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Citizen R 3.jpg
Citizen R in Steel Canyon
Citizen R
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 39
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Rorschach II
Species: Human
Age: Approx 25-30
Height: Approx 6'
Weight: Approx 185-195 lbs
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Vigilante
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Presumed Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Martial Arts, Regenerative abilities, Stealth (via Device), Super Speed (via Device)
Known Abilities
Above Average Detection skills (Question/Rorschach Levels).

World Class Martial Artist (Tsoo trained, assumes Question level or better).Above Average disguise and infiliration skills.

Possesses the following:Inertial Accelerator (Granting Super Speed).Wave Bender (Granting enhanced Stealth)
No additional information available.

Citizen R is a character in the "City of Heroes game published by Cryptic Studios. Originally he lived in the "Guardian-verse", but a mishap with an Ourobouros portal sent him to the "Virtue-verse", where he prowls the streets of Paragon City fighting crime in it's many forms.



Citzien R currently works with the Midnight Squad [1]. He is usually a loner, and works with virtually no one, as he has yet to find a Supergroup who will let him work autonomously under their charter.


Citizen R is a dark and mysterious figure, who prowls the back alleys and streets of Paragon City. He is the "silent type" speaking very little and to very few, preferring to let his actions speak for him. He is somewhat cold and detached in his mannerism and dealing with people, and his humor is somewhat dark, and often sardonic.

His outlook on crime is simple, criminals are to be punished to the extent of the law only. While he acts outside the laws of society to bring justice to the regular citizen, he works within the spirit in which the laws are written, fully believing that those who use force to fight crime must also be wary that they do not see themselves above the laws they serve.

He sees himself as the defender of the ordinary citizen, and for a long time, worked to better the life of the people walking the streets by battling gangs (the Hellions, the Skulls and the Freakshow) and organized crime (the Family and The 5th Column/Council). But lately, his views have changed. He sees himself as an urban avenger, but having taken on a larger role, he's seen the effect that more "cosmic" threats have on the citizens of Paragon City. He's started his crusade on these more "Cosmic" threats as well.

Powers and Abilities

Citizen R is a world class hand to hand fighter, whose individual style incorporates many forms on martial arts. He was trained for 5 years by the Tsoo in the mountains of Asia, and rumors abound that his other instructors have included other hand to hand specialists; Richard Dragon, Shang Chi, Judomaster, The Hand, Lady Shiva, and the Manhunter (Paul Kirk). None of this has been confirmed nor denied by Citizen R.

Citizen R also has near superhuman endurance and recovery. His body is an anomoly, as his muscles generate less lactic acid and process it out at a rate faster than it is produced. He also heals unnaturally fast, broken bones and open wounds healing within minutes to hours depending on severity. He's been known to fight nearly 20 enemies at once, and come out of the fight merely winded and able to recover within minutes.

Lastly, he posesses two technological items that mimics super powers. One, an Inertial Accelerator, allows R to achieve foot speeds in excess of 75 mph. The second, is a Wave Bender, a device that bends light and sound waves, making his already impressive stealth skills that much harder for his foes to detect.


The Beginnings

In his former identity as Rorschach II.

Precious little is known about this man before he became Citizen R. Some say he was a low level enforcer for the Skulls or Hellions. Others say he was a victim of their crimes. And others say he is neither and is some experiment gone wrong.

Rumors abound, but what little is known is fact.

1. He found the last remaining copy of a journal and a mask worn by the original Rorschach.

2. For a time he took on the legacy of Rorschach, and even his name.

3. He was an accomplished fighter with some training.

Is is also known that many of Rorschach's enemies looked to exact revenge on the new hero and went to great lengths to finish him off. In the end, it was the Family that nearly succeeded, and left him for dead. Wrapped in heavy anchor chains and dumped into the bay, it is unknown how he escaped with his life, but the death of his borrowed legacy birthed a new hero, a new mission and a cold fury that would mean a war with crime on their terms.

But the journey from Rorschach II to Citizen R would be a long one, and would require the aid of those he swore to fight.

The Tsoo and his Martial Arts Training:

His travels took him first to the Tsoo. He knew that his natural skills as a fighter needed honing if he was to fight crime, and what better way to do so then to learn the ways of his enemies. He defeated a Dragon Enforcer, and took his place amongst the Tsoo, rising in their ranks, to Lieutenant, taking the name Steel Fist. For 3 years he studied under their masters learning their secrets and of those they called rivals and enemy. Working with the Tsoo, he learned how to channel his chi and to perform amazing feats, allowing him to defeat multiple enemies with ease.

