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    "Paragon City was always a hot spot for Chaos. The heroes that lived there knew all too well. When the 'Destined' ones were free from the Zig things got worse… much worse. Heroes rose up to battle those villains but in the end, they lost hope. Great teams were built and then faded away. With the even greater threat of dimensional invasion looming – new lines are being drawn. New tactics are being devised. Rules are broken and the methods of crime fighting are being reinvented. If we were to act like heroes in the spotlight, but fight like villains in the shadows, would humanity be better off? These are the questions we must ponder." -Mr. Shade

A Plan Born of Necessity
    With Paragon City and the world edging closer and closer to the brink of destruction, the mysterious "Mr. Shade" exacted a plan for change. Shade knew the efforts of the world's heroes were great, but it seemed as though the 'empire of evil', as he called it, always grew stronger. This empire of evil consisted of all villain and crime groups who had withstood the onslaught led by the Freedom Phalanx and the City of Heroes. Something more had to be done.

    Shade formed the Orthrus Inc. - specially trained troops working directly for him. They operated in the dark and had been a minor success but not quite what he had hoped for. Once operating as a "hero" himself, Mr. Shade saw the benefit of costumed heroes leading the charge in battle. Not only did they inspire fellow heroes and the civilian populace, but the villains seemed more fearful of confronting a major hero, let alone a group.

    While both methods of fighting villainy were successful in their own ways they both had their weaknesses. Shade surmised that heroes who would appear as great and celebratory in the public eye, but would infiltrate and effectively "lobotomize" villain organizations would be of greater benefit in his quest for peace.

    Shade considered many options, and after looking through the files held by the Freedom Phalanx, Paragon City Hall, Herocorps and Longbow - he narrowed down ten heroes he felt fit his Infiltrator Initiative. He gathered all the pieces needed to construct the foundation of a perfect team.
The Ten

Red-Havok: The Tactician
    Red-Havok was once one of the three leaders of The Frontline - one of the most aggressive hero groups in Paragon's history. He was also one half of the hero duo 'The Havok Brothers'. They formed The Frontline with Nitedevil after numerous attacks on Paragon led by The Rogues Gallery. When government and politics led to the groups disbandment, The Havok Brothers were sent on a secret mission on behalf of The Portal Corps. The mission was not guaranteed to be a success and neither was their well-being. They went, regardless.

    Red-Havok had emerged from the portal almost two years later. He was alone. Unsure if his brother was alive or dead, Red became angry and complacent. It was only his close ally Foxy Ferret who was able to bring him around. Red was grateful for Foxy's concern and started taking steps to try and find his brother.

    It was at this time he was approached by Mr. Shade. Shade explained his plan, unsure if the former boyscout hero would approve but he agreed. With no red tape involved a difference could be made. A real difference. If they needed to travel to the Rogue Isles - they would go outright without hours of paperwork.

    Once Red and his brother worked for an organization known as MCORP. They were vicious and unrelenting. It was time for Red-Havok to return to his roots.

Foxy Ferret: The Morale
    Foxy Ferret was known to both the hero and villain community as somewhat of an in-betweener. There was no doubt that she had acomplished great deeds, but she also stuck to the shadows and could be found from time to time in the Rogue Isles doing who knows what. She was even at one time an agent of Arachnos - even though it was not of her own will.

    Foxy came in contact with a small shard of Madness Crystal, believed to belong to the larger artifact held by the villain Mindswipe. She found it in Warburg, perhaps a remnant of a past battle. The object intrigued her. It was not only shiny but it also affected her own minimal psychic abilities in a powerful way. For such a small shard to make her feel so powerful she couldn't fathom what strength an entire Madness Crystal would bring her.

    Longbow Captain Xero Mercury got wind of Foxy's discovery and ordered the Longbow forces to take her in for some questioning. Foxy felt it was more of a capture and interogation. She was right.

    Xero explained that even a shard so small should not be kept by her. It was Longbow's responsibility to safeguard the artifact so as to ensure it remained in the right hands. Foxy disagreed and she was ordered to be detained until further notice by Captain Mercury.

    Foxy tried to break out of her cell but couldn't. She was trapped but refused to give up. While plotting her way out a Longbow agent unlocked her cell. She was confused. The agent explained that word from higher up than Captain Mercury had ordered her release. He told Foxy that the crystal shard would remain with the Longbow until she stole it back. Foxy gave the agent a sly wink and walked off the premises.

    Outside she was met by a man who introduced himself as Mr. Shade. He told her about his Infiltrator Initiative and how he wanted her to be involved. Foxy refused. Shade told her she was not to be so rude to the man who just ordered her release.

    He held out his hand and offered Foxy the Madness Shard.

