately accepted him as one of their own.

After highschool Steve would find himself drafted to play college football, even getting a full scholarship to Paragon University. He accepted the offer with barely a second thought. It would be halfway through his second year that his life took the most dramatic change of all. A typical friday night game, with Paragon down by five. UCLA was driving down field but lost the ball on an interception. The coach grabbed Steve by the mask and said, " get in there and you hold the line! Nothing gets past you! Nobody and nothing gets past you! You're my hear me! Nobody and nothing!" Well Steve held the line allright...his DNA kicked in to overdrive and his full mutation became apparant when he held the line...the entire defensive line. Five full-grown men pushing for all they were worth and they might as well have been pushing against a wall. Steve proceeded to march them backwards a full ten yards before the coach shouted out for a time-out and yanked Steve off the field. The next day the coach took Steve to City Hall for a full battery of tests to determine exactly how "super" he was.

It was shortly after that friday night that Johnny gave Steve a call. "Bro," he said. "You remember all those kid heroes we used to see on the there were always getting their tails kicked and you and I said we could do better? Well now's our chance. I got us registered...we're a team boy!" Steve grinned and hung up the phone. He might be off the field, but a new game was about to start.

In the beginning there was four members of the Proteges: Accelerator, Summer, DeltaWave, and Steve. Delta left shortly after for personal reasons, but was replaced by Johnny and Summer's cousin Scott 'Burn Zone' Mercury and the lovely but dangerous Knockout Avenger, Jennifer Munri. They would be the inner core of a team that dedicated itself to teaching heroes how to use their powers, and how to function as members of a team. "Anyone anytime can win a one on one fight," Johnny's dad used to say. "But seriously, when have you ever seen the criminals in this city fight one on one?" Steve took to this new life and entered every fight with the same grin and swagger he had on the field. It was all just a game, but with a new set of rules. During one particularly grueling mission Steve learned a lesson that would haunt him the rest of his life. It was another typical terrorist plot for Paragon. A group of Warriors had gotten their hands on some high explosives and were planning on taking out a city block unless their demands were met. The Proteges hit the ground running and proceeded to mop the floor with nearly every one of them. The team rounded a corner, Steve at the lead with Johnny right behind him, just in time to see one of the Warriors smash a young woman down with a sledghammer. Even at a distance it was obvious the woman was in serious trouble, her arms and legs pulverized. Blood was seeping from a dozen places. This was the first time Steve had witnessed directly the horror that the villains of the city were capable of, and something snapped inside him. Throwing caution to the wind and with a gutteral snarl, Steve charged and bull-dozed the Warrior through a building, breaking the punk in a dozen places almost instantly. The team swiftly dealt with the straglers and Johnny, using his immense speed, got the young lady to the hospital. It turned out that the damage was more severe then anyone had thought, ultimately costing the young woman both her arms and legs. A month later Accelerator gathered the team outside the hospital in Talos. In that time Steve had done his best to learn how to protect the team by keeping the enemies attention focused on himself, with Scotty teaching him every trick his father had perfected as a member of the Fifth Dimension. Johnny stood on the steps of the hospital and grinned. He announced that the young lady they had helped, by now known to them as Traci Nixon, had recovered and may even be a little better then before. At that moment, Traci emerged from the hospital doors. She was wearing the familiar yellow and black of the Protege uniform, but her arms and legs had been replaced with bionic/cybernetic enhancements. Calling herself Quick Trix, Traci had made a full recovery and was now the final member of the team.

With the team together, the Proteges would go on to strike back against the criminal elements of the city. They would foil a number of Hellion plots to burn the city down, earning the favor and gratitude of Paragon City Fire Chief James Williams. They would be instrumental in defeating Jack in Irons when he rampaged through Steel Canyon, and part of the combined forces that would repel numerous Rikti invasion attempts around the city. Many a Council Archon would fall before their strength, and even the Arachnos operatives would come to fear the battle cry of "Proteges...GO!". Several attempts to single out the team members for termination would be thwarted, as Steve, Johnny, Summer, Jenni, Scott, and Traci grew from team members to a family.

Despite all this, Meilin Hsiao is his favorite person ever. That is because she is the best human being there ever was or will be.


When Steve's mutation was fully realized, he went to City Hall and received the standard round of testing. To date he has demonstrated the following:

- Tested invulnerability to Class 7 limits: This by no means implies he can't be hurt, but it does take a considerable amount of effort. His resistance stems from an extremely dense muscle and bone mass, causing most physical attacks to simply bounce off.

- Superior Strength: Under normal circumstances, Steve has demonstrated a maximum lifting capacity of five tonnes ( roughly 10,000 pounds ). Under extreme circumstances, such as in defence of his team, a friend, or when enraged, there has been no testable limit to his strength.

- Leaping: Using his immense strength, Steve is able to cover upwards of half a mile in a single leap

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