Cor Acrimonia

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Cor Acrimonia can be found Villain side on the Virtue Server in the

City of Heroes MMORPG.

Death is not final
Cor Acrimonia
Player: @Garimi
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Ramona Mona Silvas Cort
Known Aliases: Cor Crimonale
Species: undead- meta human
Age: '
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 210-


Eye Color: ice
Hair Color: white
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: research
Place of Birth: Santa Rosa,CA
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: NIECE: Shirley Cortaka the Paragon registered heroine Shirley Templar. Brother: Professor Victor Cort (deceased 2008), Dept. of Arcane Archeology, Steel Canyon University. Parents: Detective "Manny" Cort(deceased 1993); Professor Delphina "Fina" M. Silvas-Cort(Deceased 2005) Dept of Superhuman Biological Study.
Known Powers
Forbidden Arcane: necromancy, life drains, soul thefts and dark ether manipulation. Residual powers that appeared before her death are physics related: Teleportation, Flight had manifested.
Known Abilities
Academic, archeologist, dead language decryption,experimental chemistry, and zoaroastian astronomy
Uniquely engineered items kept in her alchemy lab.
No additional information available.


Character History

Mona Cort was already a peculiar citizen before coming to Paragon. She had an uneventful young life in Sebastapol California. Sonoma county is an pastoral upbringing even in Santa Rosa. Though she excelled in regular academic study, she had an interest in fringe science. She theorized that "magic" had scientific principle. She could not have been more wrong. As many ancient relics affected by the opening of "'Pandora's Box'", the Katedesmoi of Arechleus was awakened with arcane power. This tome, that she first found reference to in secret works of William of Auvergne which had a scroll by Artesius; was the basis of many legends among the occultists which spawned fictional references by the secret students and researchers of the occult arts of death. Lovecraft came dangerously close to releasing too many secrets for the sake of sensational writing to gain fame an wealth as an author. A secret once guarded against use by worshipers of Zoroaster that had been stolen from [restricted information] who had been given the knowledge from an ancient traveling necromancer Kodavala Bhatta.

4 months before her wedding she finally found the hot trail! She had tracked down possession of this necronomicon to Sainiere before Nagaraja cultists took it to India after his death. She finally found the practitioner-master of Tantrik Prayog, the Tantrik Jemadar Rahib. Her guide, whose father was a practitioner of Raksha Prayog gave her a protective charm an told her to be sure to not take off the Ajivan Kavach he made her wear since she would not take his advice to drop it all. She believed no harm could come but indulged him. She obtained the book with far less trouble and expense than she initially feared. The man was unctuous and obliging... he took the money she had plus the University voucher for less than a half a million USD. She used her job at the University Museum to further her own side doctorate and scientific study. When he made a comment snidely about superstitious trappings on a supposed progressive academic, she of course removed the offensive object from her. Little would she know she had unknowingly in trance, gave all her itinerary details and home location, for he hired thugee agents to accompany one of their own to take it back and keep the money.

At home in San Francisco with her fiancee the first blow to her idyllic life came. Her fiancee had noticed the odd sheen to her eyes and hair recent, but has said nothing to date. And being a rabid anti-powers/anti-mutation supporter he saw them as freaks and non-humansdeserving of extinction. She herself was ambivalent on the subject but humored him as long as he required no actions from her. Upon her return she was his height and his true heart was shown. He was nearly hysterical in his angry tirade; "I KNEW it, he railed! You have been infected! There is no way I will ever be with a freak, and you grew a foot Mona! A foot! Something about you has been off for months now, but I wasn't sure and you took that trip. But now...?? She begged him to be wait to be sure. He slammed out, "I 'll come for my things later but, I cannot sleep with you anymore, you are probably not even human anymore. I won't call until you are checked, but Mona, you of all should know I am not going to be with a non human. It would make you not who I planned on, and our whole future a lie!" Alone that night she had some wine and tears and talked on the phone to her mother who had moved with her brother to Paragon when he got a job at the Steel Canyon University. Her niece Shirley had recently developed super powers despite her being so young. This news annoyed her since it meant they had some genetic weakness that made them susceptible obviously. Ironically her brother also searched for artifacts that dealt with resurrection or eternal life. He searched for the Grail. As a secret member of the true Knights Of Malta, as were the men in her family for centuries; it was an obsession. Her mother was very ill and wanted to see her. She made her promise to come see her and to look after her widower brother. Thought it providence that her life was about to change and she may not be married soon and said as much. *sigh* thanks mom for the sympathy? Mona was angry and ended the conversation with a sharp remark. She didn’t want to hear someone else's music at her pity party. Let them throw their own party! She curled up and re-read the tome avidly in its natural Greek., as she had done for weeks since obtaining it. Especially the page on enhancing life into undead by spell. She played with the required items and thought should I say the words? The candles waned, the fireplace died out and the infomercials came on, there was an odd sound in the kitchen. What did he leave the horrible cat? Maybe she should use it to test the spell. Wretched thing. A shadow. There was a sharp pain at her throat, reflexively she said the incantation she has been reading over and again for weeks, there was a flare of the fires, no breath and darkness.