Johnny Turbo: The Attitude
    In early 2010, Supers magazine named Johnny Turbo "Hero of the Year" for his numerous jaw-dropping feats, furthering his already unhealthy love for himself. JT accepted the title proudly, and then abused it as he exploited his fame and wealth instead of trying to do good. Obsessed with his own self-image, JT continued to flaunt his superiority throughout the next few months, topping his last big stunt with something even more ridiculous.

    Eventually the narcissistic jerk stopped caring entirely and started completely disregarding police procedure. After disarming a bomb hungover, the public had enough of him and his fame was replaced with infamy. Supers printed an issue that revoked his "Hero of the Year" status and he was fired from his superteam. He hit rock bottom.

    Mr. Shade did not believe that JT was as bad as the papers had made him out to be. He was certain that the fame and money corrupted him and caused him lose sight of why he was doing this in the first place. So he contacted JT with the offer to join his Infiltrator Initiative, and he agreed.

    There was a time when Johnny Turbo had it all. But all that spotlight turned him into an awful person and pathetic representation of what he claimed to be. This was his one and only chance at redemption.

The Masked Renegade: The Thief
    The weather reports didn't foretell of raining glass and a drop of superhero that day, but it happened. The city's most beloved superhero, Transcendent has fallen, and twenty stories above, looked down a bruised and battered Masked Renegade. Soon after witnessing their champion dead and defeated, the pedestrians riled together, demanding the Renegade's head. In his condition, the Renegade could barely stand, let alone escape. His capture was imminent.

    Shielded from the crowd that demanded for him to be unmasked, Praetoria's finest dragged the Renegade into a transport vehicle. Sitting in the dark, he thought he finally met his end at back of a paddy wagon, yet he grinned in content. The vehicle slowly took off, fighting the rioters, but eventually, as it met a clearing, sped away.

    In one moment, the car had made an abrupt stop, the next, the driver and his partner were down. The Renegade closed his eyes and awaited his impending doom as the rear doors had burst open to allow in a flood of blinding light. Stepping in front of the light, a silhouette man approached him.

    "Let's make a deal, Renegade."

Sable Falcon: The Youth
    At the age of nine Selana Rose was recruited by Mr. Shade into his Orthrus Inc. program. She was young but extremely skillful - even more so that she was the daughter of Devin Boudreaux, aka Sincere Agape.

    Now, two years later Selana was one of the top ranking elites in Orthrus. Her given code name was Sable Falcon. As an elite she led a small incision squad. Their jobs were assassinations and capturing. Sable was by far one of the best Orthrus had to offer. When Shade went forward with The Infiltrator Initiative Sable was of course, a natural choice.

    Red-Havok was unnerved with Shade's selection of Sable, but he was reassured that she was more than competent enough. Red met with his old friend Agape in the Rogue Isles and informed Devin of his daughters involvement with The Infiltrators. Devin gave his blessing and the two parted ways.

    Sable had not seen her father in two years. Did he still care about her? Did he still love her? She followed the two heroes and observed from a distance.

    Anger filled her heart.

Nimbus: The Hero
    It had been over 50 years since Nimbus begun his crimefighting career. Physically, he hadn't aged a day past 32, though his mind had grown old and weary. He had seen it all; the rise and fall of Paragon's mightiest heroes, the defeat and return of their most feared villains. The cycle didn't seem to have an end. In recent years Nimbus had become careless and harsh in his method of fighting crime. He no longer offered criminals the mercy he once thought they deserved.

    The once shining image Nimbus displayed to the public was tarnished when he intercepted an old enemy of his, who had escaped from the mental asylum. The villain was Joseph "Cremate" Marcos; who went on a horrific killing spree in the 90's. Somehow, through loopholes in the legal system, he was able to plead insanity. In the middle of the city, Nimbus caught Joseph and beat him an inch away from death, with a crowd of bystanders watching. His final blow was halted by a man who approached from the crowd.

    Nimbus dropped Cremate to see that the horrified looks of the civilians were not directed at the villain, but himself. The man took Nimbus aside and introduced himself as Mr. Shade. He explained that Nimbus was one of the last of a dying breed; the golden age generation of heroes were dwindling down. Not many continued to uphold the traditions and morals Nimbus used to.

    There was a way to fight the evil that continued to spread throughout the city, all the while upholding the traditions of the heroes of old. Mr. Shade offered Nimbus a chance to once again be inspired by the cause he fought for as a member of The Infiltrators.

Cyberman: The Tech
    Cyberman's weeks of hunting had finally led him to an apartment complex where he knew the supervillain, Acid, was hiding. He had been on the run from police and heroes after a gruesome bank heist weeks earlier, where he vaporized several citizens and left survivors with third degree burns. Cyberman hovered above the complex, his visor's HUD indicated a strong radioactive signature he knew to be Acid's.

