Charlie Cooper

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Charlotte Cooper
Player: @Svolta Sinistra
Origin: Science
Archetype: Warshade
Security Level: N/A
Personal Data
Real Name: Charlotte Cooper
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: naturally brown, but always dyed
Biographical Data
Nationality: English
Occupation: Apathetic hero
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: No true hometown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities




Charlie spent most of her life in the caravan camp, and on the filthy streets peddling her wares. She wasn't raised with traditional gypsy values of mysticism, and instead was trained in street-smarts that could fox any potential buyer out of his money. When Charlie was 2, her mother died of cancer, leaving her to be raised by her Father and her paternal Grandmother. Most of her youth was spend traveling across the english countryside. Their group would settle down for a while in a deserted campsite, make themselves at home, and then for one reason or another they'd have to move out on the double. Usually the locals nearby chased them out, threatening them with police and the government. Sometimes one of the younger gypsies would get in trouble that was too deep to talk out of and everyone would have to pick up and leave to protect the clan. Her father was far from the head of their gypsy troupe, but by the time Charlie reached the age of 10 she began commanding her own ring of her gypsy kin. Charlie was the fast-talker of the group. She quickly learned that she was adept at mimicry; she could replicate almost every accent with the correct rhythm and tone. This trick worked out well for her in many instances. Sometimes it would save her from the cops that stopped them in the street. She'd flip into an accent so posh, the police felt ashamed for stopping her band of hoodlums in the first place. She was able to fake being a member of high society, and conned more than one person out of their money claiming she had been robbed by a gypsy and was in need of money to get home.


Charlie's easy life was brought to an abrupt halt. Charlie had been one of the many people on the filthy streets of London, and from the looks of it no one would miss her if she disappeared. In a rare stroke of bad luck, Charlie was in just the wrong place at exactly the wrong time. Her gang was with her, but they looked like an ordinary group of street rats to The Crey. The men jumped out of the truck, ambushing the teens and overwhelming them and the homeless sitting on the street corners in seconds. Charlie barely had time to get a glimpse of her attackers as they pulled a black ominous bag over her head and bound her arms behind her back before she was pulled into their truck. The operation was quick and it was silent. No one noticed the disappearance of the hoodlums. When the bag was finally yanked off of her head, Charlie was in a cage in a warehouse. She looked around wildly for her friends, but none of them were there. She was wearing a hospital robe, stripped of her dignity and unable to keep her wits about her. The normally calm and collected girl was unable to talk herself out of the situation. It wasn't long before Charlie realized she was there for testing. She was a lab rat. It took days for her to realize why she was actually there, but when she was dragged into a room with an array of lab tables and a Nictus, trapped by an energy field, it all began to click. The Crey were researching Kheldian binding, and in an attempt to create their own army, the Crey were testing the success rate of binding a host and the alien. Charlie was part of the preliminary tests... There was no way The Crey would sacrifice their own warriors before making sure the process was foolproof, and the scum of the streets were the prefect test subjects. Charlie had filled with horror and disbelief as she was strapped to an operating bed and put to sleep. She was terrified of waking up insane, or with an alien trapped inside of her.. or worse, not waking up at all.

When Charlie did awaken, she was still on the operating table, staring up groggily at the Crey scientists and Doctors. She had tried to glance around wildly, looking for the alien, but the world turned and became dizzy. The straps across her chest kept her from moving far, and she let her head fall back on the table. Ouch. It had been a soft murmur somewhere deep within her head. An ouch that wasn't her. Charlie could barely think straight, completely disoriented by the anesthetics, but she was sure there had been an ouch. Yes.. That was an ouch. There it was again. That voice. You had better start being more careful with this body if we're going to be sharing it now. Charlie's breath had caught in her throat. The Nictus was speaking to her. Yes I'm speaking to you.. Pathetic flesh-ape. I'm trapped in here now just like you are. Charlie was staring up at the bright lights, unable to blink. The Binding wasn't complete, She heard the alien explain, These fools have yet to unlock Kheldian binding techniques, but since the process was faulty we are now useless to them.. I'm sure they will keep us as test subjects to discern whether or not their mistakes can be corrected.. but then we might also be dropped into the landfill with all the other human bodies that my Nictus brothers destroyed through forced cohabitation.. But then, we'd both be dead, and neither of us want that I'm sure.. So I'm going to cut you a deal. You let me use this body to get us out of here, and you go to Paragon. In Paragon we'll be able to find some Warshades.. Those traitorous creatures will be able to get us out of this mess.

Charlie had barely been able to agree before suddenly she felt her body shifting. It phased out of existing, and she found herself inhabiting a gigantic muscular creature. Charlie was terrified, watching her hands, but not her hands, break free from the constraints, hurling the scientists every which way. Her feet, but not her feet, slammed down on the ground, breaking out into a slow run and tearing up all machinery in sight. It wasn't long before her body shifted again, into a tendril-ridden flying alien. Bursts of energy shot from her eyes, creating an enormous hole in the wall in front of her, and no more than half a second later, she was flying.


