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Chloe is based upon a theory about what would happen if something so everyday, so wonderful and priceless and taken for granted was turned dangerous. Touch.

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Physical Prison
Chloe Marque
Player: @RoseNoelThorne
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 22
Personal Data
Real Name: Chloe Marque
Known Aliases: N/A
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125
Eye Color: Vibrant Blue
Hair Color: Golden
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: Detective, Psi-Division PPD
Place of Birth: Franklin, NC
Base of Operations: Kings Row/Steel Canyon
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: Father: Alexander Marque; Mother: Cornelia Marque; Brother: Christopher Marque
Known Powers
Known Abilities



Many people seem to think Chloe is shy and cold. Who wouldn't? A young woman who stutters and avoids physical contact tends to imply that she does not wish for human interaction. Where the opposite is very true. She oftentimes catches herself halfway reaching out to others only to pull her gloved hands back to herself. But she smiles often, slow and warm like the rising sun, bathing the recipient in warmth that seems to touch the very soul before it hides behind her blue eyes again. And there's a rumor going around somewhere that she likes to go dancing at raves, but who would believe such a silly thing about a cop?


Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Growing Up

Chloe and Christopher Marque are the only children of Alexander and Cornelia Marque, normal people by all accounts. They weren't struggling to get by, but they weren't the Rockefellers. Their parents noticed there was something odd when Chloe hit her head on the wall and Chris started crying, or when Chris played with a feather and Chloe giggled as if she had been tickled. It got to the point that their parents would play games, holding up fingers to one twin and asking the other to guess. Needless to say, Chloe and Chris were exceedingly good at those games. Chloe would also go toddling for the door before anyone was out there, a good fifteen minutes before visitors would arrive. Their parents didn't seem to pay much attention to it.

As Chloe grew up and was learning words, her mouth would seem to get stuck on the starting consonants. No matter what her parents tried, she couldn't seem to get the words right. But they were patient, waiting through the stuttering for their baby girl's words. But she learned quickly, surprising her parents when Chris started saying her words for her when she needed to talk quickly.

Visions, Dreams and Nightmares

Around the age of 5, a new set of neighbors moved in. They had a pretty dark-haired daughter with haunted eyes who was Chloe and Chris' age. They made friends very quickly, the little girl climbing under the fence to come visit the twins and chase each other around the yard, squealing to their hearts' content.

Once during a happy wrestling match, Chloe's hand brushed innocently along her playmate's cheek. Her blue eyes glazed over white as her face froze into a rictus of shock and horror, seeing her playmate screaming as her skin was burned away like paper, long dark hair floating in ember-strewn wind. Chloe had no idea how to react and just ran screaming into the house, crawling under her bed to hide with her hands over her head. She couldn't get the sight from her mind's eye, staring blankly at the wall as she just trembled. Nothing her mother did could convince her from the hiding spot, just getting confusing babble from the stuttering terrified child. Even Chris had no idea what his twin was trying to say, but her terror fed over into him, his own form curled up in a corner and just shaking.

That night, their neighbor's house caught fire and only the father survived. Their playmate and her mom died in the fire, unable to find their way out in the smoke-filled building. Chloe later heard Chris talking about seeing the man put gasoline into the house, but no one believed him. Not right away anyway.

A month after, the police came to talk to the parents, and then to the twins. Chloe hated remembering her vision but sat down like a good little girl, telling what she saw to the tiniest detail as tears ran down her plump cheeks. She sat by her twin as he did the same, telling about how he'd touched the father who was crying, and saw the man pouring gasoline around and throughout the house as his family slept. The police mentioned in passing they had found accelerant but wanted to know how the twins knew.

"We just touched them and saw," Chris said.


Their incident with the arsonist got them a new "uncle", Uncle Kevin who worked with the police department. He literally did become part of the family, coming to visit, taking the twins out to movies and parties and helping them in what ways he could. The twins loved him, Chloe being the first out the door before his truck even started coming down the driveway with Chris right on her heels.

