Blue Badger

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The Blue Badger
Player: @Boom Maker
Origin: Science
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Dr. Nathaniel Lysander
Known Aliases: None
Species: Mutated Human
Age: 33
Height: 5'10
Weight: 273 lbs.
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Research Scientist/Costumed Adventurer Currently employed by The Vanguard
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Founders Falls
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Wife: Emily, Children: Kairi and Inara, Parents: Roy and Carol Lysander
Known Powers
Claws, Regeneration
Known Abilities
Enhanced strengh, speed, stamina, agility, and senses.
No additional information available.

The Blue Badger, reluctent hero fighting for his own humanity against the evil forces of Crey Industries! Dr. Nathaniel Lysander had once been a gifted research scientist in the field of evolutionary genetics. Sought out by Crey after the first Rikti war, Nathaniel began work on what would eventually be known as the Revenant Hero Project, looking for a way to give Paragon City back a little of what it had lost during the invasion. But soon, Crey Industries true intentions were revealed, and before Nathaniel could tell anyone, he himself became an unwitting test subject! Infused with the DNA of the dead hero known as "The Badger", Nathaniel began to grow fur, fangs, and claws, and developed a form of accelerated celluar regeneration. But before Dr. Lysander could be turned into a mindless killing machine, he was rescued from the lab. Nathaniel has now chosen to put on the costume of a crimefighter, as a way to work out the animalistic emotions that beset him because of the Badger DNA in his system, and perhaps get a little revenge on the ones that did this too him...only then, will he be able to return to his family, and be whole again.


As the Blue Badger, Nathaniel has gained all of the powers of the original Badger, including enhanced strength, speed, stamina, agility, and hyper-keen senses. He also has developed diamond hard fangs and claws, which extend from his forearms, and a greatly advanced form of accelerated celluar regeneration, which lets him heal from almost any wound instantaneously.

As a byproduct of the foreign DNA in his system, Nathaniel has developed animal like instincts, which sometimes come over him completely at random. In the past, he has been unable to control these waves, but recently has been able to surpress them.

         Badger claws.jpg


A gifted scientist, Nathaniel is always thinking about something...equations, problems, variables, and sometimes gets lost in his own head when talking to other people. He has been known to interupt others when they are talking to him with inane babble about his latest expeiriment. Besides his emotional problems (due to the animal instincts in his DNA), Nathaniel is usually a very happy-go-lucky, upbeat person, who tends to see the humor in most situations. He does this not only to provide a little levity to his superhero teamates, but also to distract himself from the fact that he could fall into a mindless berserker rampage at any moment. This is espeacailly prevalent in combat, as Nathaniel tends to run his mouth constantely to keep himself distracted.


Dr. Nathaniel Lysander started his life as the only child of Doctors Roy and Carol Lysander. Roy Lysander was cheif surgeon at Steel Canyon Medical Center, while Carol was a professer of genetics at Steel Canyon U. The Lysanders owned a residence in Founders Falls. Nathaniel grew up in with a life of relative luxory. He developled a passion for science at an early age, and eventually began to follow his mothers footsteps and study evolutionary genetics at Steel Canyon University.

It was at SCU that Nathaniel met Emily Hargis, a journalism major. It was love at first site, and the two eventually married a few years later, after graduation. Emily began her career as a fashion journalist, while Nathaniel went to work for G.I.F.T. They eventually had children...two daughters, Kairi and Inara Lysander, born just over a year apart. Everything was going great for Nathaniel. He was living a dream life, and things only seemed to get better as the years went on.

And then came the first Rikti War.

Paragon City was devastated. Buildings, whole districts, lay in ruins. Over 3/4 of the hero population in Paragon, which once numbered in the tens of thounsands, had gave their lives combating the Rikti menance. But where the general populace saw sadness and devastion, Crey Industries saw opprotunity. Crey cleanup crews managed to steal many of the fallen heros bodies, dead or otherwise, to use in their expeiriments. It is not known exactly when or who started the Revenant Hero Project, but shortly before the end of the war, Crey Industries put out a general call for any scientist with expeirience in genetic evolution. Nathaniel, living a life of relative naitivity, had no idea the of the reputation Crey had garnered amonst the general superhero community. He decided to go to work for Crey, and put his abilities and knowledge towards rebuilding Paragon City's superhero ranks. Protectors1.jpg

Assigned to the Revenant Hero Project for the creation of the Paragon Protectors, under the direction of Dr. Paul Summerfeld, Dr. Lysander thought he finally had the chance to do something good with his work, and give the city back the heroes it so despretly needed after the Rikti War. But soon enough, Dr. Lysander realized the truth behind the Project....Crey had taken into its possession the bodies of several fallen heroes, most of them dead, a few still alive, and used their DNA to "grow" new heroes....heroes loyal only to Crey. It wasnt long before Dr. Summerfeld found out about Nathans discovery, and used it to his advantage. Dr. Summerfeld had been working on not only cloning dead heroes, but splicing their DNA into still living baseline humans. Nathan became his first test subject. Using the DNA from the dead hero known as "The Badger", Nathan was imbued with several of The Badgers powers and characteristics, most notably fangs, claws, and advanced cellular regeneration. As an odd side effect, perhaps due to the mixing of foreign DNA with Nathans own DNA, instead of growing brown fur with black stripes, characteristics of the previous Badger, Nathan instead developed blue fur. The expeiriment was a success, but before Dr. Summerfeld could institute the brain wipe and memory implants, several heroes, led by Miss Violaceous and Boom Maker from the group known as The Marvels (now known as The Altimates), stormed the secret labrotory and demolished his work. Summerfeld escaped, and the test subjects were freed...including Dr. Lysander.

After being freed, Dr. Lysander discovered another side effect of the foreign DNA in his system. Although still sharp in mind, he is beset by animal like instincts and emotions. These emotions come in waves, completly at random, and Dr. Lysander has absolutely no control over them. Still searching for a sense of self, and perhaps a little bit of revenge, Dr. Lysander chose to put on the costume of a crimefighter, as a way to work out these emotions before they got the best of him. He joined the Marvels, and fought alongside his liberaters for awhile. His family beleived him to be dead, and Nathaniel, for a time, perferred to keep it that way. He didnt want them to see what he had become.

After a few years of crimefighting, Nathan had become depressed with his current state. Isolated from those he loved by the animal emotions that plagued him, Nathan was becoming increasingly irritable towards his teammates. It was around this time that Nathan met a hero by the name of The Emerald Princess. Her empathy powers helped to calm Nathan and give him a renewed since of purpose. After a breif love affair with the Princess, Nathan knew what he had to to. He had resolved himself to return to his family, revealing to them after three long years that he wasnt dead, and what his true fate had been.

Before Nathan could return to his family again, disaster struct for a second time. The Rikti returned! The second invasion gave Nathan a second chance to use his abilities to to help mankind in its darkest hour. Nathan picked his alleagiances a little more carefully this time, however, and has sided with The VanguardResigning from the Altimates, The Blue Badger now works full time as a Vanguard agent, both as a field operative and in the R&D division, researching new ways to defeat the Rikti menace once and for all.

Badger and Lady Grey.jpg

Nathan has yet to return to his family, deciding to yet again delay that until the end of the Rikti War. Badger vs. Rikti.jpg

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