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Player: -
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: -
Personal Data
Real Name: Linus Bergman (assumed)
Known Aliases: -
Species: Homo Superior
Age: ?
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 159 lbs.
Eye Color: Pale violet
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Dutch by birth, American Citizen
Occupation: Adventurer
Place of Birth: ?
Base of Operations: Atlas Park
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Life-Force Manipulation, Regeneration, Immortality, Enhanced Physical Prowess, Resistances.
Known Abilities
Poetry, cooking,
Utility Belt.





Superhuman Powers

Linus' main attribute is his ability to manipulate the raw life-force energy of living beings, either by absorbing energy from other organisms, projecting absorbed energy toward other organisms, or transering energy from one or a group of organisms to another. This is accomplished by two ways: By controlling the energy from fair distances, or through physical contact, which is much more potent and effective compared to distant channeling. The phenomenon of life-force moving between those affected can usually be visually perceived as faded arcs or entrails of flowing white light.

The act of being suddenly drained of life-force energy can severely weaken afflicted targets, depending on the length of time, and can have a variety of effects depending on the individuals. Physical weakness, illness, temporary memory loss and blackouts are common repercussions, though in the case of those with metahuman potential (including magic), the magnitude of power is also reduced significantly. Those fortunate enough to be granted a "boost" in life-force will reap opposite effects - strength and physical ability, powers, health, metahuman/supernatural powers and memories are revitalized.

Most importantly is Linus' current physical state that mimics that of the undead (down to a supernatural perception - he is commonly mistaken for a literal zombie in a necromantic sense). He is required to consistantly absorb the life-force energy of others (in place of food, water or rest) that he can not generate on his own accord in order to properly function physically and mentally. Failure to do so induces weakness, memory loss and in severe cases loss of sentience and experience of primal urges through the body's desperation to obtain the life-force it craves, among other consequences. Because it is not required of him to breathe, any sign of heartbeat or bloodflow is created by the energy he retains within himself (this goes for other bodily functions as well). His body can recover from injury at an astounding rate, even if only left with a skeleton. Disturbingly, his power will sometimes activate during random times.

Linus has proven to be virtually immune to most if not all illnesses and toxic substances, less sensitive to pain, and more resistant to temperature extremes compared to the average human being. His senses, strength, speed, agility, reflexes and endurance remain above peak human capability. His core temperature is consistantly cool; any heat generated originates from the life-force running through his body. His undead state has also earned him the title of being immortal, for he appears to no longer physically age while sustaining his needed requirement of nourishment. The depths of his mutation still remain unknown, and many more questions remain.

Friends and Foes

Currently no friends. Probably some foes.


(Coming Soon)

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