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Shadow Spiders
Founder: Arbiter Death
Side: Villain
Leader(s): Omnitaria, Alondra Red, Firepaw.
Logo: A spider web
Colours: Black and gold
Levels: Any
Play style: Heavy RP
Roleplay: Required
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: Any member
Former Arachnos, now Vanguard spec-ops detachment.
"Unity. Brotherhood. Sacrifice."
Formerly the command of the infamous "Arbiter Death," the Shadow Spiders have severed their ties with Arachnos. Despite setbacks, they swelled and prospered—until one day their home base was attacked by a Rikti mothership. Now as they work to rebuild, they aim to show the Rikti their determination and vengeance...



Following interference by the Hidden Hand, Arbiter Death was exposed and seriously injured, his "Villains of Paragon City" dispersed and all but disbanded. Fleeing back to the Isles and attempting to regain the good graces of Lord Recluse and his fellows, Arbiter Starkweather formed the Shadow Spiders. Considered by some to be the laughing stock of the Arbiter Corps, Death and his loyal followers and allies worked to prove them wrong—dead wrong.

Due to Death's aggressive recruiting, the Shadow Spiders indeed grew into a force to be reckoned with, and several other villain groups sought to test their mettle against this giant. The most successful of these was the enigmatic organization known as Black Tie. Despite the brutal fighting, the war between the Shadow Spiders and the Black Tie ended suddenly. And some time afterward, Arbiter Death stepped down from his position as commander of the Shadow Spiders.

Starkweather has since returned to Paragon City to rebuild his power base, and the Shadow Spiders found themselves under new leadership. Severing all ties from Arachnos, they hoped to rebuild the unit that they have shed their blood for—without the meddling of the Arbiters.

Fleeing from their base in Fort Hades in Port Oakes, they "acquired" a spacecraft which they called their new home. Dubbed the "Asgard", this orbital fortress became a sanctuary and a staging point for all their major operations. Time passed, and the Shadow Spiders swelled and prospered, bringing into their ranks the misfits and the renegades and those just looking for a new start.

Tragedy soon struck, however, and the Shadow Spiders suffered a tremendous blow. A Rikti mothership dropped into orbit and began pummeling their beloved home. No amount of preparation could have saved them and the Asgard was quickly overwhelmed, losing almost all vital systems and crash landing somewhere within the Arctic Circle.

The Shadow Spiders tirelessly worked to rebuild their home. As they gathered every available resource—and then some—they also launched an investigation into the Rikti attack. Joining themselves to the multilateral Vanguard as a spec-ops group, they vowed to get to the bottom of the Rikti plot. So far, they have had few leads...

They were not dissuaded, however. On the second anniversary of the founding of the Shadow Spiders, the Asgard flew to the stars once again. In the midst of their celebration, they remain vigilant—watching and waiting as they prepare themselves to strike back at the Rikti aggressors...

Who are the Spiders?

Special thanks to Seer Malak for this section!

Arachnos black-ops consisting of the most highly-trained and lethal soldiers, outfitted with copious amounts of technology and the magics of the Mu. Arachnos is a faction no one in the Isles wants to cross, their dreaded black-ops groups even more so.

These are not those people. The Shadow Spiders are a group of rogue Arachnos that have survived fighting off the big spider in its own web—men and women dedicated to fighting not for a cause and not for a system but merely for their own survival. They were organized roughly by an ex-Arachnos Arbiter and it shows; none of these men would pass any military inspection. But as what used to be said: those who fail to pass inspection are most ready for war. Driven by their brotherly bonds and undying loyalty for their own unit, they should not be underestimated. For any group of men able to openly defy Lord Recluse on his home territory is destined for greatness.

What do we do?



Our history has shown that the Shadow Spiders are flexible enough to encompass most styles and genres of RP. Therefore, we accept most character types. We have soldiers, scientists, mystics, engineers, even ordinary people within our ranks. More extreme characters types, however, will be subject to the OOC approval of the officers. Given the tremendous emphasis on family in the Shadow Spiders, you wouldn't let just anyone into your home now, would you?

Regarding Anti-Arachnos Characters

This is a question we receive often and it bears further expansion. Despite being ex-Arachnos, the Shadow Spiders are NOT anti-Arachnos hardliners. They clash with Arachnos probably no more than any other villain group. (There is an in-character reason for this! Wouldn't you like to know why?) If your character is rabidly anti-Arachnos or advocates open war against Arachnos, they will probably not be accepted.

That said, yes, you can have a character with in the group who does have anti-Arachnos sentiment. Yes, we know that Lord Recluse is a Bad Guy(TM). Yes, we are aware that he and his organization have perpetuated atrocities. Yes, heroes and villains have suffered under Arachnos and your character might be one of them. But no, we do not want to be dragged into your personal war with Lord Recluse or your personal war with Ghost Widow or your personal war with whoever. This can be simplified into the "you wouldn't let just anyone into your home" category.

Anti-Arachnos extremists do not fit within the allowable limits of the Shadow Spiders and will not be accepted. Please keep this in mind if you wish to make a character for our group.

Regarding Pro-Arachnos Characters

Since their secession from Arachnos, which went largely unopposed, the official stance of the Shadow Spiders regarding Arachnos is one of quiet caution. From the very beginning, the Shadow Spiders bore no harsh anti-Arachnos sentiment; rather, they preferred to do things their own way as their loyalty was more to each other than to their parent organization.

As long as your character is not a spy (and you will be asked OOCly if your character is a spy), your pro-Arachnos character should be fine unless they are rather extremist in their views, in which case they would probably not be invited at all. (Spy plots are not tolerated within the group anyway unless you have the OOC approval of the Commanders.)

