Comet Lady

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Comet Lady
Player: @Atomic Gaslight
Origin: Science
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50 (Incarnate)
Personal Data
Real Name: Lt. Jane Sladen-Edison, RSF
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: 5'7"
Weight: '
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: English
Occupation: Spacer
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: Atlas Park
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Captain Jon Sladen, RSF (father), Isabella Edison-Sladen (wife), Amelia Edison-Sladen (adopted daughter), Melissa Roland Edison-Sladen (daughter), Cassandra Roland (stepdaughter)
Known Powers
Flight, great strength, intense heat and flame, super reflexes
Known Abilities
Command and tactical experience, spaceship systems knowledge
No additional information available.



Lieutenant Jane Sladen-Edison, Royal Space Force, registered as Comet Lady, is the leader and one of the co-founders of Atomic Gaslight. Upon arriving in Paragon City, Jane was briefly associated with Commander Steve Pulsar's Anachronauts, but during one of Pulsar's extended absences from Paragon City, Jane founded AG with Dr. Isabella Edison.


A graduate of the RSF's Special Officer Program, Jane emerged from the torturous program of radiological and chemical treatment with massively increased strength, speed and reflexes, as well as the ability to fly and control intense heat and flame around her body.

Extensive operations in Paragon City, the Rogue Isles and Praetoria in the past year have allowed Jane to expand her powers further, adding capabilities such as optical heat blasts.

In addition, Jane has taken the power of the Well of the Furies, becoming an Incarnate. In addition to amplifying her existing power, this has given her the ability to summon phantoms in the shape of Royal Marines.

Jane's RSF officer training, position as daughter of one RSF ship captain and protege of another, and experience in the war with the alien Slith has given her a fair degree of tactical knowledge and leadership capability, as well as perseverence and courage.

Personal Profile

Officer of the Royal Space Force

As a little girl, Jane Sladen always wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father, Captain Jon Sladen of the Royal Space Force. One thing stood in her way -- she lived in a universe where, despite the future date, the British Empire did not permit women to serve in its military forces, most especially aboard His Majesty's prestigious atomic rocketships.

That all changed in the face of the terrible assault by the strange mechanical ophidians from beyond the solar system called the Slith. In the short campaign that followed the Slith's initial attacks, the forces of all Earth's nations were devastated. Recognizing the need, Britain's King Richard IV decreed that the women of the Empire would be allowed and encouraged to serve -- just in time for Jane to enter the RSF's officer academy.

Despite the renewed strength of the Empire's space forces, the Slith continued to press toward Earth. Even more desperate measures were called for, and the Special Officer Program was developed. Candidates were bombarded with radiation and chemical treatments and put through grueling physical and mental exercise. Those who graduated -- meaning, generally, those who survived -- were gifted with superhuman abilities. Jane, with her father's approval, entered the Program and graduated in the first class.

Jane's first placement was aboard HMS Spider, a fast destroyer. She survived several dangerous engagements with Slith forces and earned valuable experience in leadership, tactics and the use of her unusual powers. Following this tour, she was placed with a friend of her father, Captain Alastair Pertwee, aboard HMS Repulse, a new heavy cruiser. Under Pertwee's mentorship during this cruise, Jane blossomed into one of the RSF's most competent officers. She also helped to clarify the role of the SOP graduates, earning herself a unique position and respect nearly equal to the ship's First Officer.

Despite the skilled and courageous crew of Repulse and the mastery of her commander, she was ambushed in Martian orbit (along with a sister cruiser, HMS Indefatigable) and destroyed by a Slith force that Jane still believes was specifically ordered to hunt and kill Repulse. Captain Pertwee's last order was for Jane to abandon ship with the crew while he tried to find some way to hold off the alien attackers long enough for the escape boats to get away. Jane obeyed with great reluctance. The Slith overwhelmed the ship's feeble last defense to attack the boats; Jane's was hit, and she was thrown out in the resulting tumble. Her last memory from her home universe is of falling toward the rusty surface of Mars, only partly conscious.

Comet Lady

No one knows exactly how the barrier between Jane's universe and the universe of Paragon City was breached. Jane only remembers returning to consciousness, standing on her feet at the bottom of the staircase underneath the massive statue of Atlas. Thoroughly bewildered, and suffering from partial amnesia, she nonetheless took quick stock of her situation and noticed that though she was surrounded by individuals in outlandish costumes who displayed many bizarre abilities, none of the civilians nearby seemed to notice. A few well-placed questions asked of a blonde woman with a sword on her hip led Jane to registering as a hero.

For the next few weeks, Jane threw herself into learning as much as she could about Paragon City and her new situation. She made friends with Steve Pulsar and Jason Roland and joined the Anachronauts. Over this time, her memory returned. When Pulsar disappeared from the city for an extended period, Jane left the Anachronauts to found a similar group with another dimensionally-exiled friend, Dr. Isabella Edison, called Atomic Gaslight.

Jane initially hoped to return home to continue to defend King, country and planet against the Slith, but as time wore on she resigned herself to working and living in Paragon City. She has led Atomic Gaslight against multiple foes, including Nemesis, the Vahzilok, the Praetorians, the Shivans, Arachnos and the Rikti. Her greatest concern now is the Menders of Ouroboros, whom she believes to be conniving liars with a nefarious agenda.

The battle with the Vahzilok held unexpected developments for Jane. Dr. Vahzilok kidnapped Isabella with the intent of making her his bride. Jane's anger was immediate and surprising even to her teammates and friends. After almost literally tearing apart the sewers and burning the mad surgeon's minions, Jane was surprised to discover that her feelings for her friend ran much deeper than either of them had realized. Even more surprising, Isabella felt the same. The connection between the two deepend rapidly, and they were married under Paragon City's liberal laws a few short months later.

In the year since her arrival, Jane has learned to accept the seemingly insane events that occur in Paragon City every day. Her marriage to another woman, the discovery that someone combined her DNA with Isabella's and Jason Roland's to create the powerful Melissa Meteor, her adoption of the orphan mecha pilot Amelia Skyy, her de-facto adoption of the daughter of Praetoria's versions of Isabella and Jason, and her ascension as an Incarnate are just some of the events Jane has handled with remarkable aplomb. Still dedicated to her King, her country and her service, Jane has become a staunch defender of Paragon City despite her surprising age of just 21 years.

Current Status

During her meteoric rise to the ranks of Paragon's elite, Jane had the opportunity to become acquainted with the city's most famous team, the Freedom Phalanx. Though she and they disagreed on a few premises (mostly Jane's belief that some battles are more properly treated as war and some enemies can only be truly defeated by death), she developed a great respect for them, and especially for Statesman. His recent death shook Jane to her core and drove her to make tentative peaceful contact with Lord Recluse himself in an effort to make sense of both the situation and the seemingly perverse intent of the Well of the Furies. Her interactions with the ruler of the Rogue Isles remain tensely cordial, even as Atomic Gaslight continues to work against agents of Arachnos. Jane continues to give full support to the efforts of the Phalanx and remains in contact with Positron, their new leader.

Recently, Jane has come under attack from an unknown foe who is manipulating her dreams, plaguing Jane with constant nightmares. Isabella and Melissa, working with the Dream Doctor, have been able to shield Jane from the worst of the onslaught, but Jane knows it is only a matter of time before this unseen enemy makes another, more dangerous move.

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