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Colossal Girl
Player: @CeeGee




Threat Level:


Personal Data
Real Name:

Cait Lor-Vahn

Known Aliases:

Caitlin Miller-Hewitt



Date of Birth:

1988 (age 31)




165 lbs

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Biographical Data

American citizen


Philathropist, Adventurer and crimefighter

Place of Birth:

Paragon City, RI, dimension Alpha Epislon 0226 (Aftermath Earth)

Base of Operations:

Paragon City, Rhode Island

Marital Status:


Known Relatives:

Lor-Vahn (father), Shai Lor-Vahn (Mother), Jonathon Hewitt aka Hyperion Shield (Husband)

Additional Data
Known Powers:
  • Invunerability
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Enhanced Senses (X-ray and Telescopic vision)
  • Flight
  • Heat Vision.
Known Abilities:
  • Knowledge of family and adoption laws
  • experienced hand-to-hand combatant
  • licensed pilot
Known Equipment:


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Colossal Girl (Cait Lor-Vahn)is a superhero in Paragon City. Born on a parallel Earth, she had made Primal Earth her adopted home, and fights along side her teammates in the Gods of the Golden Age to defend it from any and all threats. She is known both for her amazing powers and great beauty.



Before her birth

Colossal Girl comes from an alternate earth in the vast multiverse. Although similar to Primal Earth, this earth possessed different heroes than those on our own Earth. Nonetheless, these heroes were also champions of the innocent and just. Among these heroes was a man known as the Silver Sentry; a man possessed of amazing cosmic energy powers. He was approached by a woman calling herself Lor-Vaan, who claimed to be a Nobirium; a race of humans raised amongst the stars, physically superior due to their own connection to the cosmic forces of the universe. She said she was a law enforcer among her people, and had come to earth in pursuit of a fugitive. Asking for the Sentry's help, the two heroes began a city-wide search for Lor-Vann's fugitive; eventually locating the individual in an abandoned warehouse in Atlas Park.

The person, calling himself D'Jai, spoke in his defense, giving information to the two heroes in exchange for his freedom. Whatever transpired in that conversation is known only to the three people who were present in that building, but after they had spoken, D'Jai was let go, and the Silver Sentry and Lor-Vaan began to work together closer. Calling herself Bombshell; a reference to her great physical strength and beauty, Lor-Vaan choose to remain on earth among her genetic cousins alongside the Silver Sentry; whom she had grown close to. Eventually, the two heroes became mutually attracted to one another and married. They settled into married life while still continuing their careers as heroes. When Lor-Vaan (now going by the name Lorraine) became pregnant, she choose to retire to raise their child. For the Silver Sentry, Robert Miller, the happiest moment of his life was witnessing the birth of his daughter, Caitlin.

Early childhood

Caitlin grew up loved and cared for by her parents, who were initially concerned for her due to her unique parentage. However, it became apparent that Caitlin was growing up as a normal girl; with no visible abnormalities. Then, when Caitlin was five, mysterious glowing discs began to appear over cities across the globe. Then, all at once, the Rikti emerged and attacked the earth.

World governments seemed helpless to fight back the invaders. However, the heroes of earth rose to the challenges and attacked the invading force head on. Even Caitlin Miller's parents, who had retired to civilian life, once again donned their costumes and fought the invaders for the sake of their daughters future. Unlike on Primal Earth where the Rikti invasion lasted for several months, it would take years for earths heroes to beat back the Rikti, forcing them into their last refuge on this earth; the city of Los Angeles, California.

With the Rikti ready to make their final stand, the remaining heroes of earth banded together for one last push against the aliens. As a precaution, Caitlins' parents left her in the care of Damon Sinclair, her godfather; and also the crimefighting hero known as the Shadowknight. Sinclair was sidelined from the final battle, due to the loss of his leg in combat against the Rikti. He swore to Robert and Lorraine Miller that he would care for and raise Caitlin as if she were his own daughter.

The Miller's said goodbye to their daughter for what would be the last time. When the force of heroes attacked the Rikti's fortress, the Rikti detonated a thermonuclear device, leveling the city, and killing everyone involved in the battle. Although the Rikti had been defeated, victory was bittersweet to say the least, as an entire generation of heroes was lost. And a young girl named Caitlin Miller found herself an orphan.

Growing up a hero

As the world began to recover from the Rikti War and the loss of so many heroes, Caitlin herself overcame the grief of her parents death and settled into her new life with her godfather, who had also now become her legal guardian. Damon Sinclair was actually quite wealthy, and so Caitlin grew up with all the advantages wealth could bring. She went to the finest schools available, excelling in her studies and engaging in various activities like soccer and gymnastics.

