Captain Crosshairs

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Cap being ready for action, as usual
Captain Crosshairs
Player: @GuessWho, now @Swashbuckles in Paragon Chat.
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Jason McArthur (secret)
Known Aliases: none
Species: Human
Age: Over 90 (appears around 30)
Height: 6'
Weight: 196ibs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Chemist/Adventurer/Crimefighter
Place of Birth: Markham, Ontario
Base of Operations: ASSA Sanctuary
Marital Status: Engaged to Ultradynamic
Known Relatives: None to speak of
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Very near peak human physical and mental fitness, highly skilled at hand-to-hand combat
Recurve bow with an advanced arsenal of specialized arrowheads, ranging from grappling hooks to magnesium flares to exploding (flammable) oil slick capsules



Captain Crosshairs has been heavily affiliated with the All Star Sentinels of America, even when they were the "Sentinels of Liberty" back in the Second World War, with a few long periods of uninvolvement due to him working in Canada. He is currently off their active roster (due to increased international work on his part), but he keeps in touch and joins in for important missions wherever possible.

Cap is also involved with the United Sentinels of America, an allied team, to the point of being an honourary member. Many of his closest friends are in the leadership council there, such as his wartime pal Mac, the American-Marvel, but the most influential is undoubtedly Ultradynamic. The two are very close and have recently got engaged.

He has been seen working with a teenage sidekick named Bodkin-Girl for about two years now. He looks at her like a daughter, and is very concerned with her safety and the upkeep of her secret identity. Their connection before she became his sidekick is unknown to anyone but the two.


Cap is an intelligent, kind man. He tries to be understanding and easygoing but can be very stubborn and stands up for what he believes in with a vengeance. He's a friendly person, and people of many ages can relate easily to him since he's been around a long time, but still retains his relatively youthful appearance.


The Captain has no metahuman powers to speak of, other than the fact his aging seems to have been slowed to a standstill. When asked about this he usually dismisses the question with "it's a long story" and a knowing wink.


Jason is a top-notch archer (even moreso than in WWII as he's had decades of active experience since then), not to mention a genius-level chemist, and he combines these two strengths to deliver not only standard arrows but a variety of his "trick arrows" that help him get out of nearly any manner of predicament. However, he is also in near-peak physical condition, and is a very capable hand-to-hand brawler when push literally comes to shove. He is a very versatile hero, his various arrows, combined with his fitness and over half-century of experience make him prepared for almost anything his enemies throw at him.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Cap is still human, and retains most of the vulnerabilities that come with that (with the apparent exception of ageing). On a less obvious note, his decades of needing to compensate for this humanity against bigger/faster/stronger opponents can sometime leave him paranoid or obsessive, when it comes to having contingencies for potential threats.


The Captain almost always carries a collapsible bow that he can use at a moments notice, which unfolds into a standard recurved bow, he always has many standard arrows, as well as several of his famous "special" arrows, which range everywhere from a glue arrow to a sonic disruptor arrow to an EMP arrow.

Character History


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