Brick N. DeWall

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Brick N. DeWall
Player: @hairlessrn
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Scrapper/Brute
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Nathan DeWall
Known Aliases: Red Hook Brawler
Species: Human
Age: 90
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 290+ lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Book store owner
Place of Birth: Red Hook district, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Base of Operations: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Marital Status: Widower
Known Relatives: Evelyn Eisen-DeWall (wife deceased), Jonathan Nathaniel DeWall (adoptive son deceased) Grace DeWall (daughter in law deceased) Jan and Jean DeWall (twin grand daughters deceased)
Known Powers
Moderately increased Durability, High Human Norm Strength
Known Abilities
Skilled Brawler
Leather vest with metal inserts, canvas pants with metal inserts, Studded gloves, Heavy spiked boots.

Born March 4, 1922 at home in Brooklyn, Nathan's differences were immediately noticeable. Skin a true red in color nearly identical to a freshly made brick and a heavy blocky build. These led to the nickname he was called by the other kids on the street, "Brick". Nathan was not really identified as what he was; not a true mutant but a throw back mutate, for several years. Several strands of DNA, most of them common in all humans, although no one else is known to have all of them; had been activated in vitro. This activation was caused by his mother's job as a watch face detailer in a local shop, applying a radium paint to the faces and hands of the watches. As was common with many of the painters she accidentally ingested the unusual radium isotope by licking the brushes to a fine point. Unfortunately this also led to her death from ovarian cancer when Nathan was 13. His father was a longshoreman at the docks. Originally a caring father, the loss of his wife led to many long hours at work and even more hours at the local bars. The result was an accident at the docks leaving the now 17 year old boy an orphan.


The Beginning

Nathan attempted to enlist in any branch of the military even prior to the US entry into World War II. He was rejected by all of them. The stated reason was excessively overweight but prejudice had a lot to do with it. He was distinctly above the curve for height/weight but not fat. As he put it he could "lift the back end of a Willys jeep." Still determined to do his part in the coming conflict he set himself out as one of the "masked mystery men" of the time and struck out against the Nazi spies and saboteurs. With the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941, he was recruited by Col. William "Wild Bill" Donovan in an organized counter espionage unit. He spent the rest of the war fighting Axis agents and the 5th Column with several others in and around the docks of New York City. It was here he met Evelyn Davis nee Eisen who would later become his wife. Although most of his activities were state side, he was involved in several actions in all the theaters of the war including being present for the liberation of a concentration camp in Thungria, Germany. This left a deep scar on the soul of the hardened scrapper. At the end of the war he proposed to Evie, now a widow as her abusive husband had died during the war. They married the same day as the official surrender of Japan and he quickly adopted her son, Jonathan.


Brick continued to work with now Major General Donovan in the nascent organization to be known as the CIA. With the rise of McCartyism and the actions of the House UnAmerican Activities Committee as well as the passage of the "Might for Right" Act, he resigned and purchased a bookstore in Westport, Connecticut, Brick's Books, the Book Nook rather than continue in support of a system growing more and more corrupt. The lives of Nathan and Evie remained reasonably quiet for many years, interrupted only by the marriage of Jonathan, his graduation from college and the birth of Jonathan's daughters and then Jonathan's death as a Lt. in the USMC during the Vietnam Conflict. Lt. DeWall was awarded the Bronze Star with V for valor and the Purple Heart for his actions at the time of his death. Nathan still makes an annual pilgrimage to the "Wall" in Washington DC.

Return to Action

The idyllic life ended with the Rikti Invasion. Evie and Jonathan's widow and twin girls had gone to Washington DC for a trip to "the Wall", the Vietnam Vetrans Memorial. Brick had been delayed to handle some last minute business at the store but was actually on the road down to join them when the initial attack occurred. He found no signs of any of the four women. He continued to be active during the Rikti War in and around his original home in Brooklyn and when it finally ended, attempted to return to his and Evie's home. He found this was untenable. Another effect of the twist in Nathan's genes had left him with a much prolonged life span and slowed aging process. The impending death of his beloved wife was something that he knew would happen, but not like this. The hole in his heart has never completely healed. Spending the next several years traveling around the country, he found himself working the docks in Independence Port in Paragon City where he found out that an old friend was active with a local group called the Overbrookers. He spent the next two years working with them until the group disbanded.

The Present

With the disbanding of the Overbrookers, Nathan has continued his one man vendetta against the Rikti that had so brutally taken the one woman he loved and his family from him. He works closely with Vanguard in the Rikti War Zone but has recently been recruited by a secret organization called the Codex. He has found their philosophy fits well with his current needs. Maintaining their secrecy he continues to work with Vanguard until called on by his new allies in their struggles. Recently he has opened another book store in Founders Falls, Brick's Book Nook, with Blaze Sanctis. another member of this secret organization, and Blaze's girl friend Rose.

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