Then, when she began to reach here early adult years, she began to undergo a noticeable change. She was much stronger then others girls her age, as well as gaining a strong resistance to injury. Damon Sinclair knew what it meant; her mother's nobirian DNA was beginning to become dominant; and Caitlin was starting to develop powers akin to her late mother's. Sinclair helped her to train in adapting to her newfound strength, as well has her other emerging powers. By the time Caitlin had turned eighteen, she had grown into a powerful and beautiful young woman; ready to take her place among the new heroes of Paragon City. She created her first costume and persona as Colossal Girl, and set out to carry on her parents' legacy.

Colossal Girl in her White Costume

Having Damon Sinclair as a mentor gave Colossal Girl an advantage over the other young heroes of her world; as many of them lacked the necessary experience to battle the rising crime of their world without causing further damage. Then, from across the dimensional fold, help came in the form of two visitors from Primal Earth: The Statesman and Ms. Liberty.

Living on Primal Earth

The two visitors explained that they had (through Portal Corporation) been observing their world, and came forward offering to help in training the heroes of Aftermath Earth (the unofficial name given to Colossal Girl's world). Many of the heroes agreed that training was needed, but they were reluctant to take the time necessary to train without there being heroes available to deal with the rising crime on their earth.

Thus came the creation for the Superhero Exchange Program between Primal Earth and Aftermath Earth. Through the program, heroes from Primal Earth would trade places with their Aftermath Earth counterparts, while heroes from Aftermath Earth would go to Primal Earth to learn from experienced heroes. Although she felt she didn't need the additional training, Colossal Girl took part in the exchange program anyway, hoping to learn more from other heroes. When she arrived, she found a world that had also suffered an attack by the Rikti, but had managed to stop the invasion early, thus preventing much of the devastation that her world suffered years earlier.

Other things she discovered were that the people here had begun to use technology recovered from the Rikti to create things her world didn't have; war walls, medical teleporters and even tissue regeneration technology was seeing regular use everywhere she went. This new world held many amazing things for Colossal Girl; and it made the prospect of eventually returning to her own world less enticing. With no family left to return to, she decided that she would remain on Primal Earth instead; and build a new life for herself there.

Her fellow Aftermath Earth heroes were stunned by her decision; many called her a deserter. Others however, like her friend, The Omega-Centurion, and even her guardian Damon Sinclair, supported her decision to remain behind. And so saying a final farewell to them, Colossal Girl left her old life behind and started her new life on Primal Earth.

The Gods of the Golden Age

Once she had found a place to live, thanks to her handlers at Freedom Corps, Colossal Girl set out to make a name for herself in Paragon City. Putting away her old costume, she opted for a more conservative design which lacked the low neckline of her original costume.
CG's Gold Costume
Colossal Girl's actions in the news caught the attention of the members of the Gods of the Golden Age, who suggested she apply for membership. After a nerve-wracking interview, followed by a "field test" of her abilities, Colossal Girl was offered membership as a recruit in the GGA. It was a proud moment for her, one she wished her parents could have seen.

For a time, she lived at the GGAs base, the Greylock building in Atlas Park; moving her things from Freedom Corps headquarters. She also began to make friends with her teammates, especially with heroes like Terratonic, another refugee from an alternate dimension whom Colossal Girl shared a bond not unlike sisterhood with. She also became friends with Hyperion Shield, a young man who like her had lost both parents in the tragic destruction of the Faultline area.

Seeing that like on her own earth, many children were orphaned by the Rikti War, Colossal Girl decided to do something about it. She used her celebrity status to draw attention to these displaced children and worked to find help for them. With her support, donations and contributions began to pour in from people all over the country wanting to help. She parleyed these funds into the organization known as Shining Hope; which at first worked with local orphanages and adoption agenices to find homes for Paragon City's orphans, and would later become a haven for many of the metahuman children of it's deceased heroes.

Between her work as a social worker and her job as a hero, Colossal Girl found it difficult to run Shining Hope alone. Fortunately her friend, Hyperion Shield, who had been reunited with his father, Cryofox, offered to help her with the day to day operations of the organization itself. Caitlin was thankful for the help he provided, and the two became close friends afterwards.

When Colossal Girl received word that her guardian Damon Sinclair had died from cancer, she returned to Aftermath Earth to settle his affairs and make the arrangements for his funeral. Her friends from the Gods accompanied her to her former home and helped her once again cope with the lost of a parent.

