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The Bow-Slinger was rolled alongside many other Teen Titan or any young super tributes. He was originally inspired by Speedy with a dash of Gene Starwind but became so much more after everyone voted him into the leadership role of the Teen Templars, which caused him to take on more qualities from Iron Man and Batman over time. After a three year hiatus, I decided to bring him back as an older, more matured hero. Also if anyone remembers why I decided his middle name should be Sheen, let me know.

You'll Never Be Better.
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Personal Data
Real Name: Dexter Sheen MacManus
Known Aliases: Bo-Slinger, Red, Deck Star
Species: Human
Age: 23
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 192 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black (Partially dyed red)
Occupation: Inventer/Lab Tech
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Known Relatives: John and Mary MacManus(Father and Mother. Both deceased), Zach(Cousin)
Biographical Data
Residence: Max's Apartment
Skills: World Class Intellect, Archery, Martial Training, and Leadership Experience
Equipment: MacManusMesh Armor, Magnum Gloves with Magnetic Grappling Hook attachment(Calls them Stick'Em Gloves), Breaker-Bow

Dexter Sheen MacManus, also known as the Bow-Slinger is a normal human being driven to hit the human pinnacle due to events from his past. Bow is able to perform strenuous tasks for long periods of time without tire, as well as impressive feats of strength and agility for a human with no physical augmentation. He's also studied, practiced, and mastered various schools of sciences and martial arts.

  • Mathematical Processing: Dexter mathematically processes every object, movement, and potential action as a second nature. This ability has lead to his nigh impossible shots from his bow, predicting the attacks of those he's fighting and manipulating his surroundings to his tactical advantage.
  • Master Archer: One of the world's foremost archers, Bow's aim is experienced and precisely calculated.
  • Savant Engineer: Shortly after mastering the ways of mathematics, he turned to engineering to up his game to the level many powerful metas are at today.
  • Breaker-Bow: A weapon with no string, and it's programed to track his hand movements. Upon reaching the desired draw, an arrow is transported into his hands via short range pocket dimension, courtesy of Portal Corp tech, and propelled forward by quantum-magnetism, effectively creating a railgun-bow designed for accurate shots, powerful blows and quick firing rate.
  • Stick'em Gauntlets: Bow's gloves were specifically made to super charge his fists should be be drawn into melee and arrows for an increase in force if the situation demands it. He's also installed a small, cordless grappling hook attachment using the same quantum-magnetism technology from his bow.
  • MacManusMesh Armor: Dexter's thin suit of enchanted impervium fiber weave provides a balance of powerful protection and maximum range of movement; it also projects a powerful shield of solid light for deflecting blows as a first line of defense and also can be altered to provide superior visual masking. The inside is laced with circuitry and sensors, giving Bow access to a powerful computer when he needs to provide cyber-support.

Mental Profile

Born into the rich MacManus family, Dexter's early years were relatively pampered and easy. Only when he started maturing and his reality expanded did he truly realize the dysfunctional problems of his parents. Dex's father slept with women all over the world, often times barely being able to shroud the acts he was committing from the rest of the family. His mother on the other hand had a serious drinking problem, often times requiring Dexter to be the adult and take care of her.

During his freshman year of high school however, he caught his father in the act. This seriously conflicted Dexter who had to grow up early taking care of his drunken mother. Dex had promised to keep it a secret though, being persuaded that his mother's clouded judgement wouldn't react well; but Dex lashed out in his own way. He slowly became notorious at his high school for the drunken acts he would partake in at parties.

Current Activities

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Allies and Hostiles

Retired Templar Contacts



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