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Costumes of the Longbow

We in the Crossbow take our SG Costume theme from our many brothers and sisters within the Longbow, to give you an Idea of just a few of the Costumes they are listed below for convenience.

Troops of the Longbow

Wardens of the Longbow

Crossbow Changes

Of Course we cant use the exact same costumes as the Longbow (We are an Elite Division after all!) so some modifications had to be made. For more info on the statistical capabilities of Crossbows Uniforms visit our following links at XBow 3.0d Mk1 Uniform, and XBow 3.0d Mk2 Uniform.

They are as follows;

  • 1: The "Chest" design on tights has to be the "Diablo" design (with White as Primary color and Red as Secondary)
  • 2: The "Thigh" design on tights has to be "Stripe 3" design (once again White as Primary color and Red as Secondary)
  • 3: The Helmet that Wardens wear is unavailable in the creator, however the "Enforcer" design under "Hats" category for heads makes a nice substitute. (with Medium shade of Grey, midway between Black and White does nicely)
  • 4: "IF" you chose the Warden helm, they have a red lower covering in the back... This is easilly replicated for a sharp look by including the "Neck Cover" design from the "Face" subcategory. (use a Red to match your upperbody)
  • NOTE: It is important to keep in mind the "Gloves" and "Boots" of the type of Longbow Soldier you wish to represent from the photos above. Some have "Banded" that are either "Shiny Leather" or "Matte" designs, while others may be "Flared" or "Folded" or even "Smooth/Plain" with similar designs.
  • NOTE: The Utility pockets on the "Chest Detail" and "Belt" are both the "Stealth" design (with Red as Primary color and White as Secondary)
    • NOTE: That Some of the Longbow Costumes colors are inverted, ie: Reversed. Such as the Sergeant, the Nullifier, and the Eagle. In which case you simply switch White Primary for Red Primary.
CBCostume1.jpg CBCostume2.jpg

If you wish to wear the Cape with your uniform, then the following designs are the Sanctioned capes for the Crossbow; However you can have the long or short cape at your discretion!

CBCape1.jpg CBCape2.jpg
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