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Cinereal began as a whim, something I don't normally do. I pulled her basic story within a day or two from out of the sky, and somehow, she began evolving and taking her own personality right before my eyes. She's swiftly becoming a very deep, likeable, and interesting character, and definitely one of my all-time favorites.

This page is absolutely a work in progress, so expect to see changes and more information added as I can get to it!

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Yeah. There are naughty words.

Cinereal. The Boss of You.
Player: @The Syko
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Corrupter
Threat Level: 30
Personal Data
Real Name: Jessica Kennedy
Known Aliases: Jess, Jessie, Cereal, Boss-Lady
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American--with Irish roots
Occupation: None--rumored to be the 'boss' of Unruly
Place of Birth: Emporia, Kansas
Base of Operations: Port Oakes, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Dating Arcayne
Known Relatives: Sister: Pride of Paragon
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.



"Hellz yeah, I'm hot! Believe it!"

Jessica stands at 5'7" and weighs approximately 115 lbs. To reflect the 'punk' attitude she pushes others to believe she has, there are multiple facial piercings: various hoops and studs in her ears, the bottom three on each side being guaged. The top of her left ear carries an industrial piercing, and snake-bite hoops don her lower lip. There is also a small, silver hoop through her right eyebrow and a small stud in her left nostril. She wears a silver Claddagh on her right ring finger, the point of the heart worn outward. Jessie only has one tattoo, and that is usually covered by her glove. When not in her gloves, the following Chinese characters can be seen on the inside of her right wrist: 灰色樹蔭 Anyone who knows the language would translate it to "shades of grey".

Her skin is indeed a grey-ish silver, her eyes a brilliant blue. Her build, while petite, is that of a young woman who has been athletic in her past, and she moves with confidence and a certain amount of grace and style.


Jess would love to think she's nothing more than a punk, a smartass, a badass, a bitch, whatever. The truth is, she's more often than not forcing that 'tough girl' attitude, and the fact is almost painfully clear. She tends to bring home stray puppies, so to speak, and can't seem to stop herself from caring about people in general.


"That's right beeyotches--fight for my entertainment. To the death. One, two, three, go!"

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"Who wouldn't love this fuckin' face? C'mon!" Art thanks to @Nahid


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Stuff People Say...

Here's the place where you or I can add a quote if we like--a snippet of conversation, or just an opinion of Cinereal.

"Well, she's the boss of me. So that means I should listen to her! Right? Right. But it's not why I do. I listen because she's pretty and nice and she always asks nicely! Even when she doesn't." - Aeka

Arcayne thinks for a second, "I kinda' feel like we are pets staring out a window, waiting for her return..."

Syter chuckles.

Dashing Dirk smirks to Arc, "You -do- have a tail."

Plague Factor: Oh, fuck me . . .

Zake: Like I said, an orgy.

Cinereal: Gonna come hang, Sickly?

Zake: God damn, What did you do to me Jess? *laughs*

Cinereal cackles. "Pure fuckin' entertainment value, Z."

Rivals/Questionable Acquaintances

Well, Jessica prides herself on being a punk, saying more than once that everyone can basically "go fuck themselves"...but oddly enough, she doesn't really have any real enemies. People seem to gravitate to her in spite of her smirking grin, snarky comments, and sarcastic banter. Maybe she's just plain not as 'bad' as she'd like to think she is.

"Pfft! Everyone loves me."

Pride of Paragon: Few people know that the bouncy, energetic red head is actually Jessica's kid sister, Katie. The hero has taken it upon herself to show Cinereal and Unruly as a whole that their criminal behavior is wrong, and put them all under arrest. really just not into that. While she does what she can to make sure Katie isn't in any real danger or killed, she's also given standing orders that any of the gang who run across Katie can mess with her as much as they want. Chick needs to be taught she can't mess with the gang, after all.


"Hey, you know who's awesome? Me."

Jess can be a bit of a walking contradiction at times. Friendly, but a total bitch. Generous, but willing to take whatever it is she sets her sights on. She considers herself a loner and an outcast, yet is somehow always surrounded by people. Usually she's seen in public playing the 'tough girl'--mouthing off, pretending nothing bothers her, giving whoever's nearby a hard time...privately though, she's been caught once or twice letting her guard slip and becoming more real. To be around Jessica when she's -just- something altogether different from what the general public receives from her.

