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Charles Psion
Player: @Cap'tain Amazing
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Numerous
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Fan Boy
Species: humanoid
Age: undetermined
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eye Color: Dark/Black
Hair Color: Dark/Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: '
Occupation: Director of Tartarus Directive, PMC
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Single with benefits, Main Consort being Gray Moth
Known Relatives: Brother (deceased), Father (deceased), Sister (Alive, whereabouts unknown)
Known Powers
Psionic Abilities, Telekinesis, Limited Telepathy, Pre-cognitive abilities
Known Abilities
Martial Arts, Swordsmanship, Marksmanship (Pistol Class only), Phase Shifting technology (limited).
Dual Psionic Blades, E.M.O. Based Armor, E



Weaponry & Technology

Despite being a Psionic, his powers in Paragon and the Isles seems hampered due to something different compared to his dimension. Thus, Charles has had to resort to using common line technology from his world. Including, but not limited to:


Charles Psion is not from our world at all. He comes from an entirely different dimension. This dimension's "Earth" seems to have developed on an entirely different line then Earth Prime. It reflects a world that is a large single continent, and is inhabited by various factions, each's technology a patched together version of medieval and current day technology. It is unknown due to lack of data how exactly time diverged.

In his home dimension, he's second in line to the throne of his House, House Psion, one of the last three remaining factions that are engaged in a territory war between each other.

Charles started out as a typical royal member, running around the castle, learning marksmanship and fighting, reading and fencing. There was very little to do, as being the third in line is not as glorious as being the second in line. His older brother, Leon Psion, was constantly being used as a comparison on him by his father, Xavier Psion, King of House Psion. Despite being the "unwanted heir", Charles kept himself amused as he came of age, wandering down into the terrified citizens of the land below and browsing for some that might amuse him so. Charles had found that as he grew older into his teenage years, his previously amusing activities of pistol practice and picking up the occasional hired help and tossing them around was no longer keeping his interest. He needed something more...tactile.

It was during a walk through with his father into the frightened masses that he found what would be his ultimately be his undoing. It was a woman. Her name, was Cynthia.

Cynthia Sad'kum

Cynthia Sad’kum, that was her name.

Charles was drawn to Cynthia, by the smallest of things: her laugh. He had been touring the common’s area, and had heard her laugh from a sidewalk vendor. She had heard something, a joke or a musing, whatever it was, she got a laugh out of it. From that point on, he became obsessed with her.

Charles would visit her, in secret, against his father’s wishes. They would sit and talk for hours, laughing and relating in ways he never knew was possible.

Her father was a peddler of rather sub par food for the poor sector of the capital, Psion. He was a third generation vendor, and was by no means, anyone to brag about. But she loved her father none the less, she told Charles this often.

Charles was drawn to her in all ways he knew possible, and more as time went on. But this love would be short lived.

It was just another night, he had gone to see her again, they had plans to go to the Tavern again, as they'd done two nights earlier. The first visit was very exciting for him, that many people around him was a new experience; he’d only been in the Royal Palace during one or two large gatherings, and it was nothing compared to that. He'd noticed how the people were having fun at this lower class bar. The events up the hill where he was were anything but exciting.

He froze when his father was standing in the room he walked in, Cynthia and her father both there behind a envoy of guards. They had been beaten, and were both worse for wear. His Father scolded him for breaking his rules against consorting and mixing with "common folk", citing that they were there to serve, not socialize with.

A brief verbal exchange occurred between his father and himself, during which the king made a comparison to the girl as "filth" something the father would not tolerate. Summoning up what courage he had he stood up to the King, only to be knocked down by the guards. Xavier gave a simple order and the father was killed before his daughter, blood splashing on her face. A second later, he turned to her and ordered the same.

Before a shot could be fired, Charles himself summoned his psionic powers, pinning the guards to the wall behind them, but not affecting his father. Quickly the guards fought against the mental push, despite it being considerable it was not enough to stop their movements, they drew their weapons. Xavier pulled all the weapons from the fight and slammed the soldiers to the side, reminding them of who Charles was.

Charles himself drew his own pistol and took aim at the guards. He didn't fire however. Xavier's own mental power was manipulating Charles, despite being a Psionic, he was not enough to fight off the control Xavier had on the power. Charles was forced to take aim at Cynthia, and systematically sent a round into every part of her body. Despite having been screaming at the time, Charles still hears her cries as he wakes up in the night to this day.

Charles was then forced to watch Cynthia burn before him, along with her father in the house they had lived in for so many generations.

Charles, beaten and broken, was confined to the castle for 50 cycles, his only access to the world would be through other dimensions, where he "couldn't do any harm to the throne."

