Cyanide Daphne

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Be careful. She might just stab you :D
Cyanide Daphne
Player: @Plum Whine
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Domination
Threat Level: -
Personal Data
Real Name: Daphne Ivey
Known Aliases: Daphne
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: -
Weight: none of your business
Eye Color: silver
Hair Color: green with purple highlights
Biographical Data
Nationality: English
Occupation: student, Arachnos ally
Place of Birth: London, England
Base of Operations: Aeon City, Cap au Diable
Marital Status: not happening
Known Relatives: Mother and Father (killed), David (brother, accidentally killed), Arthur (cousin, still alive)
Known Powers
Plant manipulation, poison
Known Abilities
Daphne's a scornful bitch. Unless you're useful to her, she will just make fun of you, toss you aside, or kill you :D

Daphne was once an ordinary girl, nothing strange about her until her ability to manipulate plants manifested within her suddenly, causing her to strangle her own brother. It was an accident, of course, but she became highly shunned for it. One day, her own parents attempted to poison her by slipping leaves from the Daphne plant into her food, sending her into a coma as she reached out for help, but they all just watched her fade away. Daphne awoke sometime later in an Arachnos infirmary. There, the Arachnos made her an offer she couldn't refuse: help in controlling her powers and the chance to get revenge.



Daphne is filled with incredible amounts of hate and rage. Most of the rage stems from being picked on in school for her accent and the hatred her parents showed her when she accidentally killed her brother. The rest simply expanded from there. She has no respect for so-called heroes, finding them fake and fraudulent. She'd rather see them suffer and die in pain.

Daphne is rather sadistic and manipulative. She has no reason to care for lives other than her own allies, seeing as her own family had abandoned her. Daphne's preferred method of destruction is strangling and poisoning her enemies with her plant magic. This reminds her often of how David had died, which only makes her angrier and want to cause her enemies more pain and suffering so they feel the pain she feels constantly.

When visiting the D, Daphne comes across as cold and uncaring. She has no hesitation to insult the heroes in the vicinity. What could they do to her with that dampening field up? Not like they could do anything to her outside of the D either. They're all worthless to her anyway.

She comes across often as quick-witted and rude, speaking with a sharp, arrogant British accent.


Just an ordinary girl

Daphne was born to a rather happy family in London. The family was a wealthy business family. Daphne had one older brother, David, whom she was incredibly close to. He was the big brother everyone wanted to have, defending her from bullies at school, tutoring with homework, and even letting her follow him around when he traveled about the area. He was 10 years older than she and she completely idolized him. When he graduated college, he followed the family tradition, becoming a strong businessman, well respected by his peers. Daphne wanted to be just like him.

Everything was perfect and peaceful until the family suddenly uprooted and moved to New York City when Daphne was 15. David came along with the family to help start a rather successful pharmaceutical business. David and their parents became incredibly engrossed in the family business and Daphne suddenly found herself alone more so than usual. She blamed the move, saying it was starting to tear the family apart.

What made the situation worse is that her classmates jeered and taunted her for her thick British accent, alienating herself from them as well. She attempted to suppress her accent to fit in, but the damage had already been done. Her grades began dropping and she withdrew from everyone socially. David noticed the change and after business was done, he'd spend time with her, taking her out to movies and bowling, but it just wasn't as often as he wanted. He'd considered resigning, but Daphne refused to let him do so.

Downfall of a peaceful life

Two years later, the family was still living in New York City. Daphne still hadn't found a way to fit in with anyone and hung out primarily with David. Their parents found her relationship with her classmates unacceptable and attempted to force her to go to parties with other kids, which only resulted in disaster. Her mind became clouded with hate and disgust for these girls. David was the only one who seemed to see that hatred and anger rising within her and attempted to help her control it.

But one day it was just too much to handle. Daphne doubled over in pain that night at the dinner table, screaming horribly. She couldn't control it. It hurt too much. Magic suddenly flared within her body, causing her hair to streak green and her eyes to shift color. David came to comfort her but was unfortunately caught in the crossfire as her magic burst out, forming thorned vines to twist around her only friend and snap his neck. Daphne was horrified at what had transpired, clawing at her face as her parents stared at her in terror, calling her a witch.

The funeral for David was horrible. She'd killed her only friend.


That night, the tension across the dinner table was dreadful. Her hair was almost completely green, much of her appearance being altered by the magic. She had attempted to dye it back to it's original color but found the dye simply wouldn't stick. It was that dinner that everything would change. Her parents slipped some leaves of the Daphne plant into her food. She could feel her body tense up as she lost control. She reached out for her parents but they simply sat there, watching it take place as the world faded to black.

Sometime later, Daphne awoke suddenly to colors of black and red. Spiders? Where was she? At first she panicked, thinking there were more people here to kill her for what she had done. Instead she was approached by one of the Arachnos, introducing himself as a distant cousin. Arthur informed her that he'd found her lying comatose on the side of the street and brought her to Mercy Island, a safe-haven for those like her as he recognized her power.

Arthur also informed her that the Ivey family had an extensive history of magic and witchcraft which had disappeared from the lineage until recently. The magic was predominantly plant-based, which is where the family name originated. Many of those with the magic had green or purple hair, sometimes both, as well as other unusual features. Arthur explained he'd heard her parents had abandoned the family in fear their influence would turn their children into witches too.

After recovering from the poison, Daphne ran a few missions for Kalinda to repay her debts for saving her life, the Arachnos made an offer she couldn't refuse. They offered her training to fully learn to control her powers and the chance to destroy all those who had wronged her in the past.

She returned home to New York briefly to kill her parents, then made her home in the Aeon City district of Cap au Diable.



Daphne tends to listen to metal and rock. The angrier the better. The loudness only seems to fuel her drive to destroy all those who stand in her way.

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