Darkness.. a tight place and terrible odor. A voice in the black. "I had heard you call my name. I shall grant as you desire and in return you must give me the blood of one innocent and 8 sinners within 9 dark moons by the hour of Saturn. At that time our pact shall be unbreakable and I shall empower and name thee". An explosion of sound and a rain of dirt. As her eyes adjusted to the starlight she realized the horrible truth- she had been in a grave! The spell was real and that was the particular named demon that was first in the list of The 9. Her universe skewed in less than 4 days that she had accepted as unchangeable all her life. Her body slowly plumped and the hint of super power that she had was stronger. But more to the point was the dark energy she felt within her and through every ley line close.. for every thing can eventually decay away and die. She staggered to a bathroom in a gas station and beheld her new visage. Pale and thin with white hair she looked years older. She wearily made her way to Paragon.

Staying with her brother was not joyous. Their mother had died since she was buried 4 months earlier. Victor made her live in the cottage/garage loft instead of in the modest main house. He would not even introduce her to Shirley until she dyed her hair and wore thick clothing. He cried a lot at first, every time they spoke. But more about their mother's death than her own. It seemed he wasn't affected. specially combined with her lie that the reports of her death were exaggerated and the body they buried was not hers...she has not back to the states at the time because she had caught a foreign disease that had her quit ill (hence her appearance). It must have been some floozy her fiancee had at the Loft suite since he left her. Rage built, since it seemed he was now already married to a powered girl half their age. At the time it hadn't been revealed that he had developed powers even before hers beacame visible. So much for his big speech? Her full plate was served more, it seemed horrifically and bizarrely that she was pregnant. Her brother was worried but not as much as she. What if it was a monster? or worse? Her solution was simple and dark. This would be the innocent blood. Unlike randomly hoping a seeming nice victim was an innocent, here was no doubt. When he found what she had done and realized his first suspicion was correct; he banished her away. So much for family. He was later killed by Circle of Thorns operatives trying to steal his research on natural arcane. She moved to Grandville after dating a Arachnos spy for a while. She has no regrets nor strong feelings about anything. Even her bitter hate” was faded simply a tool to feel any passion at all. He became one of her less durable FOTM zombies and is now non-existant, He gave her an idea which she implemented: she found and killed/resurrected all her loser ex boyfriends as zombies. She also res'd those she held higher than protozoa as Knights and those who maybe died too soon as Lich lords. No lich or Knight in her thrall, died by her hand. She had ethics if not morals.

Presently a Sharkhead Isle based enforcer of Umbral Sanctuary, she spends most time in the base developing better methods of dark magi practice and soul summoning. And entertaining prospective employees. Recently, after an extended holiday; her boss was replaced by Tom Baxter and his crew. In rumor, Tom killed the Baron and acquired the actual real sanctuary of darkness, not just the organization. Though she had considered Ortega the real brains of the outfit and never imagined when she left for her home town for the GMO Labeling Event (it was required to have a Super present and she was the only hometown super they had) and had stayed long enough to go witness one of her remaining living acquaintances celebrate Citizenship day in style, she'd return to a change in management. Her subtle inquiries only revealed this guy was some fallen hero released in the big prison breakout of 05 that had been hanging around the boardwalk lately.

Upon her return, the only lieutenants she was familiar with were packed out. The mysterious bladesman Myneld and the scrappy Operations Director; Casey Ortega. Dead? A few other top leads were simply gone as if they never lived. Her trainees were still present. In the end it was little concern to her, since he seemed barely interested in the daily day to day dealings and schedules of the group. He spent more time out making himself feel better by doing under table hero-ing. Protecting the weak most likely or some such mantra. Amusing really, though her former self would have found it attractive and endearing, Cor only saw it as a weakness that could cause distraction at a critical time, possibly fatal. Not that she wished harm direct since he didn't even approach her lab on site much less interfere. So far not many exchanges of words or contact. He still cares of many things, whereas feelings were less intense for her since her rising. Once the pact was finished she becamae what is seen today, dark with miasmic tendrils often wisping fromn her very pores. Her super powers in their weaker dark state still had many positiv affects. Her finished height for one thing. And her prevention from becoming a lich. Instead she was an undead of unique category.And her filling out to the luscious form she needed to find future..exes. She looks older than at her death and age of that time of 28. But she no longer ages at all. Redemption is doubtful for the girl named Mona Cort was/and is dead and the demon-named replacement is Cor Acrimonia.

MUTATION: MAGIC: Though she had been showing classical signs of powers awakening at a late afe , since she was in her late 20s at her death; her stronger powers are all fueld by her demonic compact and her Dark powers of decay and life energy parasitism.

In Sharkhead: In the past year of 2011 she had been in the employ of a up and coming dark boss of dubious skills, the Baron Someday. Her employmemt status is now unstable since some washed out fallen hero has taken over not only the organization but the Secret Dark Sanctuary on the mixed essence ley line

Other Contacts

She has very few contacts at this time and likes it hat way. She does have 3 alcolytes in training of necormatic arts. Her niece is not truly a contact. At home: The specialty villian Proton Practitioner has still been seen in his workshop at the sanctuary, as is her mentor Polly Proletariot(a cunning thug with bonded comrades in her command). No sign of Casey Ortega or TsabrynBhin Myneld (a dimensional traveller of a race called Drow)and several other members she assumed were killed i teh battle that lead to the management change. She knows also a vigilante ninpo master by the name of Baetica and a pair of newly arrived Praetorians that peruse her specialty wares for the 'Art'.

Known superhuman powers

Cor superpowers are still in evidence though they had not finished developing before her death as mentioned earlier. Her offensive skills are based on Arcane knowledge strengthened by the release of the contained energies of the Pandora Box. They are all necromantic and demonic in nature.



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