The Collection

Confined to his section of the castle and left to his own devices, Charles went through several stages of loss, until something went terribly wrong during one of them. He came to the conclusion that he should take his father's advice, that if he wanted a woman, he should go ahead and make one. Charles began the painstaking study of genetics and other such fields as time went by (it was later discovered that a cycle compared to earth prime time is 202 Earth hours). He went through many failed creations, they were either too docile, or not like Cynthia at all. Understanding his failures, he knew he only had a finite amount of material to recreate Cynthia with: A lock of her hair she'd given him before that awful night. He kept it hanging in his bedroom, on the master mirror, to remind him as he woke up what he was doing this for. Charles eventually perfected the body of Cynthia, but did not have the proper personality to implant into her. The memories were easy enough, but the actual person is beyond that which his people's technology could create. He needed to find a person, or set of persons, who resembled Cynthia in spirit. Then he could begin the final process he needed to re create her, yet he was confined to the castle. Save the portal system.

Charles immediately utilized the toys given to him to search out on different realms and dimensions, finding and gathering Intel using Stealth recording devices. He would send in a salvo of them to quickly scavenge the worlds he found when he randomly opened portals, and would recall them in a certain amount of time, data mining what they had found.

The first one he found was in another dimension of course, on a planet he never learned the name of, caring little about it, he began to move quickly without thought, attempting to seize the one he needed from the world. This proved problematic, as the one's he needed typically had mates, or would be missed before he could re dial himself home. After several botched attempts at retrieving them, he implemented a second wave of devices to follow confirmed finds, one's that would identify issues and mates and husbands and sons that would be an issue. After that he would create a database of weaknesses and exploits, then he himself would methodically kill them, leaving no ties to their home left to miss them. They of course, would resist, but that never seemed to put up much of an issue, until late in the harvesting (see Possible Case)

After that, the next stage would be inserting them into a stasis tube, where they would be mentally linked to a system that would data mine their personality for the specific traits he needed to recreate Cynthia. There, he ran into another problem.

The mind was resistant to the idea of being treated like a computer, and had to be aligned properly to the receivers in order to be treated as such. The subjects had to give in, mentally, to programs before data mining could begin.

Trial and Error

Charles quickly took a small program used for interrogation and torture and had his AI, EVA, re encode it to become a simulator. The program itself was meant to bore into the mind of the victim to extract data, he merely built on the principle and instead of taking out, he was putting in.

He found through trial and error that in order for the system to data mine what he needed, the subconscious needed a simulated world to thrive in, not only that, it needed to accept the program as reality. Something that the program alone, could not do. So borrowing cutting edge interface equipment, Charles rigged up a device that allowed him to enter into the created world and interact with the subjects.

He at first tried to force them into believing things, something that was quickly deemed unworkable. The victims quickly recalled how they got there and became combative. He needed a more convincing approach. He was aided by the fact that during the interface, the last few days of the subject, that are typically stored in temporal memory, were fragmented and thus made the subject very accepting to any simulation he would create. The females would quickly begin to re piece together things however, if he couldn't get the program to take and the mind to accept, resulting in a "reboot" of the program and another attempt, typically with different variables.

Charles mastered the ability to manipulate them, and took a greater and greater pride in killing them in their own minds, the resulting reboot left them with no idea of what happened. Something he took advantage of repeatedly, taking out his frustrations on them violently and against their will, a simple mind wipe would correct the issue.

As he systematically and methodically broke them mentally, he lined them up, tube after tube, and ran the datamining program, inching closer and closer to his goal. There were but two left.

That's when things took a turn.

The Combo Breaker

The second to last was a young girl in her teens, about to graduate the mandatory education of her world. The criteria she matched was her iron will matched with her compassion. Very little stood in his way, his only obstacle was the fact she herself was a formidable opponent on and off the battlefield. Little is currently known of how the battle started, but the end result was the death of her mate, followed by a match to the seeming death she was trying to bring to Charles. She fell prey to a simple stun mine he planted on her chest, followed by a quick phase from the plane of existence he was on.

Returning and connecting her was simple, breaking her was the infuriating part. It seemed no matter how he set things up, how often he made her think things, or how perfect he made everything, he could not get her to forget about her former life mate. This was the sparking point of many "releases" on his part, as he controlled the world to brutally distort and destroy her over and over again after each failure. He came very close to scrapping the entire project, had he not seen Cynthia's hair again.

He remembered that this was not about breaking one girl, this was about remaking the perfect one. He'd get the equation right eventually, he had to simply work through the frustration. Setting her on standby, the computer pulled up the last piece of the puzzle, a winged female named Hoy something.

That was the final piece, as well as his eventual undoing.

The Straw That Breaks the Camel's Back

The last world he visited was a society ruled by a clan of five (or so he thought) "super powered" dictators. Apparently they had seized power in a sudden and unpredicted coup. One of them was the target, a winged female not of the planet but visiting, was possessing the tenacity he needed to match with Cynthia's fiery spirit.

Having completed a full report on each of them, it wasn't hard to create even the synthetic version of the material needed to bring down their alpha male. It appeared that the element he was weak to was simple to re-create with his technology. Lining them in bullets was even easier. The only real problem was the second in command, a female named Diane. Studying possible energy sapping rays led to the discovery of a device created by a company named Pelconic Latent Overseas Technology, and with it, his arsenal was complete.