Cinereal glances behind her as the shadow of the couch begins angling up toward her, "BACK OFF!" ...and it does. Ghost Signal blinks. "...Wow."

Jessica has power over shadows. They're drawn to her, in fact, often without her asking or appreciation. It's not unusual for her to be holding a conversation with someone, while kicking at their shadow as it tries to make its way up her leg.

Dark Blast

OOC Notes: Dark Blast powers are roleplayed as Jessica's control of the shadows. People are strangled, held, hit, slowed...all by their own shadows and the shadows of whatever may be around them. This includes tentacles.

Dark Miasma

OOC Notes: Miasma is again played as shadow control. Just as Jessica can cause the shadows to hurt, she can gather them around herself and her allies to aid, heal, even to revive the fallen.

Additional Powers


Flight: Jessica's power over the shadows around her enables her to gather them about herself and...well, ride them. So to speak.


"Weak?! Fuck YOU, pal, I am NOT weak!!"

What it boils down to is that Jess is human. Mutant, yes, but still human. She is emotional, and beyond her ability with the shadows around her, she is rather open to various attacks, the greatest of which being mental. Between her basic human weakness, and her emotional attachments, it isn't very difficult to defeat her, but watch out--she has friends, and those friends tend to be as protective of her as she is of them!


Jessica has a small comm unit, which resembles a wireless Ipod with only one earbud. There are extra buttons on it which act as her teleporters to the club, the Warehouse, etc.

Character History

The Death of a Cheerleader...

Where did Cinereal come from? Why is she the way she is?

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Her mother's voice rung out through the house,"Jessica--hurry it up! You're going to be late for school!"

The sixteen year old blonde stretched in her bed with a yawn, before those brilliant blue eyes fluttered open against the harsh light of morning. "Fine, fine," she mumbled as she rolled out of bed. Game's tonight, she mused. Gotta be in uniform...don't feel like changing with the squad on the bus, and that date with Kevin was supposed to be afterward, too. Heh. He wanted a lot more than she was going to give, that's for sure, but in a small town like Emporia, who could really blame him? Not like there was much else to do, and well...she was the most popular girl in school. That's a big damn job, no matter what anyone tries to say.

Her younger sister was already waiting for her at the door with her ever-patient, always-present smile, pushing her glasses up on her 12 year old nose. "Ready, Jessie?"

"Yeah, let's go."

"Oh, good! Oh--and can you give me a ride to the library after school? There's this paper I'm working on and..."

Jessica made a face as her sister rambled on. Two people couldn't be more different than she from her sister, and they both knew it, but she loved her sister with every fiber of her being. "Yeah, yeah, just stop talking, already. Jeez."

"Thaaanks! You know I love you!"

"I know. Love you too Katie-bear."

This was more or less Jessica Kennedy's every day. Until it happened.

Her mother's voice rung out through the house, "Jessica--come on! Katie's waiting for you to give her a ride!"

On this day, Jessica was too busy staring terrified in her bathroom mirror to answer, or even realize she'd been called. Finally, her mother and sister made their way up to the bathroom to see what the hold up was. Katie was the first to say something.

"....Oh my god, Jessie."

Her beautiful blonde locks had somehow grown darker...muddy. Her face had paled to a sickly white...but it wasn't just her face, it was her entire body. She couldn't stop looking.

"M-mom?" she whispered.

Her mother's voice came timidly from the other side of the door, "...Jess? Honey? Are you g-getting up?'s soon, and Katie's waiting."

It had been six months. The doctors couldn't give them answers. One specialist finally had mentioned something about a latent mutation, but her parents refused to accept that, instead siding with the town that their daughter must be possessed. They even called in a priest. A priest--and they were methodist. Idiots.

"Yeah, yeah, mom. Whatever." Footsteps on the other side of her bedroom door quickly scurried away. God, did she gasp? Jess could've sworn she heard her mother gasp.

She made her way to the bathroom, stripping her clothes off on the way. Who cared, really? It was just her mom, Katie, and herself now, since her father turned into a big fucking pussy and left. Scared of his own daughter. Pfft. If he only knew.

She absently waved away a shadow that was on its way to greet her before turning the light on and looking, as usual, in the mirror. What stared back at her was a freak. The beautiful blonde mane, long gone--replaced with jet black locks. The sickly white pallor had gradually darkened into a silvery-grey.

