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Last Updated: 4/23/2019

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White Knight
Carleox searches for clues at the riverbank where he was found
· Natural Tanker ·
Shield Defense
· Other Affiliations ·
Powers Division, Resistance
Real Name
Carleox Belmont
Vagrant Knight, White Knight, Tin Can
Nova Praetoria
Legal Status
Registered Hero
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
6' 6"
Body Type
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Exceptional physique
· Equipment ·
Biker's outfit, Goggles, Shovel, Manhole Cover, Gladiator Boots, Black Leather Cloak
· Other Abilities ·
Melee weapon expert, Shield expert



Rescued by a physician named Dr Chandra, Carleox was found severely wounded & unconcious on the river bank. Despite trying his best to recall his past, he was unable to recall anything other than his name. To prevent Carleox from moving too much in his wounded condition, Dr Chandra assured Carleox that his memories would return after his recovery.

Months have past & Carleox's injuries are now fully healed yet his memories did not return. Dr Chandra could sense Carleox's agitation. Not knowing what else she could do, the Doctor suggested Carleox to seek the help of the authorities. If someone had any answers it might well be one of those superheroes who dabbled in science or magic. Following her advice, Carleox sought out the Power Division, hoping that they would know what to do with him.

And thus began Carleox's journey in Praetoria!


Carleox's short stay in Praetoria did brought back some memories. It all started when he was in the sewers fighting ghouls. He somehow recalled that he had done something similar. Except that the ghouls he fought were actually the living dead and were even more repugnant that the ones he encountered in Praetoria. Unfortunately he remembered nothing else and this information was too fragmented to be of any use to him.

Past Events


The Powers Division welcomed Carleox with open arms and assigned him to take on rogue elements that threaten the peace and stability of Praetoria. Eager to receive aid in recovering his memories, Carleox carried out his duty with zeal.

His actions earned the adoration of the citizens and the respect of his peers. Amongst these was Rambling Man, a meta-human with the ability to unleash Sonic attacks whom he befriended.

Yet he felt frustrated as months passed by and the psychic sessions with the seers did nothing to trigger his lost memories. Dr Chandra mysteriously vanished and it wasn't long before Carleox realize how oppressive Cole's regime is. While there are some within the Loyalist that genuinely cared for the people, many more amongst the PPD and Powers Division abused their authority.


Unwilling to serve a tyrant, Carleox briefly aided the Resistance in several missions and learnt that they are not so different. Some fought for freedom while others care not the collateral damage they did or were insane terrorists.

Trusting neither faction, Carleox did only what he thought was right by helping the common people. Eventually he realize it was impossible as Praetoria is too closely interwined with the powers that be and those who oppose them.

However Carleox's actions had caught up to him. Both Resistance and Powers Division had become suspicious of his involvement and decided to take him out.


Arriving on-site to investigate a case, Carleox & Rambling Man was surprised to find Dr Chandra whom vanished months ago. She revealed that she was working for the Resistance and came to warn them of the danger they are in. But it was too late the Resistance has already arrived.

The duo fought bravely but was outnumbered and was not able to help as the Resistance gunned down Dr Chandrar for her betrayal. The Powers Division who had been waiting, swooped in immediately at this moment.

Carleox had earlier learnt of a facility which house a portal between Praetoria and a place called Primal Earth. With both factions after them and in their weakened state, escaping to Primal Earth was their only choice.

With the Powers Division already laying in wait. The two had to fight their way towards the portal before it was shut-down. Leaping through the portal, Carleox thought they had made it only to discover that Rambling Man's injuries was too severe and the mediporter disabled.

As he comforted his dying friend, Carleox swore he will one day return to Praetoria to exact justice when he became much stronger.

Recent Events


Battling Vahzilok in his ragtag outfit that earned him his new name

Arriving in Primal Earth. Carleox was surprised to find it so similar to Praetoria. Despite the similarities he was even more surprised by the lawlessness and how hectic the place felt. Finding a quiet spot in Talos Island itself, Carleox buried his good friend and prepared to start anew.

Carleox had virtually nothing to get him started on Primal Earth. Whats worse was that his equipment were no longer usuable due all the fighting he has gone through. Desperation set in and he did the only thing he could. Working as cheap labour by day and sleeping in the streets by night.

He soon befriended the homeless people of Paragon City and eventually became their protector. By doing this, he crossed path with various criminals and also the Vahzilok. A criminal group that conducts twisted experiments on their victims. The Vahzilok often preyed on the homeless because they were easy targets.

Carleox kept a vigilant watch, patrolling the backalleys and even raiding the Vahzilok's lairs whenever he has a lead. Although the Vahzilok still presents as a threat, they would now think twice before picking on the homeless. For his valiant efforts, Carleox is now known as the Vagrant Knight amongst the homeless. This is also partly due to his outfit that was fashioned from second-hand items.

Origin of Powers & Abilities


Exceptional Physique

Carleox is stronger, healthier and possess an incredible endurance that surpasses most normal human beings even those who had went through military training. Yet Dr Chandra is not able to find any source of genetic alteration or mutation. She surmises that Carleox must have gone through an extremely rigorous training regime in his past which he cannot recall.


Melee weapon expert

Carleox is trained in armed combat specializing with bludgeoning weapons. Its not known where he receives his training from but he is wields these weapons with great ease and strength.

Shield Expert

Carleox carries his metal shield with ease and can swiftly deflect most attacks from most angles whether it is a melee or a ranged attack.


Biker's outfit & Goggles

A gangster surrended his most prized possessions to Carleox after losing a duel. Carleox had the pockets and insides of the jacket stitched with small thin metal sheets hoping that it will provide better protection.

Manhole Cover

While not a conventional armour, its thickness does offer adequate protection against small arms fire and even some ordance. Carleox had it modified to make it easier to carry around.


A shovel Carleox recovered from an abandoned construction site. If swung with enough force this tool could subsitute for a deadly weapon.

Black Leather Cloak

The homeless in gratitude for Carleox's protection, made this humble gift from patches of thick leather they scrounged up. Its not much to look at but it provides some warmth and serves as a reminder of what Carleox's is fighting for.

Gladiator Boots

A prize he won from participating a bloodmatch. The thick leather shin and metal kneeguards offer limited protection to its wearer. The design and sole padding enchances jumping distance, height as well as better cushion when landing.


  • Dr Chandra (Deceased): Carleox's savior in Praetoria. A brilliant physician who believes in overthrowing Cole's regime in more subtle and less destructive ways. She did not agree with how Calvin Scott was willing to use extremist to achieve their goals.
  • Rambling Man (Deceased): The mysterious mutant who had been Carleox's friend during his time in Praetoria. His death had a significant impact on Carleox.

  • Mr Duke: The relentless topdog who laid the trap for Carleox and landed the fatal blow that killed Rambling Man. He tried to goad Carleox from leaving by insulting Carleox for fleeing to Primal Earth without first avenging Rambling Man's death.
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