Braxeus Creed

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Braxeus Creed
Player: @Endal
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Arachnos Soldier
Threat Level: 10-20
Personal Data
Real Name: Benjamen Creed
Known Aliases: Brax
Species: Human
Age: Late 30s
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 235
Eye Color: Dark
Hair Color: Dark
Biographical Data
Nationality: Negro American
Occupation: Arachnos Wolf Spider
Place of Birth: Houston, Texas
Base of Operations: Dalas, Texas
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Expert Hand to Hand Fighter
Bane Spider Armor, AG-278 Assault Rifle, Bane Club, Bane Helmet, Bane Back Unit.



The Early Years

Ben Creed was born in the 1970's durring the Vietnam Era. His father was a returned Veteran from the 501st Airborne Army Rangers and was on deployment when he was born. Ben did not meet his father until nearly six years later when he finally returned to find his son incredibly lax in discipline. He was taken under his father's wing and when not at school would be working with him in the field performing several tasks in an apprentice type position.

At the age of twelve, Ben was sent to Riverside Military Academy in Gainseville, GA. Here he met up with several young men in similar situations that he would grow up with and become like brothers to. His instructors knew him as a braggart, always seeming to know the answers, but never having the wisdom to use the knowledge properly.

Ben was made squad leader of his floor and was put in charge of a quarter of the young men in his grade, he was to be taught when to use the knowledge that he needed. This is also the time that Ben started his love of fighting, not just dorm-room brawls, but all sorts of fighting. He loved to practice martial arts, boxing, and he even learned how to street fight, using whatever was available to overpower his opponents. Ben won State champion for boxing and placed third in the nationals in Karate and Tai Quan Do.

Enter Brass

Durring Ben's Sophmore year at the Academy he was introduced to his new instructor, Cpt. Marshal Brass, who was on loan from the Rogue Isles as a replacement instructor as the previous one had passed away. Brass taught the young men at the Academy several things that their previous instructors had never even dreamed of showing them, things that he shouldn't have shown them.

Ben and his friends became special projects of Captain Brass, he trained them harder than any of the other students and by their senior year the five of them were the top soldiers in the school. During his Senior year, Captain Brass was replaced by a new commanding officer and returned to his post in the Rogue Isles.

Ben graduated top of his class, much to the delight of his father, and enlisted in the US Marine Corps as a black ops soldier.

US Marine Corps

before joining the US Marine Corps in 1992, Ben spent several years in Europe and Africa to explore the world and his horizons. He learned German, French, and Spanish while on his travels and understands Italian and Greek. While on his travels he had encountered several unique experiences with Super Powered Beings of all sorts.

After joining the Marines as a Black Ops Soldier, Ben spent twelve years doing missions all over the world. During a top-secret mission in parts unknown, Ben was separated from his units and taken as a prisoner of war to be ransomed back to the States. Knowing that his country would never give in to the demands of his captors, Ben formed an escape plan. Using several sharpened stakes, Ben was able to fight his way through his door captors and take their weapons and extra ammo. Using the reinforced structure of the jailhouse, Ben was able to fight back his captors and finally escape through the jungles surrounding him.

For seven months he wandered through the jungle, living off of the land and surviving using techniques that he learned from his years in the Military Academy. He finally stumbled across a hidden Arachnos Base and was shocked to find his old instructor, Marshal Brass, decked in full Arachnos Bane Soldier gear. Ben spent several days working on a plan of how to get his attention and finally decided that the best tactic was the worst one, he would allow himself to be captured.

Vision of Glory

Ben spent only two days in the prison cell until he finally got his requested audience with Marshal Brass. Brass did not realize that the man who stood before him, the degraded soldier in the cell, was in fact his prize student back at the Academy. When he finally realized who it was he brought Ben into the interrogation chambers with several of the base's most powerful Fortunas to delve into his mind and find his true purpose, while seeking through his thoughts and emotions, the psychics found that Ben held nothing less than a lust for power and strength, but had no ill will towards the Arachnos or those that held him captive.

This known, Ben was given a short leash and was allowed to observe the compound with an armed escort. Ben learned the ways of the Soldiers and after spending nearly three weeks at the base was approached by Brass with an proposition, to join the Arachnos Wolf Soldiers and to be his second in command of the soldiers, with only two Fortunas and Commander Brass himself as his superiors. Ben accepted immediately and was given his first suit of Wolf Spider armor.


Braxeus is equipped with the standard Arachnos Soldier equipment. While he has no super powers of his own the suit that he wears works much like a Powered Exoskeleton that gives him increased strength, speed, and also protects him from those who would do him harm.

Arachnos Wolf Spider Armor

The Wolf Exoskeleton Suit grants Braxeus with increased speed, strength, agility, and also protects him from the elements.

The Armor has several layers including a skin tight suit that has millions of sensors that read his vital signs and stores them in a central computer within the suit. The information is constantly monitored by the internal CPU and reacts to his needs. This layer also can read his muscle movements to tell where an effect is needed through his suit, such as super strength or reflexive agility.

The next layer consists of a powerful mesh weave that protects him from stabbing thrusts and can even handle a crossbow bolt or a blast from a .22 bullet.

The final layer is the vision of Lord Recluse's army, the "Stormtrooper" type exoskeleton armor that is colored all in black. This set of armor keeps Braxeus strong and tough against his foes.

AG-278 Assault Rifle

The AG-278 Assault Rifle is a state of the art weapons crafted by Dr. Aeon's team to keep Lord Recluse's soldiers at their top form, it can do nearly any function as though it were a power from a standard bullet slug to flamethrowing to freezing rays, it also comes with a grenade launcher perfect for fire grenades, flashbangs, and web grenades.

Arachnos Helmet

This sophisticated pieces of machinery allows the wearer to see all of their vital functions as well as alerting the wearer of dangerous situations around them. The helmet's targeting system can also be tuned into any ranged weapon's scope to allow for pin-point accuracy with the weapon, even when firing blind around a corner.

Arachnos Back Unit

This state of the art animorphic back-pack unit can be used for several traveling purposes. There is a small cell that can power for several hours a sustained flight or can be used in short bursts to launch the wearer through the air several hundred feet.

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First entered the Rogues Isles 12/06/2008

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