Bronze Skull

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The Bronze Skull
Player: @Daross
Origin: Science
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 13
Personal Data
Real Name: Doctor Edric Bremen
Known Aliases: Master of Skulls, the Bronze Duke
Species: Originally human
Age: 45
Height: 7'8"
Weight: 2,208 lbs.
Eye Color: None
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Scientist, Inventor, Engineer, Doctor
Place of Birth: Weymith, New Hampshire
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Energy control
Known Abilities
Superhuman Intellect
Skull Blaster, Skull shield, Skull Drones, Skull Bots, Devistator Skull Bot



The Bronze Skull is really a disembodied brain that pilots a towering bronze-plated robot. The Bronze Skull is a genius, and he constantly reminds people of this fact. He has mastered many fields of knowledge, but his primary field is in robotics and cybernetics. The Bronze Skull enjoys a challenge, and becomes excited at the prospect of learning new things and inventing new technologies. He can become violent when his experiments fail. He has his own labs and workforce, but often contracts out his services to companies and organizations. He has worked for Arachnos, Crey, the Council, and other organizations. The Bronze Skull respects efficiency, intelligence, and cunning. The Bronze Skull has, on occasion, stated that his goal is to help humanity through his creations. However, his creations are tied to so much destruction that this is most likely a delusion of his.


Doctor Edric Bremen was once considered a prodigy; his name was known in medical and scientific communities. He was well known for his advances his robotics, engineering, and especially cybernetics. He helped pave the way for a good deal of technology used today in cybernetic enhancements utilized by both human and metahumans. While driving home to his compound with his family during a rain storm, Doctor Bremen lost control of his car. The car fell into a ravine by the rode. His wife was killed instantly, as was his son. His daughter survived, but was paralyzed from the neck down. Doctor Bremen walked away from the accident with only cuts and bruises. For five years Bremen worked to find ways to improve his daughter’s quality of life. He built a cybernetic body in hopes of allowing her to move again. Bremen unveiled the cybernetic body to his fellow scientists, doctors, and investors. In an action that horrified the audience, he removed the head of his daughter and placed it in a specially developed chamber to keep the brain alive. Security and police were called and he was tackled on stage. Bremen accused the police for the death of his daughter; they prevented him from completing the medical procedure. Bremen was arrested for the murder of his daughter. Bremen’s methods and notes on the procedure were revealed to have many flaws, and his name was disparaged in the scientific and medical communities.

Bremen was placed under psychiatric care. After 15 years he was released and found employment in Crey Industries. With his vast knowledge of robotics and cybernetics, Crey used him to develop new technologies for both commercial and military use. He was the head of a branch office outside of Pheonix, Arizona. Bremen used the technology in part to experiment on himself. He was determined to prove that his methods were accurate and he would save his daughter. Crey turned a blind eye to his experiments; his value to the company outweighed the cost of supporting his self-experimentation. As time passed, Bremen added more and more cybernetics to his body. Eventually his head was the only thing that remained biological. Three years after hiring on to Crey, all contact was lost with the office building headed by Bremen. Crey sent their security force to investigate the situation. The first thing noticed was the high levels of radiation coming from the building. There were 128 people that worked regularly in the labs and offices. All turned up dead, their brains surgically removed. Bremen’s head was found in a recreation of the chamber he intended to place his daughter’s head in. His brain had been removed, like the others. Later investigations turned up recordings made by Bremen as he underwent the procedure. In the recording, Bremen reiterated many times that this was all done to prove that he could have saved his daughter. Bremen’s cybernetic body moved on its own once his head was removed. When Bremen’s brain was placed into the bronzed skull head of the cybernetic body, it announced that the Bronze Skull had been born.

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman intelligence. The Bronze Skull utilizes energy fields, called skull shields, to shield himself and others that he wishes to protect. He is always accompanied by a cadre of bronze-plated robots decorated with a bronze skull for a head. These robots include Skull Drones ((Battle Drones)), Skull Bots ((Protector Bots)), and the Devestator Skull Bot ((Assault Bot, he does not actually have this at the time this is written)). His robots are powered by human brains and he has a psychic link to his machines. He carries a bronze laser rifle, called the skull blaster, and can project waves of energy at enemies. His body and brain work together as a super-computer, and his body is mobile laboratory. He is capable of seeing things on the microscopic level.


If the Bronze Skull’s brain is somehow removed from the robot, it is believed that the machine will cease to function. This has yet to happen, so the theory remains untested. If the Bronze Skull’s psychic link is severed from his robots, they cease to function. Somewhere deep inside his mutated brain, the Bronze Skull still remembers what it was like to be human, and to have lost everything he holds dear.

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