Walking into the world, he quickly located an officer of the law, asked them for help, and shot them in the chest. The timing was off for the response, but soon enough, after going through several sentries, he brought down each of the ruling members. After seemingly killing one of them with Teflon gold plated rounds, the target he was after proved very ferocious. The two squared off in a large battle that ended with cryogenics rounds knocking her down for the count.

Then, when all seemed within his grasp, an unforeseen variable showed itself.

His Intel was off, there were six of them, not five. The one that blind sided him was the most normal off all, relying on his intellect to out think and maneuver Charles. Apparently the man had seen the Intel being gathered and instead of alerting anyone, he had decided to wait and take whoever it was by surprise. A risk that paid off.

Charles was no match for the seemingly psionic and bullet proof hero. Quickly disarmed his mental powers failed to effect him as well. Things then got worse, everyone of his counter measures on the Lords had lasted as long as he had hoped, but he was behind schedule. They overcame him with power speed and strength.

A last ditch effort, Charles took a scan of the female, enough data to simulate her, and hit his emergency dial back. But as he took the female in his arms, she pulled his own gun and fired into his abdomen, just as the rest of the recovering heroes assaulted him, shorting out his coordinates. He fell into the portal as it closed behind him.

Landing with a disoriented thud, Charles opened his eyes and saw the blurred vision of ArchStrike, who for a moment he thought was Cynthia. The Police drones of the area, unable to tag him as villain or hero, determined he was a danger and teleported him straight into the Zig, where he promptly passed out.

Openings and Endings

Charles woke up during an apparent BreakOut of the Zig staged by Arachnos. Stumbling out of his cell, he heard someone try and get his attention from a nearby broken cell. It was Richard Dredskoff, who asked him for help being unable to free himself from the cell during the explosions.

Charles considered this and weighed the options, and helped him out of his cell prior to it’s collapse. Feeling he owed him a debt of gratitude, Richard took him with him and hitched a ride out of the Zig, the two enlisted in the Arachnos program, but drifted apart in their early years in the Isles.

Time passed as time would, and as Charles worked his way around the world he was stranded in, he eventually crossed paths with Richard again, this time now better known as Dreadnot. He offered him refuge, and Charles took full advantage of his generosity. Dreadnot’s connection with Arachnos made recovering a bit easier for Charles.

He needed a few things to return him. He needed to know where he was in a coordinate that he could track, and he needed access to a portal similar to his own. He’d be able to dial home easily then, and be gone of this wretched place.

He was quick to adapt to the world, the treachery and cutthroat like behavior of many of the factions was simple enough for him to understand. He made deals with factions for what he needed. A notable trade was a retrofit of a Sapper Unit the Malta had. He told that he’d be able to get their weapons an addition disorienting effect AND make it a melee class weapon with a few things he had on him. After trying to take it with force, they traded legitimately with him.

Now he knew where he was, he now needed to find out how to get a portal.

The imPossible Happens

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Behind the Scenes

Fan boy was originally influenced by Maressa of The Justice Guard, who asked once "If you built a hero in COH that was based on you, what would it be?" To which I thought...why do I have to be a hero?

Thus, Charles "Fan Boy" Psion was born.

Fan Boy then became a pet project of mine, my hero prime was a fellow who just enjoyed saving people he found out, and couldn't understand why. This project was someone who was as much of a villain as my hero was a hero. He's manipulative, conniving, selfish, views himself better then anyone unless he deems them so. He's a egotist, a sexist, and see's females as property (due to his upbringing). You might say that Charles is the Antithesis of good. I spent such a long time perfecting my hero, that I realized it was just as easy to play a polar opposite.

His persona itself is a work in progress, each time he's played, he gains new levels of understanding to both those around him and to his player :) We'll have to see where he goes once his current story arc with Possible ends up.

Fan Boy's voice was original supposed to be the creator's, but it was later found a more suitable voice was George Newman. Charles has to broadcast a calm and very refined tone in his voice, while still be able to come off as a complete psychopath. But a nice Psychopath if you get on his good side. He should be able to have a completely lucid conversation on the phone while hooking a captured human up to a stasis tube against their will.

I take this moment to thank ArchStrike, Sixty Second Man, Maressa, Hagia Sophia, and everyone else on our Forums who've helped me hone this character. It truly would not have been Possible without their help.


Following are thumbs of the recent commissions or related art done concerning Charles. :)

The Various Art of Fan Boy
Charles vs. Possible
This is the first commission done by an artist who I will name only if she wants to be. :) It's a scene from the last episode of the first season of the written stories of Fan Boy (that chronicle his adventures in CoX)It takes place on the top of the Society of Evil's Headquarters in Grandville.
The DCAU Version
This is something created during a insanely late session on a game I found on the forums of COH :) However, it gave me the push I needed to introduce him (be it briefly in the limited series) into the DCAU!
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