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Crow Call
Player: @Dr. Reverend




Threat Level:


Personal Data
Real Name:

Jessica "Jessie" Bearpaw



Date of Birth:

1990 (age 29)




143 lbs

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Biographical Data


  • College Student
  • Archaeologist
Place of Birth:

Oklahoma City, OK

Base of Operations:

Paragon City, RI

Marital Status:


Known Relatives:
  • Thomas Bearpaw (father, alive)
  • Maria Bearpaw (mother, alive)
  • Alex Bearpaw (younger brother, alive)
Additional Data
Known Powers:

Strength, speed, agility, durability, and senses augmented beyond human limits

Known Abilities:
  • Skilled bladefighter and brawler
  • Extensive knowledge of ancient history and languages
Known Equipment:
  • Twin daggers
  • Throwing blades
  • Disturbing number of sharp objects
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Crow Call is a young heroine, adventurer-archeologist, and member of the Young Gods of the Golden Age. She is known for her prowess in battle, insatiable curiosity, and uncanny ability to get herself into bizarre situations. She is the second heroine to bear the name Crow Call, the first being a paranormal detective and adventurer active between 1933 and 1945.



((Work in progress!))


Crow Call is a member of the Young Gods of the Golden Age. Due to her frequent infractions, she is often stuck on cleaning and monitor duty.

Jessie Bearpaw is an undergraduate student at Paragon City University's Freedom Falls campus majoring in Archeology. She is also an intern at the Midnighter's Club, and can often be found working the desk in front or doing all the dirty, unpleasant and boring work the other Midnighter's can't be bothered with. This has included rappelling beneath Firebase Zulu to take readings, crawling through miles of filthy ventilation shafts in Warburg, and chasing down annoying but (mostly) harmless spirits that some idiot let lose in the Club. She loves her job.


Thanks to the experiment transferring the original Crow Call's physiology, Jessie's physical abilities have been enhanced to superhuman levels. She is fully capable of kicking down a steel door or tearing out an engine block, shrugging off multiple gunshots, running sixty miles an hour, lifting nearly a ton, or vaulting tractor trailers and ten story buildings in a single bound. She rarely tires and is difficult to hurt, often shrugging off blows that would stagger even the strongest normal man. When injured, her wounds heal swiftly and are normally gone without a scar by the next morning. Her senses are likewise heightened to levels that would put a fighter pilot to shame and her reflexes and agility are flawless. Simply put, she is across the board physically superior to even the most exceptional normal human.

However, in a city where beings regularly bounce artillery shells off their chests, bench press school buses and outrun race cars, being simply a notch or three above the human maximum does not give much of an edge.

To augment her abilities, she wields her signature pair of daggers. Hand forged, she constantly modifies and improves the design to give her an edge. While not themselves exceptionally sharp in and of themselves, combined with her skill and superhuman strength and speed Crow is capable of sheering through all but the heaviest armor. Her superhuman reflexes and control keep her from cutting her own hands off (or her opponents') in the steel hurricane.

While she is not nearly as powerful as many metahumans, her combination of skill, power, and stubborn refusal to give up allow her to keep up with more powerful heroes well enough.

And when that doesn't work? Improvise!


Thanks to intensive practice and the memories of the original Crow Call, the 21st Century Crow is an incredible hand-to-hand combatant, especially using dual blades. While edged weapons are her preferred method, even unarmed she is a dangerous opponent. Her unarmed combat style can be best described as "brawling," relying on aggression and brute power to pummel her opponent into submission, or at least buy her time to improvise a weapon. It should be noted that while her unarmed fighting is inelegant, Crow is quite a bit stronger than your typical linebacker (or, for that matter, typical mountain gorilla).

Jessie is a promising young archaeologist and adventurer, despite her impulsive nature. She is surprisingly knowledgeable (or intently curious about) all manner of the unexplained, unexpected, and unknown. She also has a particular knack for ancient languages.

As befitting any archaeologist-adventurer worth their salt, she is a master at dodging traps. Especially if there are boulders, spikes, pits, or flying darts involved.

She may or may not be talented at picking locks. There is a strong correlation between candy vanishing from the desks of Young Gods officers and candy appearing in Crow Call's possession. So far, every attempt at locking, warding, or otherwise securing said desks against her sweet tooth has failed.

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