    As he made his way into the building he found it empty. There was glowing pools of Acid's plasma on the floor, indicating that there had already been a struggle. Floors above he could hear what sounded like soldiers; possibly Longbow. At the source of the commotion he found seven SWAT-like soldiers clad in black. Their weapons were pointed at Acid, who had his hands in the air. "Take him down!" one commanded.

    "No!" Cyberman shouted, leaping into the crossfire. The bullets were deflected by his metal plating. The soldiers continued to fire. "Stop! He needs to go to prison!" Cyberman then ignited his gauntlets, armed to stun, and fired off a calculated beam of energy, sending the soldiers into the wall. He turned to find Acid laughing maniacally. Before there was time to react, he felt Acid's plasma seep it's way into his circuits.

    He awoke to find a man dressed in a black suit standing before his hospital bed. "You took down my trained men with ease, Cyberman, but it seems you have an 'Achilles Heel' when it comes to crimefighting: your conscience. I think I can help you with that..."

Nitedevil: The Legacy
    “The world only makes sense when you force it to”

    A mantra that The Nitedevil has lived by since that fateful day he lost his parents to an out of control “Superhero”.

    Supers. Metahumans. Mutants. They cannot be trusted to wield such power, the Nitedevil thought. They’re loved, adored…. Role Models for a system so broken that a Super Villain is in jail one day, and out the next. No accountability. He’d have to change that…. one cape at a time.

    His meticulous habits in planning and sabotage have made him legendary among the community. His skills in combat likewise. A living, breathing weapon for the purpose of “good”.

    “The ends justify the means”

    The Nitedevil fights for the greater good; ‘the big picture’. He isn’t in it for the glory, the recognition, or the celebrity. This isn’t to feed his ego. This is for the people…. for the victims. His goal is for a better world… at any means necessary.

Armaments: The Specialist
    "...It wasn't a coincidence."

    A series of explosions rattled his skeletal structure. Bullets rained from every angle, digging into the ground and piercing his body. The screams of his squad were drowned out by his own, still aiming for success until the end. A series of soldiers stormed into view, and soon faded to black.

    "...I trusted them."

    It was quiet when he woke up. He could feel his nerves scream with pain. However, that feeling meant he was alive. The operation was meant to go off without a hitch. James Ford, better known as "Armaments", opened his eyes, surveying the damage of the building. A single man stood in his view, smiling with satisfaction.

    "He will do just fine," he said.

    Armaments glanced through the files of his "successful" induction into Orthrus, Inc. The man, his boss, "Mr. Shade", had staged the entire operation. The slaughtering of his squad, his newfound abilities, and his unwavering loyalty. It was all planned. None of it was meant to be a coincidence.

    "I will get my revenge."

TJ Quake: The Experiment
    Terra Jones lay quiet on the cold table. She knew the doctor would be back at any moment, but she couldn't move. Her arms and legs tethered, she closed her eyes. She kept them closed as she heard the doctor enter back into the room. He wasn't alone.

    She listened as the gentleman asked the doctor about his progress. The doctor explained that Crey Industries had indeed successfully bonded and amplified the original Paragon Protector's DNA. The gentleman sounded pleased, and then asked if Countess Crey was aware of this particular patient. Terra could hear the discomfort in the doctor's voice as he explained that Countess Crey was not aware and if she were to find out, it could mean his life.

    The strange gentleman whispered something to the doctor and Terra heard him leave the room. She opened her eyes and was surprised to see the gentleman still standing there. The corners of his mouth curled upward slightly as he saw her awaken. Terra looked at him questioningly and he was not without answer. He introduced himself as Mr. Shade and explained that she was about to embark on quite the journey. She asked if he was there to help her. When he nodded she began to weep. He clutched her chin and lifted her face towards his. His words will forever be burned into her mind.

Following the apparent "death" of The Renegade, Mr. Shade chose Rave Spider, Masked's longtime ally to fill his position. After proving to be a valuable asset to Orthrus Inc, Shade decided to keep Spider on as a permanent member.

Rave Spider: The Will
    A team, no matter how strong could never thrive without a brilliant tactician to move the pawns across the board correctly. Perhaps they were stronger physically, but Mr. Shade's mental fortitude had seen him through the darkest of times. The Masked Renegade's removal from the the Infiltrators on account of his noble self-sacrifice left a gaping wound in their internal structure. Shade knew exactly whom it was that would help to heal that wound.

    Direct approach with Grant would never work, Shade had to admit; for someone so young, the child was brilliant. He poured over any and all sociological & psychological data that he could pull on not only Grant Miller, but Rave Spider. Every possible avenue of information that was available, Mr. Shade studied. After all, tactics were to be well thought out, planned with an attention to detail that would border on nigh insanity.

    The moment of truth, and Miller did not fall short of Shade's expectations. He leaped over every strategic hurdle that Shade presented him with. But the Master planner had maneuvered his chess pieces well. Miller's crippling sense of responsibility was his downfall; he became Shade's the moment he spoke of the Renegade's depth of respect and admiration for a friendship that Grant thought to be long lost.