Now, that said, if your character does have pro-Arachnos tendencies, be prepared to endure the efforts of our members to... show your character the light, so to speak.


The Shadow Spiders are a family-oriented group. We do not let just anyone into our ranks because one of our primary objectives is to preserve the family we have created. This is why we say extremist characters do not fare well within the group. We don't want your crazy axe-murderers, we don't want your escaped experiments bent on world domination, we don't want your heartless assassins who could turn on their comrades for money.

That said, a clever roleplayer could pull this off without gratuitously causing friction with the other members AND achieve substantive character development for both themselves and the rest of the group at the same time, and these people are more than welcome to apply. However, we've since learned that the biggest obstacle to this is lack of communication. If you're not going somewhere with this, if your character is not going to change, if you're in this just to dick around with us, we don't want you.

What we do want, however, are cooperative and communicative roleplayers who are willing to grow and expand their characters and weave their stories into that of the group's. No good story is not without conflict, but there are ways to execute it without causing undue stress for everyone else around you. We're in this to have fun. Work with us a little, communicate, and we'll work with you. And you'll see why the Shadow Spiders is the best damn villain group on Virtue and why we have lasted as long as we have.


1) We are a family. We are in this together. For many of us, our fellow Spiders are all we have. We do not always get agree with each other, but you will respect one another.
2) Listen to your officers. They are in charge for a reason, and they have the authority to punish disobedience and disrespect. If they give you an order, it is to be followed.


1) Villain group chat is to be in-character. We do not mind OOC chatter; in fact, we chat OOCly all the time. However, such chat is to be designated by double parenthesis (( )) or some other common OOC marker.
2) Learn how to text-fight. This is an RP VG. As such, we highly recommend you learn how to roleplay your conflicts. Not everyone consents to their character being dragged to the Arena to settle disputes. The reasons for this are many and varied and will not be expounded upon here. If you do not know how to text-fight or if you wish to brush up on your skills, feel free to ask someone. We are usually more than happy to teach you or else engage in some friendly in-character sparring in the dojo.
But if you do wish to settle disputes via the Arena, then that is between you and the individual in question. They do, however, have the right to refuse. If an agreement cannot be reached, then an officer may step in to mediate, ICly or OOCly, depending on the nature of the dispute. Such incidents will be judged on a case-by-case basis.
3) Rated M for Mature. We use coarse language. Lots of it. In-character and out-of-character. Serious and non-serious. We talk about sex and violence and various other things that may make people uncomfortable. We ask that you keep this in mind if you desire to join this group.


These are the ranks of the Shadow Spiders from lowest to highest. (Criteria for promotion are to be taken as guidelines only, as we do value roleplay more than we do prestige. UPDATE: In fact, we have so much prestige, we have long since removed the prestige requirement for promotion. Promotion is now based solely on participation.)

  • Recruit - These are the newest members of the Shadow Spiders. They are under constant watch for potential within the organization.
  • Agent - Recruits who prove themselves are promoted to Agents. (Promoted at participation in first RP event.)
  • Shadow Spider - Loyalty and hard work are always rewarded. Shadow Spiders are the embodiment of the organization, and they are expected to conduct themselves as professionals. And because we are a unit, senior members are also highly encouraged to mentor the junior members (in-character teams, role-playing events, ect). (Promoted at heavy participation in RP storylines.)
  • Officer - Many of the overseers are responsible for a particular area, but they all know the inner workings of the organization. They are expected to work together with each other and with the commanders to discuss problems and propose solutions. Their word is to be respected and obeyed by the general membership. (Overseers may nominate candidates for leadership; new Overseers are approved at the discretion of the Commanders.)
  • Commander - The Shadow Spiders are led by three commanders: Omnitaria (also known as Maera Avalar), Alondra Red, and Colonel Firepaw. The commanders work closely with the overseers to guide the future of the Shadow Spiders. While each leader has a voice in any discussion, it is the commanders who make the final decision.
  • Chief Advisor (The Red Star) - This rank is held by Markel Smythe, former commander of the Shadow Spiders. Though he has stepped down from executive leadership, he still actively lends his advice and support toward the current commanders.

Additional Info

Additional out-of-character information.

Global Chat Channel

The ranks of the Shadow Spiders has since grown to necessitate the creation of a global chat channel. The global chat channel "Spiders OOC" allows members, alts, and friends of the Shadow Spiders to chat, stay abreast of events, contact an officer, ect. If you would like to join us in our chatter, please contact any member and they will point you to a channel officer who can send an invite.

The Forum

We maintain a very active forum, and we encourage participation for all members and friends of the group. Here you can post stories, chat logs, discussions and much, much more. There are several ways to obtain the URL: 1) join the group, 2) join our OOC channel, 3) PM one of our officers.

Alt Policy

The Alt Policy is only in effect whenever we run into space issues.

The Alt Policy is NOT currently in effect.

  • Only regular members (those of Shadow Spider rank) are allowed to have alts.
  • You are allowed three alts. (This number is flexible as some characters are critical for member storylines. Speak with an officer about it if you are unsure.)
  • If you are leveling an alternate version of your main character (or any character, really), we kindly ask that once that character reaches 50, and/or is IO'ed to your satisfaction, and/or is no longer being played or roleplayed regularly that you ask an officer to transfer your character to the "Safehouse." We want to minimize duplicates, however you may have duplicates as long as you do not go above the previous rule of three alts.


Those who have graced the doors of the Shadow Spiders are listed below...


Chief Advisor


Other Members, Former and Current (with VirtueVerses)


Link: Event Summaries

The Shadow Spiders is heavily involved in both individual and group storylines. Here you will find summaries of the events some of our members have participated in.
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