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Player: @Canvas
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 23
Personal Data
Real Name: Undisclosed
Known Aliases: Canvas
Species: Homo Sapiens Superior
Age: 17
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 76kg
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Nation
Occupation: Archon of Nation
Place of Birth: Massechusettes
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Devoted to Agony, but technically single
Known Relatives: She's never spoken of any
Known Powers
submolecular corrosion, high-level regeneration
Known Abilities

About Canvas

Canvas' Evolution is that of extreme hypersensitivity. The faintest pressure against her skin causes it to erupt into black bruises, which fade almost as quickly as they form through purple, brown, green, yellow. Her name comes from the ever-changing and highly disturbing beauty of her skin, a living Canvas of bruises. Her capacity to regenerate is almost unlimited - Canvas has admitted to attempting suicide a variety of times, in a variety of ways. To the best of her knowledge, she is immortal. Sadly, while she can heal any injury, she feels every iota of the pain. She hovers almost perpetually, arms held apart from her sides, feet well above the floor, trying desperately to keep from touching anything - and even so, her fingers bruise where they press against one another, and her skin bruises where her clothing touches it.

For reasons Canvas does not understand, but Agony describes as sub-particle breakdown, similar consequences are visited on the objects and people she touches. If her feet rest on a surface, that surface begins to corrode - cracking or rusting depending on the nature of the substance even as the bruises climb up her legs and the pain floods through her. When she strikes an enemy, their skin shrivels and buckles, the muscles underneath decaying rapidly. If she can sneak up on a foe, and touch them somewhere sensitive - often the base of their neck - death is often instantaneous.

Canvas' hypersensitivity came upon her with her menstruation. She consequently has very little formal education - school was a writeoff, with Canvas' attention paid instead to an ever-increasing variety of drugs used to dull the pain she constantly feels, and a rapidly declining spiral of crime intended to either steal those drugs, or fund their purchase. By the time she was sixteen, the pain Canvas felt just from necessary bodily stresses such as blinking meant that she was either high or incapacitated with sensation most of the time, and her raids grew sloppier as she grew more desperate. She was captured during a raid on a hospital for painkillers to help her manage her life, sometime after her thirteenth suicide attempt, and spent her seventeenth birthday in Ziggursky prison, her only lucid thought through the pain the wishing to die.

It was then that Agony came for her, with Nation Tech-Relay as his avatar. The robot minion brought sufficient painkillers for her to effect her escape, with his help, and she was brought to Nation's spacestation above Sharkhead Isle, where she finally met face to face the psychic voice that had soothed her while she was in the Zig. Agony's cellular-level telekinesis allowed him to turn off her pain receptors, relieving Canvas's pain for the first time in four years. When she's been especially good or her skills are particularly required, Agony sometimes even switches her body's sensations over, so that she feels pleasure instead of pain. Her body still bruises, but her mind interprets the sensations differently, relief that leaves her mind clear.

Her devotion to Agony is complete and unquestionable. He saved her in every way a person can be saved, and there's nothing she wouldn't do for him. Mostly uneducated, Agony's eloquence and brilliance awe her, but she's learning as fast as she can, wanting to serve him better. She doesn't expect him to love her the way she loves him, and she knows they'd never have a conventional romance. She can't touch, and he can't feel, so they'll never be lovers. She simply wishes to be whatever he has most need of, to serve him in any and every way she can - and so now she roams the Rogue Isles, monitoring the activities of Defiler groups such as the Tsoo and the Circle of Thorns, and killing all that she can of their members, so that their magic will cease to break the world.


Hide: When light bounces off objects and into our eyes, it creates 'reflections' of those objects. Canvas' submolecular corrosion, when she focuses her attention and energy on it, can be so fine-grain that even light does not bounce off of her, destroyed when it comes into contact with her skin, rendering her effectively invisible.

Assassin Strike: When in this state of fine-grain molecular corrosion, Canvas' skin is particularly deadly to touch. Unseen, she moves up to her attacked, and lays her hand either at the base of their neck or their jugular vein. Contact with her skin causes her enemy's flesh to erode, destroying their spinal column or a major artery. Death is almost instantaneous, if her aim is good.

Shadow Punch: Once opponents know of Canvas' presence, it's difficult to gain a surgically precise stroke, but the damage they would ordinarily take from a punch (even one from a person of Canvas' diminuitive stature) is compounded by the disintegration the touch of her flesh causes.

Pacify: Every so often, the sight of Canvas' body, slender and bruised, incites even the hardest hearts to pity. Convinced she can't possibly remain standing under the weight of the damage her body has so evidently taken, they hold their blow or turn away from her, a moment of trust that she too-often betrays by taking that breath of time to position the surgically deadly corrosive assassin's strike.

Regeneration: Comprising several 'powers' in the game sense, these are all folded into Canvas' extreme regenerative powers. Though her body bruises from even the faintest of touches, no further injury is possible. Regardless of the sharpness of the weapon or the pressure of the blow, her skin does not cut, and she heals before people's eyes. A powerdrill to her temple is insufficient to kill her, a fact she proved when she was fourteen. She is still vulnerable to psychic attacks - fear in particular. For Canvas, it is the fear of pain that controls her, easily summoned to the forefront of her mind. Her body, however, while not invulnerable, is very difficult to overwhelm with physical damage. Sufficient quantities of damage, layered upon her fragile form, can overwhelm her capacity to heal from, bringing her to immobility and the brink of unconsciousness - but true oblivion is forever denied to Canvas, no matter how great the pain or how much she might wish for that sweet surcease.

Fly: Canvas can't explain why she can hover, but it's the only facet of her Evolution she is truly grateful for. Her ability to float allows her to minimise the pain that she would otherwise experience from the weight of standing - and allows her to spare the ground beneath her feet the effects of her corrosive power. Nation's titanium surface is highly resistant to Canvas' corrosive effect - one of the several reasons titanium is so valuable to Nation - but even titanium is not immune.


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