    But was the Remarkable Rave Spider really Shade's? Did he truly belong to the Infiltrators? For the first time, Shade questioned whether or not he had made checkmate. And for the very first time, he felt a great and clear sense of doubt.

    In addition to providing the team roster, Mr. Shade also acts as the teams' benefactor. His wealth and resources are seemingly limitless and he provides The Infiltrators with state-of-the-art equipment.

    The Shadow House. Located in a realm beyond space-time sits the headquarters of The Infiltrators. Not unlike Ouroboros, it is accessible only via personal transporters linked to the user's DNA. This "pocket" realm was discovered by Mr. Shade years ago and was once used by him personally. It was also used as a training facility for Orthrus Inc.

    The Shadow House gives The Infiltrators access to those very same training facilities as well as monitor stations, living areas and a well stocked armory.

    Within the Shadow house is a large computer monitoring system. The Infiltrators have access to stolen files containing information on villain and hero groups located in the Rogue Isles and Paragon and information regarding individual heroes who have registered within the Paragon City database.

    The computers monitor actions and whereabouts of subjects and plot likely future actions. This enables the team to conduct first-strike preemptive attacks on whomever they see as a threat.

    The Infiltrator armory is fully stocked by Mr. Shade. There are general arms and armor for use by both The Infiltrators and Orthrus Inc. In addition there are eleven member-specific armories housing personal battlesuits, weapons, ammunition and extra costumes.

Support - ORTHRUS INC.
    Orthrus Inc. takes it's name from the two-headed hound of hell that exists within Greek Mythology and is the private military corporation secretly founded by Randy Cole (aka Nitedevil) under the pseudonym "Richter Fox". They are financed by a series of shell companies so as not traced back to him. The group is run by Director Ryan Waters - Orthrus 0 (aka Liquidus) and his right hand Azure Tracer (Orthrus 9), and they are stationed in secret locations all over Paragon and the Isles. They are a trained force of elite fighting machines.manipulation.

    Orthrus Inc's cover is that of a security company. They act as a peacekeeping task-force doing Mr. Shade's work on a larger scale such as handling MetaHuman terrorists in other countries. They are also his 'muscle' in places where he feels 'force' is needed to overthrow corruption. Shade handles the street level threats and problems that are within his reach, while his 'PMC' handles the bigger scale situations he can't keep an eye on.

    Orthrus started as a small group of near a dozen men which were mostly ex-Longbow and Herocorps. As time went on, Orthrus grew larger and the diversity of it's soldiers became more varied. Orthrus Inc. is now composed of not only ex-Longbow and Herocorps troops, but also ex 5th Column, Council, Sky Raider and Arachnos soldiers. Some of these men and women joined on their own accord, and some were invited by Shade personally. Despite how they joined or their past affiliation, the agents of Orthrus are completely loyal to Shade and his cause. Every agent has been personally trained by Shade and all meet his high standard of excellence. They are trained in martial arts and many other kinds of weapons including pistols, assault rifles and swords. Some agents also have unique power adapters giving them abilities such as sonic, fire and ice manipulation.

    The "ranking" structure in Orthrus is as varied as the soldiers that comprise the organization. There are jobs and classifications (called units) rather than standard military ranks. Members of these units are trained together and then integrated with other units to form Orthrus Squads. There is always one experienced member chosen to lead a squad and this member is elected and voted on by the squad itself.

    Most Orthrus agents speak freely and interact with others but the upper echelon are completely silent and appear blindingly loyal to Mr. Shade. The upper echelon is composed of three highly trained super elites known as the Cerberus Unit who are the most deadly force within the organization.


Orthrus Inc job Classifications:

  • Grunt Unit: The majority of the organization make up the grunt unit. They are the frontline troops.

    Primary Weapons: Battons, Martial Arts, Pistols, Assault Rifles

  • Shadow Unit: Reconnaissance and intel specialists.

    Primary Weapons: Various

  • Incision Unit: Assassination specialists.

    Primary Weapons: Bow, Katana, Dual Blades

  • Powers Unit: Specially trained soldiers with power adapters, mimicing those used by the heroes of Paragon.

    Primary Weapons: Power Adapters (Sonic, Ice, Fire, Energy, Electric)

  • Defense Unit: The backbone of the organization. Tanks and medics.

    Primary Weapons: Riot Shield, Night Stick, Power Adapters (Empathy, Force Field, Kinetics, Radiation)

  • Cerberus Unit: The three elite bodyguards that are with Shade nearly all times.

    Primary Weapons: Energy Claws


The Infiltrators are currently an NPC villain group operated by Mr. Shade. The former hero members of the group went on to become The Challengers.
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