Around the age of ten, after the twins had learned enough that they should be careful touching other people, Uncle Kevin took them out to a fair. The three of them were watching a caged tiger lounging under the sun when it suddenly rolled over and lunged at the cage. Chloe was startled and backed up right into her brother's arms, her cry of surprise and terror dying on her lips. Both her eyes and Chris' eyes turned pure white, then they both dropped like stones.

Chloe remembered only complete and utter chaos for a few moments before her eyes opened. But she wasn't at the fair. There were beeping machines and pure white walls, and the sterile smells of industrial cleaner. And her poor mother and father at her side, Chris' form on the gurney on the other side. They'd been comatose for a week, her mother told them, and Uncle Kevin came in, looking almost beside himself for what had happened. But how could he have known?

Gloves and Manacles

After that day, Chloe and Chris changed the way they dressed. Gone were shorts and T-shirts in public, sandals and swimsuits. They garbed themselves in turtlenecks and jeans, even a pair of matching white gloves. Like a magician. Chris liked to pretend he was, playing tricks with flashes and mirrors. But the twins soon missed the warmth of another's touch, and found themselves called upon to help with cases. And innocence became cold and hard as young minds were filled with certain and possible violence, knowing their actions could save or doom people.

Spoilers end here.

Paragon Police

Being from North Carolina, both twins grew up with guns, learning to fire a variety of different weapons. Chris was quick at the draw, but Chloe had the accuracy her twin tended to lack in his haste. Over time, they were called upon more and more by the local police, then the state police. With so much attention from authorities, and wanting to use their gifts for more than self-gain (like their Uncle Bob who kept trying to get Chloe to read his lottery tickets), they both enlisted in police training. And what better place to go to use their training than Paragon City? They applied for the PPD soon after graduating from training and to their surprise, they were eagerly snatched up.

But they were mostly tossed behind a desk with objects dumped in a tray in front of them, told to touch then catalogue their visions like robots. Not as glamorous or exciting as they'd hoped.

Recent Events

((To be filled))


Chloe, of course, has her close ties with her twin brother Chris Marque, even from the distance of the Rogue Isles. They both have been seen with members of Virtue Vindico, one of which Chris has rather intimate ties (and gets no end of teasing for). They have also been keeping a close watch on their cousins, Allison Skye and Rebecca Skye, concerned for their cousins' safety.

Chloe herself has been keeping "odd company", in the form of spending time with Fatal Harmonic, a known member of a street gang, and a registered villain named Sasha Reznik. And she's been getting no end of flak from her superiors for it. But... Chloe has a mild rebellious streak. And everyone needs friends, right?

Recently, a detective Jonathan Dunham has been transfered to her patrols, and the pair seem to be spending a deal of time together, on and off duty.



Chloe has spent time developing the powers of her mind since she could risk no physical contact with an assailant. Her will is so strong that it can manifest in wavering ripples in the air around her like a shield, or around her target as she simply wills them to stop. Her control over that is growing, becoming able to stop several targets instead of simply locking down one at a time, but it's draining.


Chloe spends time as a people watcher, and watching the harder side of people's emotions and desires gives her some sense of tenderness towards those who cannot help themselves. Her will reaches out there as well, pulling flesh and bone together so those who can fight for the right thing will be able to continue fighting.


What better way to avoid touch than to stay out of reach? I mean really?

Blessed Curse

The one thing she cannot control is her gift with touch. Her only real defense is a few layers of clothing and avoidance, but that doesn't always protect her. Skin to skin or even skin to clothing contact will trigger her visions, flinging her mind helplessly into a future scene and leaving her body vulnerable until the contact is broken. She has no control over visions caused by accidental contact (usually seeing visions 6-24 hours in the future), but with preparations she can direct her visions several months into the future. With her present training.

But with some help from her friends and a magic spoon (you'll have to ask IC for that one *wink*), she has actually been given ways around her blessed curse. And it's amazing the simple joy of being able to lean on someone for hours on end.

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