It wasn't long before Charlie, physically exhausted, fell to the ground. She was safe from The Crey, for now, but she was also a renegade. She couldn't risk going back home, and she had already promised the Nictus inside of her that she would seek out a way to separate them again.. She had to get to Paragon, somehow. The Nictus inside her was silent now, apparently sleeping off the lingering effects of the drugs and the strain of uses up so much of his powers through her body, so how the hell was Charlie supposed to get to Paragon? She waited anxiously, sitting in a loft in the deserted barn she had come crashing through hours before. She was waiting for the Nictus to awaken, but he remained silent. She turned inward, closing her eyes and attempting to find him, and instead.. she found his powers. A deep dark mass of energy had appeared within her, where it hadn't been before. Charlie clenched her fists, wishing desperately to be in Paragon... And with a furl of energy unleashing within her, she was there. Charlie swayed on her feet as the sensation of traveling through planes of existence swept over her, making her nauseous. Unable to control her sickened stomach, she threw up into a small garden plot on a sidewalk of Galaxy City. Her body heaved as she tried to recover her breath, wiping her eyes. The alien powers within her had allowed her to teleport across time and space, skipping through various planes until she returned to her own, thousands of miles from where she had been in only seconds. It wasn't long before Charlie was able to access the Kheldian's other powers, but the alien did not begin speaking again for weeks.

When he finally did reawaken, he spared no time in giving her criticism for her sloppy misuse of their powers. She had begun fighting villains, taking revenge against the Crey, instead of seeking out his species. His voice was constantly jabbering on in her head, telling her what to do and where to go. Neither of them were happy with this arrangement, but for the most part he seemed to find contentment in her brash and offensive manner, especially when it came to how she dealt with people who disrespected her. When they finally did contact Starbringer, he was of no use. The Warshade contact left Charlie and her alien in the lurch, unable to help them and instead preferring to keep them together in the hopes that her Nictus would join the Warshade faction. Her alien remained silent and brooding, only offering sharp comments in response to Charlie's attempts to bring him out of his inner barriers. Before long, Charlie became lonely. She had constant company, but that company kept her miserable most of the time.

Friends and Allies

Atra Pardus - While Atra isn't Charlie's cousin by blood, his kind have been the guardians of the Gypsies for generations. By luck, he was one of the first people she ran into during her adventures in Paragon. It didn't take long for Charlie to come accustomed to his company and trust him with her life. She doubts that she will ever lose faith in him, as she spent many nights with him and the pack, goofing off and getting into trouble. She was also the first to coin the phrase 'Atra is a time share' and was happily amused to find it caught on quickly. While Atra is gone often, she is always happy to see him and lovingly refers to him as 'cousin'.

Demogunner - Jackie, Charlie's old partner in crime and best mate. They met by chance on a mission together with scores of other heroes, and after a few hours of taking verbal jabs at each other, Jackie offered to buy her a drink at the D to make up for being an ass. It didn't take long for them to put their insults aside and become quick friends, often running around doing missions for the city together. Jackie was Charlie's first crush, but her poor timing didn't help matters. A young woman in the Artful Dodgers that Jackie had made fun of with Charlie was soon able to capture his affections, and Charlie soon resided herself to being the ever-smiling best mate. She hasn't seen him in a while, and finds her thoughts always drifting back to him.

Kyle Hannigan - Kyle is the big brother figure that Charlie always craved as a little girl. He has never failed to come between her and an adversary, and is rightfully overprotective of her. Charlie absolutely adores Kyle, regardless (or perhaps because of) his rough-around-the-edges personality. He reminds her of her family, her gang, and he always helps her to feel right at home and at ease in any situation. He's another figure she knows she can trust with her life, and wouldn't fail to do so.

Felicity Hardgrave - Bubbles is one of Charlie's best friends, and another person that Charlie would love to have her back in a fight. She can hardly remember how the two met, but once it became apparent that Bubbles and Kyle were friends as well, Charlie found herself hanging out with the biker gang quite a lot. Bubbles helped bring Charlie out of her awkward tomboy shell, forcing her into dresses and skirts. Charlie swears that it is only by Bubbles' impromptu kidnappings that she ever learned how to dress herself well.

Operative Nowakowski - The first time Ski approached Charlie, he asked where her golden ticket was. The pair were soon to become friends, and for a time were nearly inseparable. Ski was prone to disappearing for weeks at a time, though when the pair are together Charlie is usually seen perched amongst his crab-pack with her legs dangling around. After a few hours of lamenting her lack of a valentine, the much older Ski took the sixteen year old out on a date, her very first, for Valentines day. After a quick stop at a Gyro restaurant that left the entire cafe feeling awkward, the pair adjourned to a park where Ski taught Charlie how to use a gun. Firsts didn't stop there, as he was the person to give her very first kiss. Ski is one of the few people that Corvus feels he can trust with Charlie's life, and has recently taken to leaving the two of them alone when they're together.

Beauregard - Charlie was quite quick to take to Beau, possibly because of his accent, but more likely because of his charming air and penchant for Irish drinking songs. Beau, Ski, and Charlie spent countless nights together drinking in the D, and her winged companion was usually the one to carry the girl home safely and tuck her into bed. it wasn't long before Charlie began to fancy Beau, and despite her personal vow to stay quiet about it, a friend by the name of Raz decided to tease her endlessly for it in front of him. After a rocky confession and an initial rejection (despite his fancying her as well,) the pair went on several dates, often watching movies together to pass the time. They still remained close friends, and despite his encouraging her to go out on dates with others, her crush never wavered. Her nictus, however, was none too fond of Beau, and after several months Beau was able to come to an agreement with the energy being. Her nictus agreed to allow them privacy and let them date, as long as Beau was vigilant in protecting her.



Samuel Cooper

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