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Cap'tain Fantastic
Player: @Sixty
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Jeff Fantastic ... wait, that can't be right.
Known Aliases: None
Species: Presumed Human
Age: Confidential
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Your living room's Weekdays at 4 Paragon time!
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.
Cap'tain Fantastic!
Cap'tain Fantastic!
Up, Up, And away!
Ready for Anything!
The Evil Kommander Fascist.
The Fantastic Paladin.
The Captain Fantastic title screen.


From T.V. to Registered Hero

In 2001 Wolf-film picked up a new show for the 4pm kids slot on their network. Hazard Men featured four principle cast members as Super Heroes championing the cause of Justice against a cast of varied villains. The principles were Power Man, Mysteria, Jeff Fantastic, and Sonar Boy. The show had middling success, and rating began to slump in the face of mounting educational programming in opposition. Attempting to salvage the expense, the Network Execubots made it someone elses problem. Then girlfriend of Jeff Fantastic, Helen Augustdottir. Helen envisioned a longer variety style show, themed on Super Heroes, and still containing the 22 minute action that formed the basis of the Hazard Men. This time centered around the most popular of the old heroes, Jeff Fantastic.

He recieved a stylistic change and became Captain Fantastic, host and star of the Captain Fantastic Power Hour. The show focused on moral fibre, co-operation and social responsibility. Genuine registered City heroes were often interviewed by Captain Fantastic for the kids, many of whom had written in with questions for their favourite heroes. Episodes would contain the 22 minute Captain Fantastic live action show within it, linked in two part cliff hangers, often featuring other (often fictional) heroes. The show became immensely popular, Catapulting Captain Fantastic to fame and stardom.

But there was one thing the fans didn't know. Captain Fantastic performed all his own stunts, including the flying, without wires.

Following the 2003 end of his relationship with Helen, and her subsequent resignation from Wolf, Captain Fantastic took over as show runner, pushing for a bigger budget and grander scale. The show has not looked back. (In 2008) Feeling there could be more to help the city than top quality children's entertainment Captain Fantastic made the decision to take himself onto the streets, and do in real life, what he pretended to do in the show. The city refused to register him, as Captain Fantastic was a registered trademark of Wolf-film, so with a clever addition Cap'tain Fantastic set out onto the city streets.

And thanks to his efforts in real world crime fighting, his fame is growing beyond mere TV celebrity, now he's making a difference... it is in a word "Fan-tastic."


Captain Fantastic has an image to live up to so a degree of egotism, and product branding can be expected, this bravado hides an actually rather shy individual beneath. Deeply protective of his public image, and the image of heroism in general, he leads a comparatively clean private life. Constantly trying to prove he can be a 'real' hero leads him into situations wiser, more experienced, heroes would have avoided.


In the show his weaknesses are extolled as being prolonged loss of sunlight, as he charges his powers by it's rays. While this is true he is also vulnerable to excess impact damage, high degrees of fire or extreme cold, a psychic could defeat him rather neatly, and seafood.

The Image

Captain Fantastic remains committed to upholding the image of heroism both on and off his show, his devotion to education and lifting social consciousness remains undimmed. Whether it be the Character Captain Fantastic on Television, or the Real Cap'tain Fantastic on the streets.

The Captain Fantastic Power Hour

Wolf-films most popular children's programming, Weekdays at 4pm. Started in 2002 the show has run into it's seventh season with no signs of stopping. Based off of the middling Hazard Men, the Captain Fantastic Power Hour still features a 22 minute show along the same lines entitled "Captain Fantastic" once a week (this season, it is Wednesday) in which the serialized adventures of Captain Fantastic are portrayed. The First add break contains the opening credits and a variety portion, often containing the news. Following the add break is a cartoon or, on Wednesdays, an episode of Captain Fantastic. The cartoons are all hero themed, but Captain Fantastic is live action. The third ad break splits the cartoon. The fourth ad break is followed by another variety segment, differing day to day, but often containing more educational programming, dressed up in a fun and entertaining manner. On Wednesdays this will include a Q&A session with Captain Fantastic and the featured hero, or a member of a civil service, though in later seasons members of the private sector have also been invited to talk about their work. It is also common to have videotaped footage of a school visit, interaction with children is a big part of the social message the show tries to put forth, and since the third season, when the Captain took over as show runner, the moral lessons and educational components have been stepped up noticeably.

Captain Fantastic (the show)

Captain Fantastic, the show, is live action and often guest stars real heroes of Paragon in important roles. There are 37 episodes a season, each one a two-part story. The final episode is usually a cliff-hanger for the next season. Each episode focuses heavily on a particular life lesson the script writers are told they feel Children ought to know. The only member of the Hazard Men principle cast who has appeared in Captain Fantastic is Sonar Boy, no longer a young sidekick but a hero in his own right. No matter what other message the show may focus on the simple over riding theme has always been that Good overcomes Evil.