"Lovely," she said with a smirk to her own reflection, "This is totally the fucking face of prom queen." No it wasn't. She'd lost any shred of popularity with...this. The kids at school, just like her parents and the rest of her town, completely shunned her now. There was only one who accepted her. Only one who loved her still. And that one was as fucked up as Jessica in her own way.

Katie was waiting as she finally made her way down the stairs, bag slung over her shoulder with that bright smile. Jessica didn't really smile anymore--what she managed was a crooked, snide grin. She knew she scared the shit out of everyone, and this point...she was starting to enjoy it. Gotta' laugh, so you don't fuckin' cry, she'd started telling herself. Have some fuckin' fun with this.

"Ready, Jessie?"

"Do you always have to be so god damn peppy in the morning, Katie-bear? Jesus."

The car had been vandalized multiple times by now, keyed, spray-painted, rocks thrown in the windows. Jessica had stopped trying to have it fixed, and Katie didn't seem to really mind. It still ran, after all. As she put her seat belt on, Katie replied, "Gotta' make up for you, don't I?"

Jess glanced at her kid sister as the car rolled past the too-green lawns and neighborly stares. "Not bad," she murmured. Katie was practicing. She'd finally taught the small flame she'd begun producing on her index finger to dance along the others. Soon, she'd be able to do a lot more. Her baby sister, the fire-starter. Yet she was the freak.

Only because Katie was good enough to hide the power, and...well, she still looked just fine. Same old nerdy little Katie-bear.

"Yeah?" came the excited reply. "I'm really trying. You know, I hear there's this City of Heroes on the east coast--maybe we could go there, Jessie! We could totally do something with this, you know? Make a difference...change the world!"

Jessica rolled her eyes. Heroes. She was no hero. "I'm possessed by the debil, remember, Katie?" she said sarcastically. "They don't recruit the demon-possessed to save people from fucking fi--" She cut herself off quickly. Fuck everyone else, but she wasn't going to hurt her sister's feelings.

"....You know that's not true, Jessie."

Another day. And another. And another. The stares and whispers, the rumors, the narrowed eyes. Jessica couldn't take it anymore. She couldn't stop herself anymore from feeling the overwhelming jealousy toward her baby sister, either. Katie was blossoming. The nerdy little kid was coming into her own, and even with the glasses she was pretty. energetic as the fire she was learning to control, and everyone loved her. Fucking everyone loved her. Jess hated it. Hated them. Was fighting hate for her.

Nobody was home. Katie was at the library, reading up on pyro-kinetics "for a school project" she'd told their mother. Mom was avoiding the house, something that had become the norm these days.

It was time.

One bag was really all she needed. She wasn't the popular cheerleader anymore, fuck all the unnecessary extras. There was only one thing she was sure to grab and stuff into her duffle--the leather-bound diary from inside her nightstand. At least she would have a way to confide, even if she was alone. She needed that.

...Wait. One last thing. Can't leave without... She'd keep it short.


I know you're probably pretty mad at me, and I'm really sorry. It's different for you. Nobody looks at you wierd or talks about you being a freak behind your back. Mom still loves you.

I have to get out of this place. I don't belong here. Don't know where I do belong, but maybe I'll figure it out as I go. I just couldn't go without saying goodbye in some way, Katie. You know I love you more than anything. Do anything for you. Take care of mom, okay?

Go be a hero. You'll be great at it.

All my love, Jessie

The arbiter was staring at her, but it was a different stare than what she was accustomed to. It was an expectant stare, and he was indeed waiting--not patiently, either.

"I don't have all day, kid--c'mon. Name?"

It had been five years. She'd made her way to these islands after more or less befriending the shadows, committing petty crimes along the way. At least she didn't have to 'pay' for those rides she hitched--who'd want to fuck the wierd looking grey chick, anyway? She still had morals intact. Some standards too. But a name?

"Kid, I swear to christ I'm gonna make one up for you in five...four...three..."

Katie had looked it up once, in an effort to cheer her big sister up. It meant...ashes. Like ashes. "Like ashes, especially in inert and powdery quality!" she'd said. "Like you--really, Jessie, it's pretty! Silvery and powdery--cinereal!"



Spoilers end here.

Trivial Tidbits

..One of the few times anyone will see Jess wearing color! Happy Holidays! Art thanks to @Nahid!
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