Cold Glory

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There's no need to fear, Cold Glory is here!
Cold Glory
Player: IanTheM1
Origin: Science
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: Security Level 31
Personal Data
Real Name: Cody Caldwell
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 28
Height: 6'4''
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Nuclear Scientist
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Newcity City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Ice Armor, Ice Melee
Known Abilities
Ice Mnipulation, Flight
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Cold Glory is a Security Level 31 Ice Armor / Ice Melee Tanker, of the Science origin. He is the leader of the Polar Patriots. Cold Glory was created and is played by IanTheM1, with the name courtesy of Troy Hickman.

With his secret identity of Cody Caldwell still safe, thanks to few 1950s comic fans in Paragon, Cold Glory fights crime while embodying the Golden Age Spirit! Of course, in the most humorous, exaggerated, and funnest way possible!



During the Cold War, a small publishing company printed numerous issues of a popular comic of the time: The Adventures of Cold Glory. The comics followed Cody Caldwell, aka Cold Glory in his efforts to thwart crime in Newcity City and defeat his archnemesis Dr. Nefarious.

For Cody Caldwell, it all started as an average day at work. Caldwell was assisting his mentor, Dr. Nathan Edward Farious, with a new atomic experiment -- the quest to create cold fusion! But alas, disaster struck for the two men! Something in the experiment went horribly awry and left both men with super-human abilities!

Cody gained magnificent powers over ice itself! Meanwhile, Dr. Farious had been given powers over radiation. Dr. Farious blamed Cody for the accident, and swore revenge under a new moniker: Dr. Nefarious! Cody had no choice but to protect Newcity City from his former mentor under a new guise: Cold Glory!

At least that's how the comics told it.

One avid reader of the series, Richard Viren, went on to become a famous experimental physicist. His pet project became the Event Probability Generation Conduit -- a device inspired by one in the very last issue of The Adventures of Cold Glory. In the comic, it had been a probability bomb, a device that was capable of producing a massive wave of energy that would disrupt the probability of decay, causing elements to go through their half-lives much faster than normal. But Dr. Viren's EPGC was much more! It was a powerful device that could measure and calculate large sums of data about the universe, among other things.

But, just as the machine was activated, the final issue of Cold Glory was sucked into its energy vortex, leading to a catastrophic failure! Unbeknownst to Dr. Viren and his assistant Gordon, as it exploded into pieces, the EPGC produced two great streams of energy. One on a course for Paragon City and the other on course for the Rogue Isles.*

On the sidewalk in front of Atlas Plaza, a confused sub-zero hero marveled at the world he was suddenly transplanted into. Cold Glory had come to our world! But halfway across the globe, so had his villainous counterpart...Dr. Nefarious!**

*As seen in Issue #1 of The New Adventures of Cold Glory!
**As seen in Issue #2 of The New Adventures of Cold Glory!

Powers, Abilities, and Quirks

Ice Armor

Cold Glory can coat himself in super-dense super-ice, allowing him to deflect any attack!

Ice Melee

Cold Glory can form ice into useful weapons, like pounding fists or swords!

Ice Manipulation

Cold Glory can turn ice into any shape, allowing him to form important tools like megaphones!


Cold Glory can fly by controlling the air temperature around himself, thus causing thermal drafts!

Golden Age Sensibilities

Cold Glory comes from the Golden Age of Comics! He would never hit a girl or jaywalk!

Center of Attention

Cold Glory is the main character! He's always the center of attention!


The New Adventures of Cold Glory

Comic book characters Cold Glory and Dr. Nefarious have been torn from the pages of The Adventures of Cold Glory and been sent into our world! What sort of nefarious plans does Dr. Nefarious have in store? Will Cold Glory be able to stop him? Find out!

All available issues of The New Adventures of Cold Glory are published on IanTheM1's Story Page for you reading enjoyment!

Creator Notes and Trivia

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