After leaving them, he modified the last mask of Rorschach to suit his tastes, making the face his own. He used the knowledge gained from the Tsoo to travel the word and meet other fighters who the Tsoo feared, and studied under many of them- most notably: Richard Dragon, Shang-Chi, The Hand, Judomaster, Lady Shiva (who nearly killed him twice) and the last Manhunter (Paul Kirk). What he learned, he incorporated into his own unique and impressive style, which stresses area control and keeping his opponents stunned and off balance.

After 6 long years of traveling the world and honing his skills, he returned to Paragon City to begin his Crusade.

The Return to Paragon City

Upon his return, he waged a war in the streets, making enemies of the gangs of Paragon City; the Skulls and Hellions. His war was not fought in the shadows, but on the streets, leaving no question as to his intentions, to protect the average citizen against crime. But it wasn't enough. As he climbed the ranks of the criminal fraternity, he saw how others used lower level crime to mask their own activities. It was during one such foray into the activities of the gangs that he learned of a connection to the 5th Column. It was at this time, he named himself Citizen R, an homage to his inspiration and his former identity.

The Column, through an Archon called Cologne, was using the gangs to steal technical equipment and kidnapping scientists to build a prototype of a device called an "Inertial Amplifier". This amplifier enhanced the potential energy of an object allowing the wearer to change that enhanced inertia into motion, giving the wearer super speed. He knew he couldn't allow a device like this to be mass produced for the agents of the Column, so after collecting enough data, and learning for the location of the Column's bunker, he fought and assumed the identity of a common Nebel Enforcer and infiltrated the base.

The operation took weeks, and he managed to avoid detection long enough for the Inertial Amplifier to be completed and tested successfully. It was then that he acted. During a shift change, he slipped away and into the shadows, donning the now all too familiar two toned mask and black trench coat he wears today and made his way to the vault. While making his way there, he happened upon a squad of Nebula Elite sodliers being led by an Penumbra Archon. The were armed and headed to where they kept the scientists they'd kidnapped to build the Amplifier. Knowing what that meant, he attacked the force, and defated them, but setting the base on alert.

He had to fight his way to the vault to retrieve the Amplifier after freeing the scientists, but he was too late, as Archon Cologne was already there and wearing the Amplifier. In a fierce battle that left R battered and bruised, Cologne was defeated and R retrieved the Amplifier, keeping it for himself. He then destroyed the bunker and all of the data and plans that were used to construct the Amplifier, making sure that he was the only one with the device.

Arachnos and Mister Grin

Citizen R as the now infamous Mister Grin.

After his acquisition of the Inertial Amplifier, Citizen R came to the attention of Arachnos, who wanted him eliminated and possession of the amplifier for themselves, to arm their own troops. After a number of failed, but very, VERY close assassination attempts, Citizen R staged his own death by posing as a new and unknown assassin called "Mister Grin".

As Mister Grin, he worked his way up the hierarchy of Arachnos, learning their secrets and their tactics. He spent a year as Mister Grin, before his cover was blown while stealing a piece of tech called a "Wave Bender". The Wave Bender was to be produced and used by Arachnos agents to infiltrate and assassinate heroes deemed disruptive to Arachnos activities. Ironically, Mister Grin was to be given one of these and sent after Mynx. As before, he took the working prototype and destroyed the plans for the device. Barely escaping the Arachnos bunker, Citizen R fled to his safehouse in Bloody Bay, unaware that for weeks, someone was watching his every move. Citizen R escaped the Rogue Isles, and returned to Paragon City, leaving his Mister Grin identity safe, or so he thought. It was weeks later that he learned that someone had infiltrated his safehouse and stolen the Mister Grin mask and the impervium katana he left behind, and had hired himself out as a killer for hire.

Present Day



Mister Grin:[2] Mister Grin was an identity that Citizen R created when he infiltrated Arachnos and destroyed one of their bunkers and acquired his Wave Bender. While R thought he'd covered his tracks well, someone was watching, and found out where R's hidden base in Bloody Bay was and broke in, finding the acoutrements of Mister Grin. Citizen R sees this as one of his biggest failures and is making it a priority to end the current Mister Grin's activities once and for all. But, that is proving much harder than expected, and Grin always seems to be a step ahead of Citizen R's every move.


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