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MRP'er for violence, sex, language, adult situations




Coyote Azul
Player: @Browncoat001
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 28
Personal Data
Real Name: Marco Martinez
Known Aliases: Meztli, High Priest
Species: Human
Age: 81
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 205lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Mexican
Occupation: Gangster
Place of Birth: Mexico City
Base of Operations: Paganitzu, the Temple of the Gods
Marital Status: Involved (Open Relationship)
Known Relatives: Relatives: Lupeta Reyes (grandmother; deceased), Maria Martinez (Sister), Mercedes Martinez (daughter), Mario Martinez (son), Miguel Martinez (son),
Known Powers
Super Strength and Willpower
Known Abilities
Shape Shifting/lycanthrope
No additional information available.


Ancient History

In the year 1520 AD High Priest Meztili was called on by Momoztli, the daughter of Aztec emperor Moctezuma II (and Meztili's lover), to aid her in avenging the attack of their people by the Spanish Conquistadors. Bringing together the nobles loyal to the princess and supplicating themselves to the god Huehuecoyotl, they were shown a path to feel the destruction of their kingdom. Meztili and Momoztli were given mystical knives, which they used to sacrifice their nobles, consorts and servants. The blood spilled was used to mix a potion which would protect the spirits of those slain with the knives and bind them to the mortal world. After drinking the potion, the lovers slew themselves completing the ritual.

Modern History

400 years later twin brother and sister were born in a small village outside of Mexico City. Not long after their birth the twins parents were killed during a revolt and the pair were taken in by their maternal grandmother, Lupeta Reyes. Lupeta was the last true follower of Mictlantecuhtli, the queen of the dead, and was a direct descendant of one of the lesser priests under Meztili. She was a powerful witch that followed the prophecies and orders passed down to her through the generations. When the signs were right, she herself summoned the spirits of Meztili and Momoztli to inhabit the bodies of her unborn grandchildren. Thus the princess and priest were reborn in the modern age, however, unknown to them or their followers, the trickster god Huehuecoyotl only allowed the lovers ihilias, the part of the spirit that housed anger and aggression and lust, to enter the mortal world.

Macro and Maria raised under the strict hand of their grandmother for many years, though despite their guardians attempts to control them the twins were involved in petty crime by the age of 6, picking pockets and running confidence games on passing tourists. To try and divert their attention, Lupeta began teaching them some of the secrets of her mystical art. While Maria showed great interest, Marco was quickly bored, instead choosing to hunt in the wilds. When Marco came home with a wild coyote at his heel, his grandmother knew what path to lead the young boy down.

On their thirteenth birthday, under the light of a blue moon, Lupeta completed Maria's training as a witch and the pair of them called on Huehuecoyotl once more, and the spirit of the coyote entered into Marco, giving him superhuman strength and an indomitable will. As part of the rite, Marco and Maria became incestuous lovers, the ancient spirits of Meztili and Momoztli joined together again. It was through this way that the pair were able to summon their followers back from the dead, their children the reincarnated spirits of the princesses court. This was the beginning of the Negro y Azul Brujería a family of criminals headed by Caldera Negra and Coyote Azul bent on creating havoc and chaos where ever they went, and having a good time while doing it.

(for more information see Caldera Negra's page)


Marco Martinez is fairly easy going for a superpower crime lord. He is the yin to his sisters yang. Where she is a brash exhibitionist, Marco is the quiet rock that keeps his sister grounded. But quiet surface hides deep emotions as the saying goes, and despite his external calm, there are times Marco can be moved to wild displays, from blinding rage when a member of his family is threatened to a surprising level of tenderness. Maria of course is a terrible influence on her brother, introducing him to a wide range of pleasures and activities and Marco has found he has a taste for women with a little something extra.

Coyote feels most at home relaxing in the Pocket D club, enjoying atmosphere provided by the no violence policy the club enforces. Under most circumstances, Marco is very laid back, his recent incarceration in the Zig, mellowing the criminal out a touch. He would much prefer to carouse in the bar then rain destruction down on the Isles, though his sister has manged to pry him away long enough to explore Cap Au Diable and Sharkshead Isle.

Really Marco enjoys nothing more then having a cold bottle of cerveza in one hand and a hot woman in the other with Santana playing in the background.


Caldera Negra-Marco's twin sister and co leader of the Black and Blue Brujeria. While reincarnated into siblings, the spirits housed within are 400 year old Aztec lovers, whose passion for each other continued beyond the grave and any social morals.

Beso Negra-Daughter of Marco and Maria, Mercedes Martinez has recently returned to her parents after leaving her foster family at the age of 16. Marco is eager to renew the family ties in proper Martinez tradition.

Colmillo Azul-One of Marco's few sons that are still active in the family, Miguel Martinez is a great disappointment to the Coyote, being far too sensitive and quiet for his father's taste.

Other Relationships

Blue Coyote-Marco's greatest disappointment is his first born son Mario. The two were very close, Marco teaching his son everything he knew in life, from tracking game in the wilderness to how best to bring down an opponent with a well placed blow to the kneecap. Their bond was so close that Mario had powers almost identical to his fathers. But then not only did Mario leave and betray his family by setting up his own criminal organization he went a step further by turning coat and becoming a hero after a 10 year sentance in the Zig.

Raquel Ramirez-Marco met the corrupt PPD officer while briefly part of the Coven of the Black Ring. While he was deeply attracted to the seductive woman, nothing came of their brief acquaintance.

Geisterstunde-The undead nazi was aided by the Martinez family while they worked with the Nazi Germany program ODESSA, which helped officers and government officials escape to Latin America. The twins also helped pave the way for Geisterstunde's to enter the US and helped her get connected with the Coven.

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