Crimson Torch

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The Crimson Torch
Player: @Victor_Wolf
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 16
Personal Data
Real Name: Viktor Vladimir
Known Aliases: Torch, XM13, Viktorious
Species: Human Mutation
Age: 38
Height: 6ft
Weight: 170lbs
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black & Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: Metal Worker/Communist Freedom Fighter
Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
Base of Operations: Cap Au Diable
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Brother: William(Deceased)
Parents: Ivan and Anya Vladimir
Known Powers
Fire Control, Negative Energy Manipulation, Super Speed
Known Abilities
Tactical Knowledge, Knowledge of Explosives
The Hearts and Minds of the Working Class
Sometimes Classified as an Anti-Hero or Anti-Villain

"Nobody - neither the God, nor the Tsar, nor a hero - Will give a deliverance to us. We shall achieve our liberation by our own hands. If you want to overthrow an oppression by a skillful hand, if you want to win back your property, let blow up a furnace and strike boldly while the iron is hot!"

- The Internationale (Soviet National Anthem)



The Crimson Torch has the ability to create fire and manipulate negative energy through a unique genetic structure and chemistry.

In the case of creating fire he is able to emit a unique chemical similar to Dimethylzinc in that it spontaneously combusts when it is introduced to air and reacts violently when exposed to water. This chemical is most oftentimes emitted through the Crimson Torch's hands or mouth. This chemical seems to be created in a unique organ formed near his heart at birth and transfered through his body via the heart into his bloodstream.

The negative energy control was a power introduced through experimentation with another mutant and unlike his fire powers is still being researched to be full explained. The unique change in his genetic structure allows him to tap into the life force of the world around him and alter certain aspects such as the transference of an individual's life force and the manifestation of dark energy. This is done through a unique organ in his brain that has been dubbed the "Negative Energy Gland" or "Nether Gland" for short. The exact process in which this gland manipulates negative energy is still unknown even to the Crimson Torch.

Origin of Powers

The Crimson Torch, real name Viktor Vladimir, was originally two mutants with unique powers. Viktor and Mark Vladimir were twin brothers born to a Russian family in the Former Soviet Union. Early in their lives the two boys were subjected to cruel and unusual testing at the hands of Crey Industry scientists during the Cold War. The experiments caused the death of Viktor's brother Mark and Viktor's new power over negative energy.

Childhood and Humble Beginnings

Young Viktor Vladimir, Age 12
Born in the city of Moscow to Ivan and Anya Vladimir in 1970, the twins Viktor and Mark were children of the Soviet Union. Their father Ivan was a metal worker and a strong supporter of the communist party. As such the boys were raised with communist ideals, the belief of one community, classlessness and common ownership.

At the age of 10 both boys began to show signs of mutation related powers. After being taken to a mutant specialist in Volgograd they were both deemed to be fully functional and stable mutations of the human race, fit to work and integrate into society. Thus at age 15 both boys began to work with their father at a Volgograd steel mill.

Viktor's power of fire was put to use in heating of metals, while his brother Mark's abilities were used to treat burns and heat-stroke victims as well as assist in the cooling of metals. Both boys were held in high esteem by the mill workers for using their powers to strengthen their community.

At 17 both boys joined the Soviet Army for their three year terms of service.

The Cold War and XM13

Although not as well documented as other technologies, Mutants played a large part of the arms race between the US and the Soviet Union. Both Viktor and Mark volunteered for experimental research to help strengthen the Soviet forces. Both were taken to a research facility in the Ukraine to be examined.

However, unbeknownst to the brothers, Crey Industries had been taking advantage of both the United States and the Soviet Union during this to expand their weapons research on all levels. The Ukrainian research facility was a front for a Crey Bio-Weapon research facility. The brothers were sedated and shipped to a remote location where mutants were being studied in order to turn their genetic abnormalities into weapons. The intent was to manufacture a product that would allow normal humans to take on mutant powers if only temporarily.


One line of research for Crey was the mixing of mutant genetics amongst one another to create "super mutants". These creatures would be created and harnessed as super soldiers capable of destroying entire Military forces. The test line was dubbed the eXtra-Mutation Project. Numbering test subjects appropriately by trial run.

A downfall of the research was that because of the vast assortment of mutant DNA, many subjects reacted violently to the procedure. This caused countless deaths and in most cases weakened the mutant instead of strengthening them. Mark was labeled XM12 and Viktor XM13

The following is taken from the case file of mutant XM13:

Subject Number: XM13
Nationality: Russian
Genetic Power: Fire Creation
Additive Genetic Power: Negative Energy Control

Subject XM13's unique blood chemistry makes it impossible to examine or manufacture a serum.[1] However previous subject XM12 provided a suitable sample before being terminated. Due to XM12's and 13's similar genetic structure we may have our first successful trial run. While XM12 died as a result of splicing with XM9's genetic serum, XM13 seems to have simply absorbed XM12's serum and his body shows signs of transformation.

I suggested today that we heighten security because of this development but the staff feels it is unnecessary given the amount of failure with the other subjects. I'm not sure though...

Shortly following the successful genetic splicing of Viktor with his brother's DNA, Viktor developed many of his brother's abilities and used these to escape from the test facility.

Collapse of the Soviet Union

Viktor's escape from Crey occured in 1993, two years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The communist patriot found himself at ends with this new Russia. Riddled with poverty, low life expectancy and poor birthrates, Viktor found himself crushed by what had come to pass while he was away.

Coming to America

Despite his parents' protests, Viktor left Russia to come to America. Interested in how a country who bases itself so much on greed and selfishness had forced his country into collapse. He arrived in Paragon and soon began to see how major political and corporate heads had powers far beyond those of any super-being, they had the power of cash and greed. Oppression ran like a river through the streets, the working man was a pawn to the social elite. It was worse then Viktor had thought.

The Revolution Today

Viktor took the alias "The Crimson Torch". This was not out of fear of being discovered, but in the hopes that he could embody something more then one man. He wished to become a symbol to the working man.

He encourages the oppressed to rise up against their oppressors and fight them for a new world based not on social class or personal wealth, but rather on the common good of the community. He hopes that by attacking capitalism at it's source he may bring a new era of communism to the globe. Many vilify him for his actions, but he stands firm that he is doing what is best for the people.


  1. The Crimson Torch's blood is combustible when introduced to air due to his unique mutant genetics
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