Over it's seven year run Captain Fantastic has featured a number of colourful exaggerated villains, Doctor Clownian, Trick Question, C.A.T.S.woman (how are you gentlemen?!!), The March Hare, Cosmo-Naught, Gestaptress, Fan Girl, HP_Administrator and Professor Old. But in the third season's cliff hanger a more disturbing villain was introduced: Kommander Fascist. An evil Mirror Mirror universe version of Captain Fantastic, played of course by Captain Fantastic. The story went that a teleportation accident caused them to switch universes. and havok was wrought, with the final moments culminating with Kommander Fascist, posing as Captain Fantastic, having defeated Sonar Boy about to murder Fantastic Lass (The reason Daddy watches the show) while the Real Captain Fantastic appears to have been himself killed in the mirror universe. Viewer mail from distraught children caused Wolf-film to request The Captain Fantastic Power Hour put fears aside. Their action was to produce a Christmas special. The episode of The Captain Fantastic Power Hour ran for two hours, and featured an hour long installment of Captain Fantastic in which the cliff-hanger was resolved after only 2 weeks! Show Runner Captain Fantastic put a lot of work into the episode, blowing the budget by almost double and putting on air what many fans agree to be the best episode ever.

Best Episode Ever

The Special entitled "Shattered Mirror Mirror" featured Japanese heroes Southern Redbird and Eastern Glow (of Tokyo team The Scramble Force.) It was the only episode produced where Captain Fantastic did not provide his own special effects in the form of his powers, instead all the heroes powers were added in post-production. The script, originally intended to be a half hour show screened almost four months after it's first part was almost completely discarded. A new one hour script was written by Alan Jean Fauxter, although he signed Captain Fantastic's name to it. Directorial credit was given to Alan Smithee, although many believe Fantastic did the job instead of the usual director "Peter Dom". The new script began with a cold opening in which Kommander Fascist is suddenly sucked back to his own universe, depositing Fantastic in his place. The Police arrive, Sonar Boy and Fantastic Lass are taken to the hospital and Captain Fantastic, looking worse for wear, is arrested. Kommander Fascist is shown in his own universe where Gestaptress has figured out what had happened and reversed it. He sets about trying to find a way to return to the alternate universe. The remainder of the episode has Fantastic put on trial as a criminal, only to be reprieved when Fascist returns through a dimensional portal to conquer this world with a selection of henchmen. Fantastic Lass and Sonar Boy attempt to defeat Kommander Fascist but could not. The prison is attacked by Gestaptress and many prisoners escape, including Captain Fantastic. he recruits two heroes who turn up to quell the riots, and they work together to free Sonar Boy and Fantastic Lass. Sonar Boy stuns the inattentive Kommander Fascist and Fantastic Lass kicks him through the portal. The combined firepower of Southern Redbird, Eastern Glow and Captain Fantastic destroy the portal. There is of course the redemption scene where the mayor thanks the heroes for saving them from the evil Mirror universe Captain.

Worst Episode Ever

Ironically while the Christmas Special rated highly, the replacement episode screened at the start of Season Four was panned by many as the worst episode ever, a 22 minute story featuring "Fantastic Mutt" which had no second part marked the lowest point in the shows run. The character was never seen again, although it was referred to in another episode as having returned home to his planet in space, never to return.

Cast & Crew

Sydney Williams aka. Fantastic Lass

Recognising the natural talent of 18 year old prodigy stunt woman Sydney Williams, who had portrayed many of the costumed villainesses in Hazard Men, Jeff Fantastic pushed for her to be given a lead role in 'Captain Fantastic.' As Fantastic Lass Sydney's years of stunt training was put to use as the teams powerhouse melee combatant. In 2003 her popularity had grown so that she began to feature outside the 22 minute 'Captain Fantastic' show and appear regularly in the encompassing 'Captain Fantastic Power Hour'. There are also rumours she may feature in the next 'Ultra Rumble Bros.' Game.

Peter Dom

Hired by Wolf Studios right out of film school Peter Dom was installed as the director of Hazard Men. Dissatisfied with the first few episodes he began watching classic super hero films and television serials. His rapid mastery of classic shots and techniques and development of new filming techniques rapidly raised him to his current status as one of the premier Action cinematographers, and ensured his retention for the 'Captain Fantastic' show as first unit director.

