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"The influence of the relic is subtle. It whispers to you, so slightly that you think that its thoughts are your own. That's what makes it so difficult. Are you thinking clearly, or -are- you? I don't see how one can -truly- be in control of such a thing. It's like a slippery slope, a recovering drug addict who rediscovers their hidden stash. Can you -really- help yourself?"

Markel Smythe explaining to the Shadow Spiders what it is like to be a Relic.


Glimpsed the Abyss

For those that have attained absolute power then turned their backs on it willingly, life can never be the same. The pure, raw and withering power of immortality and oblivion leaves its mark on even the most stalwart of souls. Those that have been able to reject the power of the relics[1] are truly haunted souls.

Though these souls have relinquished the monumental power of the relics they are still to be feared. They have tasted the truest and most corrupting power in existence and had the will to part with it. They have also shared in the vile and alien thoughts of the other Relics and have a better understanding of this often enigmatic group of beings.


Dark Knowledge

The very second they accept and submit to the power of the relic their minds are privy to every thought and notion that is held by all Relics. Their desires become tangible and plain. They see who they are, were, and wish to be. Those that give up their relics still have horrible memories of these thoughts and desires. They will be able to recognize most relics by sight and their dark purpose.

Relic Sensitivity

After having tasted the pure evil of the power of a relic the Redeemed can sense when a Relic is within 10 feet if the particular Relic is in the third or higher stage. Relics of lower stages will usually give those that have been redeemed a peculiar feeling but it can be masked if the Relic makes an effort to suppress their power.



For those that have been able to give up their relics without destroying them their existence is a haunted one. The other Relics will stop at nothing to return this individual to their relic. The Relics never cease tempting and hounding the individual until they return to their relic and their power. The Relics instinctively know when one has parted with their relic and do everything in their power to change the situation.

Also these individuals are still partially linked to their relics forever and will instinctively know where their relic is at all times. This is a constant torment for those that choose this path.


For those that have destroyed their relics to release themselves of the curse there is a different fate. Destroying a claimed relic actually causes the other Relics agony and they will seek out those that destroyed it and exact revenge. This is actually one of the few times that Relics will work together is to obliterate an individual whom allowed their relic to be destroyed. The Relics will rarely stop with just the individual and will systematically target all those around who know of their ally's former state.


For those that have been able to find another host for their relic find themselves often targeted by that Relic out of jealousy for being the relic's original choice. These Relics often fear that the original will want the relic back and the relic will leave them.


The last and most dangerous problem that all of the redeemed face is going back to normal mortal life after having existed in a state of complete and total power. The psychological strain of such an event is monumental and many suffer from several mental or emotional problems. There are those that do not but the knowledge of the humanity they once were prepared to give up still haunts them. The unknown is a catch all for all of the various mental and emotional scars that this has left on their life, not to mention those they might have betrayed along the way. Their road to redemption is a long and hard path that gives little reward.

  1. Relic with a capital 'R' refers to the Immortal. Relic with a lowercase 'r' refers to the item. Sorry for the confusion.

RP Notes

This is a category for those that were once Relics but are no longer. For those that are ex-Relics feel free to modify this page as you RP out your new life (or old one :P ) as one who has been redeemed. This, so far, is just a catch-all for what it is like. Though it could be subject to change.

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