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Conforming with Arachnos.
Player: @Swordsman of Acre
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Daniel Heartscape
Known Aliases: Cami
Species: Homo sapiens
Age: Twenty-three
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 190
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black with white highlights
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: Acre, Jerusalem
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unrevealed
Known Powers
None, really
Known Abilities
Strong will, ryui-ka training (dual blade specialty)
An assortment of swords, various flight items (i.e. wings, rocket boots, etc.)
Cami likes to be challenged.




Daniel Heartscape was born of the holy land of Jerusalem, but would soon discover it was not of all full of righteousness as everyone made it out to be. At the age of three he watched his family slowly disappear in a busy street market after pandemonium had erupted. The insubordination was caused by a notorious bandit known only as "The Assassin." No one had ever seen the man's face nor did they know where he came from. After awhile, a man in a white cloak, hood down approached him. He mourned Daniel's loss and took him in as his own. The man fed, clothed, and sheltered him. Not too long later the boy forgot about the family he had lost. The man trained Daniel in the art of the ancient fighter's technique known as Ryui-Ka. Daniel excelled in his teachings and took a favor toward the Kari Ho style (double bladed). He also taught Daniel how to speak in the Ancient language used only by the masters of Ryui-Ka. Daniel had no life left in Acre after his eighteenth birthday and with a heavy heart set sail for America.


Daniel is an unpredictable young man. He is often found in a joyous state of mind and very hyper. He enjoys slashing the shit out of his opponents. Whenever Daniel get angry or tense, he begins to speak in Ryuian. Due to his ever steady, upbeat, and deadly attitude, he has been nicknamed Camisado, or Cami for short, which eventually translates into cami meaning tempest and sado meaning sword. In short, the name refers to dozens of swords flying through an uncontrolled but ever-present pattern of rapid currents. He thought the name suited him well.

The battle suit.


Cami's battle armor consists of many different parts that make it whole. He began with the helmet. He added a eye-protector and mandible guard. His helmet has two strips running down it and have aerodynamically placed items to help him moveHis chest has a technical plate of steel, gloves of the same material that are large offering protection in the wrists and his shoulders have guards he nabbed from a museum of ancient history. He has an ampule belt. His thighs are covered with a substance of pure steel and he has banded boots. He has recently added a set of tech wings on his back to enable flight. Everything is set a a nice, black and white color scheme.

Stealth Gear

Cami has a well-developed sleek-ness to it. Consisting of a ninja hood and mandible cover as to protect his face and a military-like set of goggles so he can "assess" his situation. He has single spiked shoulder gurads and an enforcer belt. He has bands around his wrist wired with robotic technology to stick to surfaces such as walls or cielings.
The stealth outfit.
His chest is made up of an ectomorphic substance that doesn't show up on scanners and a design made by Serge. His pants are of normal material for comfort and manuverability with a sinister pattern. He has a set of rocket boots so he never has to stop flying. To top it all off, he has with him a set of sais, the ultimate stealth weapon. He added a cape for more aerodynamics during flight.



While on patrol in Faultline, dealing with an Arachnos infestation, he was in the middle of a fight and a squadron of Longbow Chasers saw the scene. They thought they saw Cami struggling so they turned on their cannons. When they had fired their missiles, Cami had dropped all of the Arachnos minions with Typhoon's Edge. The missiles then somehow targeted Cami (most likely heat-seeking) and hit him hard. Cami got extremely PISSED at them and chased them around Faultline for half an hour until they grew balls and apologized.

Cami angry, Cami smash.

John Starkweather

Cami was talking with a villainous alien in Pocket D when he ran into John Starkweather of Arachnos. Cami was having trouble putting together a file that Positron wanted to look at (Phalanx reasons). John was experienced in the matter and helped Cami build his presentation. Positron loved the file and put him on the payroll for induction into the Phalanx. Without giving any true information on who he is or what he does, Cami and John drank some dranks and called it a day.


Long Swords

These blades were given to him by his mentor just before he set sail for Paragon City. The long swords were kept in a reinforced safe for they hold with them extreme sentimental value. They were the favorite weapons of Roku, the ancient warrior who invented the flawless Ryui-Ka fighting style. He now wields them when wearing his incredible battle suit.


He attained his sais from a local black market merchant in the Isles. The old man was rude, corrupt, cold, and above all, aggresive. Cami now uses his sais in addition with his stealth outfit because he can draw them quicker than the long swords and they add a nice ouch to his look. The old man wont be needing the sais anymore, anyways.

Tech Wings and Rocket Boots

Cami crafted the ingenious flight items with a technique he learned from a book about the greek god Haephestus. Haephestus made all the weapons the greek gods use, for your information. He gave the rocket boots to his stealth suit due to smaller size, and his wings to his armor for they are stronger and can carry the heavy load the armor has on it.


Arbiter Death
Colossus of Roads
Apex Tech

OOC Facts

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