Cerulean Shock

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Cerulean Shock
Player: @Raccoon
Origin: Science
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Sana Wystan
Known Aliases: '
Species: Experimental Master Race (Failure)
Age: “Late Teens”, or truthfully, less than two years
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Almost Luminescent Blue
Hair Color: Sky Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: Superhero, Test Subject
Place of Birth: Undisclosed Science Lab
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Mostly Uninterested
Known Relatives: Mazin Wystan, undisclosed female donor, one hundred scientists
Known Powers
Electrical Generation and Manipulation
Known Abilities
No additional information available.


Upbeat and friendly, she has yet to find anyone she can truly hate, though there are many who have known her displeasure. She randomly switches between a child-like attitude of wanting attention and playfulness to seeming far older than even the age she claims to be.


Having been raised, in part, by one of Paragon City's more violent and morality-deficient heroes, she has grown up to have a different grasp of morals than the average person. This is not to say she goes around killing anyone that fails to live up to her expectations, of course.

She has come to accept that pain is an acceptable means of punishing people and getting what she wants, namely information or a confession about something. The threat of death, and even causing her opponent to encroach on its borders, is also an acceptable means. However, the thought of actually killing someone or even causing permanent damage, is something she feels she will never be able to accept.


···Electrical Generation···

Sana possesses the ability to naturally generate and store electrical energy within her body. However, as the human body is a natural conductor for electricity, she cannot keep it from any part of her body; her skin being a perfect example of this. She avoids touching people, as the powerful current running through her body can cause pain and temporary paralysis in even the most invulnerable of super-humans. As just about every living, and even some non-living, entities have nerves – which transmit sensations and other such details via electrical signals, or some other type of energy transference, there is really no protection against her bare skin. Handshakes, hugs, and even any type of sexual relationship are out of the question for the foreseeable future.

···Electrical Manipulation···

After plenty of practice and rigorous training, she has managed to learn how to limit the amount of energy she releases, in order to prevent her attacks from stopping a person's heart or a similar less than desirable result. However, the electrical energy dissipates a short distance from her, making it ineffective at range. In this way, she is purely a front-line fighter, using her electrical energy to stun or disable opponents with hand-to-hand combat and using a type of electromagnetic field to reduce the power of incoming attacks or nullify them completely.


A digital picture frame, wrapped in a rubber sleeve and further shielded internally against unconscious releases of energy. It contains pictures of her hundred or so parents at the science lab, her Uncle Maz, and various others.
A similarly protected smartphone with camera, allowing her to wirelessly add new people to her digital picture frame for safekeeping.

·Random skills·

Sana is more or less immune to telepathic probes and suggestion due to her inherent electrical energies flowing through her body, and thus, her brain. While she is not immune to a more powerful telepath getting in, the electrical signals in her brain will auto-correct after a brief period of time, flushing out the telepath and anything they have implanted.
She is able to fly due to her electromagnetic field, but has not been using it long enough to gain much confidence in it. She can also cling to surfaces with something like static cling.


She happens to consider water to be her worst enemy. Just as she is unable to have physical contact due to the electrical energies passing through her body, being even partially submerged in water is a sure way to get shorted out. Rain is generally not a problem, though it tends to make her spark. She does take showers, of course, but shampoos and washes herself outside of it and then uses the shower merely to rinse off. Staying under the spray for too long will leave her drained.

·Character History·

In a private science facility, the genetic material of Mazin Wystan and an undisclosed female were brought together in an attempt to create something of a master race – demon hybrids with none of the weaknesses that the biological father suffers from. Most of the creations were too far into the demon side to be allowed to live, and so were put down for the good of everyone. The first near-success was Sana, though it was later discovered that she too had ventured too far to one side, taking more from her mother than she did from the father. Only time will tell how much of a human she is, how mortal she is.

For the first several months, her biological father was less of a parent to her than the many scientists she will have seen every day. In fact, he will have insisted that she call him 'Uncle Maz', as he, “didn't go through any of the fun in creating a kid, so I can't be a father”. By the time she had managed to work out what he meant by that, she had been calling him Uncle Maz for too long to change it.

As time went on in her rapid physical maturity, Uncle Maz began to spend more time with her, mainly in the form of helping her to gain control over her abilities and in training her to fight. Despite this, he still kept a noticeable distance from her, and even at this point, she still knows nothing about him that she has not learned from other people. In a way, he really is just an uncle that occasionally comes to visit and spend time with her, teaching her the various skills he has gained over the years, though naturally none of the ones she has read about in old tabloids.

Now, having reached her full physical maturity and a degree of mental maturity, she has started to give thought to what she should do with her life. Uncle Maz was the first to suggest hero work as a means of building character, and battling boredom, though her other 'parents' were less than pleased at the chance that she could get hurt. She has accepted his suggestion so far, deciding that until she finds something better, she will stick with this as long as she can.

·Friends & Family·

Mazin Wystan – Her biological father and “Uncle”. Despite keeping a distance from her, he still seems to care for her, having taught her most of what he knows and continuing to look out for her.

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