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My main hero! I love playing this character. So I figured I'd make him a VV page! This is still a work in progress though.

Player: @Wild Wolf
Origin: Science/Mutation
Archetype: Scrapper
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Cloud Stevens
Known Aliases: Cloud Envy, Cloud Fall
Species: Undead/Cyborg :p
Age: Unknown, looks around 17
Height: 5'9"
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Hair Color: Light Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Life Force Cleansing, Electricity manipulation
Known Abilities
Techno-path, Swordsmanship
Carries a sword strapped to his back and various techno gadgets


The After Life of The Party

Cloud came to the realization that his life was quickly coming to an end. Three years ago, the Council recruited Doctor Avian as its top scientific advisor in Biotech research. Avian was the creator of their new Super Soldier Serum, and creator of the Council's new "Cell Soldiers." His first test subject was the body of a young teen, Cloud, who was found and killed in Striga Isle. The tests proved to be all failures, as his body couldn't handle the strain of the serum. Avian began replacing the boys vital organs with cybernetics, which gave his body the strength to hold on until the drug could take hold in his body. The combination of the Serum and the cybernetics seemed a perfect fit. Seeing the perfection of his creation, the mad Doctor attempted to do the same thing to his own body. During the precedure however, Arachno's agents attacked his facility. In the crossfire, they ended up destroying the device that held Cloud under Council control. Realizing he was free, he snuck out in the confusion and fled to Paragon City.

I'm Not Okay

When he began to realize the importance of the Serum inside him, Cloud knew that the only person capable of extending his life was the Doctor, his creator. With no other choice, he broke into the Council base on Striga where he was created, and stole as much of the research on the Serum that he could. He knew prolonged use of the drug would increase the chance that it would take him over completely, but he needed it to survive. As a result, he sometimes goes through uncontrollable fits of rage brought on as a side effect of the Serum. He's currently seeking out a way to cure himself and regain control over his body without needing the drug. He works closely with Doctor Liandra, one of the scientists who helped create Cloud. Liandra convinced Cloud to go to Atlas and fill out the paperwork to become a hero of the city. Though she said it was for the money, she hopes that being around the heroes of Paragon will keep him from falling under the Serums influence completely.


Cloud tries to uphold his "cool guy status", though his physical reactions are becoming less guarded and drastically more personal, making his actual thoughts on a situation impossible to read. He doesn't pretend to have all the answers; he gets confused, he gets embarrassed, and he doesn't necessarily have time to, not to mention the desire to, hide it. Similarly, when particularly nervous, Cloud's hand immediately moves to scratch the back of his head uncomfortably, demonstrating that his self-consciousness is never truly lost. His body often jerks and jumps to express emotion and his movements betray much of what he keeps inside. Often when faced with a question, his response is to shrug or shake his head. Cloud would easily be considered a "physical" person, and as someone who doesn't consider conversation a strength, such gestures are more than likely the best thing he has.


  • Life Force Cleansing: Cloud can cure sickness, Drug addictions, Radiation, and other forms of poisioning in anyone he comes into contact with. By cleansing others, he takes their condition on himself. The long-term affect varies depending on what he absorbs.
  • Techno-Path: The cybernetics in his brain give him a slight technopathic ability. He can't control them, but he can communicate with machines and is very handy when it comes to making gadgets. He's recently created a small army of Bots using Nanotechnology and various pieces of scrap metal.
  • Electricity Manipulation: The Super Soldier Serum gave him the ability to generate electricity in his body, not unlike the Freakshow. His cybernetic enhancements allows him to control the electricity he generates. Normally, he uses this ability to charge his fists or sword to attack and charges his body to create a shield around himself.


  • Psionic Attacks: Mental intrusions affect Cloud the most. His brain is extremely vulnerable to Psionics and mind control. Even the weakest telepath entering his mind causes him pain.
  • Brute Force: Sure he can take a punch, a few bullets, a barrage of swords and spears, and super heated laser beams... But Cloud is in fact, not invincible. His body can take a load of damage, but the chance to recover his cybernetics may shut themselves down from the strain.

Fight songs!

  • Remedy - Seether
  • Issues - Sick Puppies
  • Save Me - Burn Halo
  • Won't Back Down - Fuel
  • The After Life of The Party - Fall Oout Boy
  • Careless Whisper - Seether
  • Slow Burn - Atreyu
  • Hand of Blood - Bullet for my Valentine
  • The Curse - Disturbed
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