Chaos Ex Machina

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Chaos Ex Machina
Player: @Thermo Healer
Origin: Science
Archetype: Mastermind
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Chaos Ex Machina
Known Aliases: Chaos
Species: Human?
Age: Confidential
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: Ex Machina Isles
Occupation: Mad Scientist
Place of Birth: Ex Machina Isles
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Ex Machina Mad Scientists
Known Powers
Intelligence, Insanity
Known Abilities
Extreme talent for building robots and manipulating plot holes
Robots, utility belt, goggles

Megalomaniacal mad scientist and kitten lover.



Prodigy of the Ex Machina family of mad scientists, Chaos is an expert in robotics and chaotic technology. She has even mastered the pinnacle of chaos science, the plot hole, which she can use to heal and debuff.

Ex Machina Isles

Chaos is a native of an island chain known only as the Ex Machina Isles. Certainly other families must live there, but that is the pseudonym she uses, and she has never told anyone their official name, if they have one. She speaks with an accent "not quite American" and has said that the islands are in the Pacific. The society has extremely lax laws, particularly on social mores (if they have any) and the types of science that members can research.

It is suspected that the population of the isles is very small. Chaos is intimidated by crowds and social situations and dosn't pick up on cultural cues.

The schools teach mad science quite extensively. Chaos has already built robots herself and manipulated plot holes. She often describes her excursion to Paragon as a "field trip" and claims to be studying supers for "extra credit."

Rhode Island

Chaos went to Paragon to research the odd goings on in the metropolis. She has a strong belief in individual freedom and fought some of the more heinous villains, but due to her hatred of authority, refused to register as one of Paragon's hero lackies. The heroes overlooked this, but as she performed more and more dangerous experiments, she was labeled a villain and arrested. Not wanting to bring the wrath of Longbow and Paragon, the ex machinas broke her out by hacking arachnos records so that the fools would believe her to be a destined one.

The Rogue Isles were even more suitable for experimentation, and she takes jobs there to build and fund her skills and mad science. She wants to defeat Arachnos, and even does some heroing.

Subjugation Corp

Chaos hired on with a technology company called Subjugation Corp before returning home. On a subsequent excursion to the Rhode Island area, she discovered that most of those involved had gone to fight some unknown foe. Through a clerical error Subjugation Corp's mascot dog had been appointed the CEO. Sensing opportunity for power, wealth, and MAD SCIENCE! she bought them out with a dog biscuit and redirected the organization to more eccentric research and organizing those who were interested in fighting arachnos and other opressors, with, of course, the bonus that such operations would contribute to her ability to conquer the isles.

Acting as a representative of Subjugation Corp, she became involved with the freakshow. Their enthusiasm for technology, anarchy, and recklessly volunteering for bizarre mad science distinguished them as compatible cohorts for an eccentric engineer. It was in the employ of the freakshow that she discovered Mandy Lyons, a lab assistant of Doc Buzzsaw. Chaos' fad of the moment was genetically engineered crops, so she built plant control armor and Mandy Lyons enthusiastically volunteered to test it, becoming Teh 1337 D4nd3li0n!

Inevitable Evolution

"A comrade in ideology is the cheapest and most dedicated minion" - Lucrus Ex Machina

Introduced to the group through Woefull and Run Riot, Chaos admired their goals. (TBC)


"Keep your friends close and your enemies as far away as possible. Seriously why would you want them around?" - Magus Ex Machina

Hallow Shot

Run Riot

Timm Style



Plot Holes

The nature of plot holes is a secret, but she has claimed that Rhode Island is a focal point, a veritable hurricane of plot holes and the chaotic energy that manipulates them.

DarkMiasma TwilightGrasp.pngPlot Hole Manipulation

Chaos can use plot holes as projections to:

DarkMiasma DarkServant.pngWalking Plot Hole

One of Chaos' goals has been to combine the fields of plot holes and robotics. She achieved this after considerable training with the Walking Plot Hole, a robot actually made of chaotic energy.

Chaos Ex Machina: BWAHAHA
Run Riot: Someone forget to wind Chaos?
Angel Sin: you dont wind chaos, you infuse her with the essence of caffiene :)
Chaos Ex Machina: *sounds of the lab are heard*
Run Riot: I thought we just stuck a giant key into her back and wound her up.. like she was all Clockwork.
Chaos Ex Machina: The invention... *snickers as deep howling wind sounds can be heard from the base*
Chaos Ex Machina: *the sound of wind gets stronger* Run... you may be wondering what I did while you were on vacation... *snickers*
Chaos Ex Machina: IT'S.... ALIIIIIIIIIIVE *cackles*
Run Riot: I was going to hope you hadn't breached the airlock of our HQ and drowned it in a ton of seawater.
Chaos Ex Machina: I have done it... I've created the ULTIMATE cohesion of chaotic energy... THE WALKING PLOTHOLE! The most powerful of all plot holes. All rules of logic go out the window in its presence.
Angel Sin: ahh crap.
Chaos Ex Machina: And its power to confuse the universe acts in my service!
Angel Sin: Run.. she's skipping..
Chaos Ex Machina: wheeee
Angel Sin: we're in trouble.
Chaos Ex Machina: Arise, walking plot hole! *projects the plot hole*
Chaos Ex Machina: Muahahaha!
Run Riot: I have no idea even what it means.. is it that black mass of nothingness?
Chaos Ex Machina: Yes!
Run Riot: What happens if I poke it?
Chaos Ex Machina: You turn into a penguin
Run Riot: That doesn't even make any sense.
Chaos Ex Machina: Actually it is total randomness
Chaos Ex Machina: it follows me!
Angel Sin: At least it's chasing her and not someone else..
Run Riot: I'm just going to not really think hard about this one.. I like my sanity.
Chaos Ex Machina: Wise! For the walking plothole in fact confuses the very universe itself into doing my bidding!
Angel Sin: There's easier ways to make you lose your mind :)
Run Riot: Perhaps, though I doubt they are as inventive.
Chaos Ex Machina grins
Chaos Ex Machina: Thanks!
Chaos Ex Machina: Ink also has a boyfriend
Run Riot drops his glass "What!?"
Run Riot: Who is this boy that would dare date my Innocent Ink Dyne!?
Chaos Ex Machina: HA! You shoulda seen yer expression

Teleportation Teleport.pngTeleportation

Ski Lodge


Robotics BuildRobotArmy.pngRobotics


Chaos' cat has multipurpose scanners and computers in its collar.



Hasten.pngAutomated Suit

Fitness Hurdle.pngSuper Skipping



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