Recurring Characters from the Show

The 'Hazard Men'



Captain Fantastic - The Movie (2007)

In 2005 Summit announced it had secured the rights to do a Captain Fantastic movie. A forums was opened to get fan input on who should be in it. For six months fans responded enthusiastically. Determining that Fantastic, Sonar boy, Fantastic Lass should surely be there. 90% of the nerds posting agreed that the villain should be Kommander Fascist, then the darkest villain in a childrens show, the split in the choice of co-villains, debating between Gestaptress and Harevok, who had only appeared once, in the pilot. Then the studio hired Bichael May, who had recently enjoyed destroying "Gettesburg". His comment - "I never really liked Captain Fantastic, but I am sure I will make a film all fans will love." Saddled, as he saw it, with a list of characters Summit had agreed to, he remade them thusly:- Harevok was now a giant robot made out of kitchen appliances coated in an invincible metal nothing could breech, except the American Armed forces. Gestaptress was now a lizard woman who never spoke, but spat venomous poison. Sonar Boy was given an image upgrade and would have a screen time of exactly 2 minutes and thirty nine seconds, following which he would die. He was also black.

In 2007 The Captain Fantastic movie was released to an eager public. The movie bore little resemblance to the Captain Fantastic the fans knew and loved, indeed the title role was not even played by the Captain, and was instead portrayed by Mark Vincent. The character in the movie, motivated by a desire to avenge his parents death at the hands of his brother, Kommander Fascist (played by Dolph Lundgren) seeks a magic pendant that will grant the wearer ultimate power over time. The gun-toting Captain Fantastic shoots his way through wave after wave of faceless mutant evil minions with the help of the movies main character: Alex. A teenage boy whos grandfather originally found the pendant, wore it and used to a few times (seen in a photo wearing it). They eventually recover it from the US military who had been using it to reverse time on cell phones to make them into telegraph wire that promptly went insane and killed people with tiny guns. The movie culminated in a final battle between Captain Fantastic and Kommander Fascist, during most of which the camera shakily, nauseatingly, focuses on Alex holding the pendant. Finally Captain Fantastic asks Alex to put the pendant around his (the Captain's) neck, this destroying it and himself. Instead Alex puts it around Kommander Fascist's neck and Kommander Fascist is destroyed utterly.

Many fans complained that Captain Fantastic's costume was wrong (A dark green plastic molded bodysuit with a radioactive emblem on the chest in yellow, and no visor) , that Captain Fantastic's powers were wrong (In the movie he used guns, as opposed to his energy shields and trademark bright green beams.) That the movie focused too much on the U.S. Military and the boy Alex, and that while Captain Fantastic didn't seem to be able to defeat many villains, the Military easily could, no matter how big and made of indestructable metal they were. And the fact that if Captain Fantastic wanted to use it, why was the solution to give it to Fascist? And why did it explode? not to mention turn things into old versions of allegorical significance, that then somehow grew guns and went mental? and so on.

Despite the fact that the movie was truly abominable, it did rather well at the box office. Although Captain Fantastic has promised fans that there would be another film, true to the show. Many true fans still agree that the 1986 Hazard Men animated movie (Based of the 'Wonder' Comic series but did not feature the character of Jeff Fantastic) was much better, even if Hazard-Man 'died' in it.

Captain Fantastic: Interactive

In early 2009 When the AE corp Holographic entertainment parlors opened for business in Paragon. Show Runner Jeff Fantastic, embraced the new media and with the help of the other show writers produced an interactive episode of Captain Fantastic that anyone could star in. In an interview Jeff said to media "This Interactive Episode blends the traditional villains of The Captain Fantastic show with real world threats such as the 5th column. Fans can look forward to A few old faces, I'm really quite excited." The Story ID for this Episode is 4880 and it is titled "Captain Fantastic: Interactive". Jeff Fantastic has also hinted at a second Interactive Episode saying, "Don't think it's over when you've completed the episode, the forces of evil are always waiting to rear their ugly heads." *This Story Arc is currently down for maintenance.

Mirror Mirror Showdown

The Second in the Interactive Episodes (This story arc is currently down for maintainance) Brings a return of the Smoker and a final Showdown in the Mirror Mirror Universe with Kommander Fascist.

Whence Comes the Quizzler

This arc was written specifically for the Architect Entertainment system, Jeff and Sydney collaborated to create a villain specifically for this entertainment arc: The Quizzler. The Player is put int he role of themselves, asked by Captain Fantastic to assist Which Doctor, and the adventure unfolds from there. The Arc ID number for this story is 14164. Attempts have been made to copy the arc and Villain but these are just shallow copies. This arc was a spruced up version of Captain Fantastic's prototype in the Beta prototype of the Architect System.

No Smoking

Players speak with Commissioner Stacy who is concerned that a villain (the popular 'The Smoker') is smoking in No Smoking Areas. The Player must prevent this act and uphold the law. Critics commented that the story was a little too cynical and satritical for most Captain Fantastic fans, but it seems even the children who have played it were able to understand the message Jeff was making, and enjoy the light hearted story. (Arc ID 271666)

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