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Player: @ObsessiveBlade
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Hea Yi
Known Aliases: None
Species: Homo Sapiens Superior
Age: 15
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 268 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black (dyed blonde)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue Isles
Occupation: Freelance Hero
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother, Father (deceased)
Known Powers
Molecular manipulation, possibly others
Known Abilities
Exceptional agility
Cybernetic replacement limbs, ventilator, various thermal generators to counteract her cold emissions
No additional information available.

Cloudbuster was created primarily because I had few hero characters, and also because I'd been meaning to create a blaster since their inherent had been revised. She was also created to be loosely affiliated with Fox Lee's character Aspyre. Finally, she was created as something of a counterpoint to the common "character-deepening" tragedies (especially rape) that I think are rather overused for female characters in comics. Thus I wanted to create a character with a tragic past, but who is not held back or controlled by it. Also no rape.



Cloudbuster doesn't really make a big deal out of being a member of Nation, so it often surprises people. Since travelling to Paragon City, she has been in loose contract with Priori, from whic she has hooked up as a part-time partner to Aspyre. In deference to Nation's ideals she hasn't registered as a metanatural being and is in fact technically an illegal immigrant to the United States, so she keeps her head low. She is moderately well-known in local law enforcement and Longbow circles; though they would like to bring her in for questioning about her status and affiliation with Nation, her unquestionably heroic activites have led some sympathetic commanders to largely overlook her activites. Paragon City can always use heroes.


"I don't think my powers are for hurting people. I think they give me the choice to not hurt people."

Cloudbuster is a cheery, lively teenager, the sort who would usually be described as "brightening up the room" if the ambient temperature didn't typically drop five degrees when she enters it. She enjoys jumping into action to save local passerby from Skulls and the like, and will happily drop whatever she's doing to help someone in need. She's quite capable of focusing on the task at hand, though - she spent most of the last ten years in what was essentially a military camp and is much more efficient and effective than her gregarious exterior sometimes suggests.


At an early age, Cloudbuster manifested her mutant ability to affect molecules. For reasons that may be psychological or might be simply due to her inherent limitations, she almost exclusively uses this ability to create intense cold. Experiments on the workings of her powers indicate she unconsciously uses the energy drained as she slows down molecular movement to project and shape the intense cold and ice she produces in a variety of ways. Her command of this power is growing more sophisticated over time, but is still imperfect, and her cybernetics contain thermal generators to protect her own flesh from her freezing abilities.

Cloudbuster, as the above suggests, is only partially immune to her own abilities, although this immunity has been growing in recent years. She used to need to wear protective goggles to shield her eyes, but about six months ago she rather suddenly developed her own protections to this. (She still wears the goggles, though, since she thinks they look neat and "hide my awful high forehead").

Other changes seem to be occuring in Cloudbuster as she grows through her pubescent years; her ears lengthened and became pointy about a year ago (a change which delighted her), and other as-yet-subtle changes to her bodily structure have occured as well. It remains to be seen if these are minor subsidiary mutations, or new unconscious applications of her control over molecules. She is not considered a likely candidate to manifest Titan-class powers, but several organisations and individuals are monitoring her progress nonetheless.


She is remarkably agile; more than one opponent has been taken off-guard by expecting her movement on her large cybernetic legs to be clunky or slow. In fact, she is fit and agile on the level of a gymnast, though not an Olympic-level one. On rainy days, she enjoys skating rather than running, as her ambient cold instantly freezes the thin layer of water below her.

Cloudbuster has been tested as above-average (top 5%) intelligence, and has with self-study and tutoring (from a grateful Paragon civilian she rescued from a mugging) kept up with the knowledge level of an "A" high school student her age.


Both of her lower legs have been replaced with heavy-duty cybernetic limbs; as have both of her arms (though, in fact, her right arm is still partially intact under the metal sheath). These have been upgraded and tuned several times through the years, and Cloudbuster is now as familiar and comfortable with them as most people are with their natural limbs. They are integrated with her nerves (although not perfectly; her sense of touch through her limbs is somewhat crude) and skeletal structure. The limitations of her frame prevent her from possessing superhuman strength, but she can deliver quite a punch if she puts her mind to it.

She also wears a ventilator that covers the lower half of her face; this both hides the true state of it and more importantly contains another heater to prevent the ambient cold she constantly emits from freezing her skin. It's also quite well-constructed and only noticibly affects her speech to people with exceptionally sharp hearing.

Weaknesses and Limitations


Character History



-Being a little shy about the disfigurement of her face, she prefer to only take off her mask to eat in private. She eats quickly and only very hot meals, in order to prevent eating half-frozen food.

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