Her grief was short lived however, upon discovering that Damon Sinclair had actually been murdered by none other than the Omega-Centurion; who had felt betrayed by Sinclair at allowing Colossal Girl to leave Aftermath Earth. Enraged, she sought out and confronted Omega in a tulumotous battle in Galaxy City, which ended when Colossal Girl came to realize that Omega, who was also mentored by Sinclair, thought of Caitlin as a sister and Sinclair as a father. Distraught over his loss and guilt, Omega-Centurion surrendered to the authorities. Caitlin had received a substantial inheritance from her guardian; which was converted into currency from Primal Earth. She used some of the funds to help run Shining Hope; and used the rest of it to purchase a new condominium in the rebuilt New Overbrook area.

Due to a series of circumstances, Colossal Girl and Hyperion Shield came to realize they had strong feelings for one another, and confessed their love for each other. Since then, the two young heroes have moved in together and are often referred to in the Paragon Times as "Paragon City's New Power Couple".

Colossal Girl recently saw the culmination of her personal goals by achieving a Security Level of 50 (The highest level for a hero), as well as receiving a position in the Gods as a junior officer. For her, this is a validation of her objective to becoming one of Paragon City's premier heroines. Now at the apex of her career, Colossal Girl has now become a mentor of sorts herself; and a role model for those looking to achieve all that they can.


Colossal Girl is a long-time member of the Gods of the Golden Age, and serves as a junior officer ("Icon") of the group; handling inter-member relations, as well as recruitment.


Colossal Girl is sometimes seen as being brash and headstrong. She doesn't take much from other people; especially with regards to her sex appeal. She makes no apologies to anyone about the way she looks; and in fact, jokes that her costume helps her in fighting crime by keeping the criminals attention focused on her and not her teammates.

Aside from this, Colossal Girl also possesses a caring and compassionate heart towards her friends and her charges at the Shining Hope orphanage. She loves her friends dearly, and will fight ferociously to protect them.


Colossal Girl possess several superhuman abilities due to her K'Tharrian physiology:

Superhuman Strength

Colossal Girl possesses vast superhuman strength due to her body's dense cellular structure. Although her upper limits haven't been tested, she has been observed lifting loads in excess of 200 tons. She is capable of lifting heavier loads for a brief amount of time, but cannot maintain this strength increase for more than a few minutes; becoming fatigued for a while afterwards.


Colossal Girl is capable of withstanding a surprising amount of physical damage. Most small arms fire simply ricochets over her body, but even heavy weapons fire (Rockets, grenades, beam weapons) don't faze her for very long. She's capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as -1500 degrees with no physical damage. Through intense concentration, Colossal Girl can temporarily become unstoppable, suffering virtually no damage in combat for a limited amount of time. She suffers a great deal of weakness and fatigue afterwards however, leaving her vulnerable to attack.

Enhanced Senses

Colossal Girl can see into the x-ray spectrum, and is capable of magnifying her normal vision up to ten times above normal human limits.


Colossal Girl can fly under her own power. Her maximum recorded speed has been 500 mph, but she can achieve faster speeds for a brief period of time.
Colossal Girl flying over Brickstown

Energy Mastery

Colossal Girl's body collects and stores cosmic energy in limited amounts. Through an act of will, she can concentrate this energy inside herself and increase her body's natural stamina. She can also project this stored energy as a small focused beam of coherent energy through her eyes; striking targets at range with near-perfect accuracy.


Colossal Girl is an experienced hand-to-hand combatant, although she has no formal training in any particular martial arts. She is also a licensed pilot and trains others in the use of the Gods small fleet of jetcraft. Due to her experiences in dealing with child protective services, Colossal Girl is also knowledgeable about Family law and adoption proceedings.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Colossal Girl has a particular weakness towards magic and has very little defense against psionic attacks. She used to possess a weakness towards certain kinds of pain relievers, but it's been determined that this was due to her father's alterations to her genetic code.


Colossal Girl carries no weapons. She normally only carries her GGA communication device while on patrol.


Colossal Girl has a pet cat named Misty. She also still has a childhood toy; a teddy bear named Mr. Buggles. Holding the bear helps Caitlin to remember the good times in her life with her parents.

Because of her attractive appearance and friendly, compassionate personality, Colossal Girl has apparently amassed many ardent admirers. Through no fault of her own, she has broken the hearts of at least two of her male GAH teammates. Colossal Girl has denied any wrongdoing in these matters, and has gone on record as saying, "It's not like I get out of bed in the morning saying, 'Hey! I think I'll break another guy's heart today!'".

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