Cultist Calque

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Cultist Calque
Player: @SPTrashcan
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 32
Personal Data
Real Name: Calque Marsh
Known Aliases: Shiny Magical Lolicon Princess Calque-Tan
Species: Human/Deep One hybrid
Age: 19
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 115 lb
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Y'ha-nthleian-American
Occupation: Cultist, doctor
Place of Birth: Innsmouth, MA
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother, father
Known Powers
Ice hexes, cruel tricks, slime, hopping
Known Abilities
Surgery, escape artist
Skinsuit, knives, hammer, black bag, Kitab al-Azif
No additional information available.

Calque Marsh is the beloved only child of one of the elect families of Innsmouth, Massachusetts. A devoted follower of the monstrous fish-god Dagon, she cheerfully serves the ancient powers of vile madness and their heralds, the Dark Generals.



Calque is the most faithful, if not the most favored, of the cult of the Dark Generals - the Dark Cosmos. In particular, she is charged with the care and feeding of their monstrous servant, the Bleakspine. She also is fond of the unfortunate necromancer Lemegeton, much to his dismay.


Calque is bright, cheerful, energetic, and utterly without a shred of morality. Her favorite foods are Pixie Sticks and still-warm human hearts. She is somewhat dim, easily distracted, and terrible at lying. She often says the first thing that comes to mind and is prone to fits of random and inappropriate giggling. She is utterly blind to the horror and revulsion she induces in others, even the Dark Generals she slavishly devotes herself to. She is comfortable with pain, and exhibits sadomasochistic tendencies. Being half-fish, her desires are unnatural and repugnant to most - she likes thin, pale, pretty young men, but longs for the touch of a clammy tentacle.


Ice Hexes

Calque's mother Alice Marsh taught her dear daughter everything she knew of the foul magic of Dagon. Calque can summon lacerating knives of ice to hurl at her enemies, or encase them in a frozen tomb.

Cruel Tricks

Calque's father, the Deep One Khh'lq, taught his beloved child all his devious methods for ensnaring humans who trespassed on the sacred mysteries of Dagon. Among these are a scattering of small, sharp spines (jagged chunks of coral in Khh'lq's case, whatever comes to hand in Calque's), and a snare trap that hurls vials of noxious corrosive.


Calque secretes an oily, fibrous slime from her skin. This slick coating, combined with her inhuman flexibility, makes her difficult to ensnare. Soon after secretion, the slime dries to a thick, sticky, fibrous mass that can easily entangle limbs. Calque flings balls of this slime at enemies to hinder their movement and actions.


Like her hideous frog-limbed father, Calque is capable of surprising leaps.



Calque is often fond of announcing that she is a doctor. In fact she is no such thing, and no institution on earth would begin to consider validating her delusions with any form of accreditation. That said, she does know her way around surgical tools and has a deep and intimate familiarity with the structure of the human body. When required, she can apply this knowledge to patch closed the wounds of herself or others.

Escape Artist

Calque is naturally inhumanly flexible, as she has a cartilage skeleton and her joints are only loosely held together. She can force herself through all but the most narrow prison bars, and can escape a straitjacket in under five seconds.



Calque's usual garment is a sort of leather diving suit decorated in bone. What kind of leather and bone are questions best left unasked.


Calque carries many hidden knives. How many? One more than you think.


Calque received a large, heavy sledgehammer as a present. She amuses herself by wandering around looking for small animals to hit with it.

Black Bag

Calque is rarely without a black doctor's bag she uses to carry her favorite tools, including but not limited to: a full set of scalpels, an industrial staple gun, a bonesaw, a power drill, several rolls of duct tape, a tape measure (which she often attempts to surreptitiously measure people with) and a rib-spreader (which she plays with now and then, cranking the handle and muttering "ratchety, ratchety, ratchety.... pop!")

Kitab al-Azif

Calque carries with her and regularly reads from her copy of the vile tome of the Mad Arab Abd-al Hazred, known in English as the Necronomicon. She also has several miniature-size copies, which she hands out at public locales as a missionary of her faith.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Calque possesses a certain low cunning, but is in many ways abysmally stupid, as she will cheerfully admit. She is utterly incapable of concealing her motives or intent, and any sane person is instantly able to perceive that she is a demented and dangerous person. She is entirely obedient to the will of her masters the Dark Generals, and will sacrifice herself for them without a second thought.

Calque's unusual physiology has its limitations. Her flexible skeleton and loose joints mean that she has less muscular leverage, and consequently less physical strength, than an ordinary person of her size. She is easily trounced in any hand-to-hand fight where she has not already placed herself at some advantage. Although she is surprisingly resilient and recovers well from wounds, she is not tough and can be disabled swiftly with well-aimed blows. Calque also has a deep-seated and powerful fear of fire. She becomes skittish around any fire larger than a lit match, and recoils in terror from uncontrolled fire or any threat of being burned. The smell of burnt meat, and especially fish, is horrible and nauseating to her.

Character History

Calque Marsh's story began on a windy November night in 1989, as Alice Marsh stood on the cold, sandy shore of the Manuxet River which wound through Innsmouth and prepared to fulfill her third oath to the Esoteric Order of Dagon: to take one of the hideous fishy Old Ones as a husband and bear its hybrid child. Although (as she later related to her daughter, her eyes misting over with fond memories) she had more than a little trepidation as she waited on the shore, when she saw her husband-to-be Khh'lq, her doubts vanished in an instant. It was love at first sight.

Nine months later, little Calque (along with a copious quantity of amniotic slime) emerged into the world. Although her parents lived separately due to irreconcilable lifestyle differences (he breathed water, she didn't), they remained fond of each other and easily worked out a time-sharing parenting arrangement. Calque spent her weeks above water in Innsmouth: going to school (Innsmouth Primary School and, later, Innsmouth High School - home of the Fighting Fishmen), attending services of the Esoteric Order of Dagon with her mother (she still has photographs in her family album of her very first human sacrifice), and playing games (such as Steal the Spark Plugs from the Tourists' Cars and Kick the Puppy) with the other children of the town. Her weekends were spent under the sea in the Old Ones' city of Y'ha-nthlei, where she went on field trips with the Fry Scouts or learned the secrets of hunting the surface dwellers from her father.

The years flew by, and soon enough Calque was out of high school and ready to make her way in the world. Calque assumed she would take up a place on her uncle's fishing boat, as was the way of Innsmouth folk. However, when she read of the discovery of the Dark Generals in the Arctic and their subsequent activities in the Rogue Isles, she pleaded with her parents until at last they agreed to send her to the Isles to be a cultist of the Generals.


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