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Player: @GreyCleric
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Peacebringer
Security Level: 49
Personal Data
Real Name: Melissa Katherine Reiss(Kheldian: Castor)
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human, joined with Kheldian
Age: 32
Height: 5'6
Weight: 127lbs
Eye Color: Green or Kheldian White
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Hero/Peacebringer
Place of Birth: Burnaby, British Columbia
Base of Operations: Talos Island.
Marital Status: complicated
Known Relatives: Parents: Phillip and Christine Reiss, Sister: Robyn Oberg (Castor's brother: Pollux)
Known Powers
Kheldian energy manipulation
Known Abilities
Advanced first aid knowledge, physiotherapy training, basic archery, magic theory

Place holder until I get something together. Name appears in the game as "Celestar." with the period.

Connected to The HotShotKid and Mydnight.. Formally the hero known as the Blizzard Blaster...technically...

Her uniform is actually formed by Kheldian energy. The belt is real and contains a few simple items like a communicator/universal translator. Has an odd relationship with most of the people left over from Iona Skye's life....



Melissa is a very friendly person with a caring attitude. She is very laid back and casual most of the time. Castor, on the other hand, is a hard fought Peacebringer veteran who is unwilling to compromise against "evil doers." As Celestar, this is a perfect combination and has allowed Celestar to be a very effective Peacebringer during her tour of duty.

After the Fall

All the Kheldians left Paragon en-mass in 2012 to fight the Nictus Queen and her minions in what came to known as "The War of the Silent Forest" in poorly translated English. Celestar returned four years later, crashing through the atmosphere in Dwarf form and landing in the Black Rock Desert. Has no memory of the past four years. Something occurred with caused her to lose her Peacekeeper abilities. Has PTSD and depression. Is currently working at an Old Navy.


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