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D'ark Fate
Player: @Saint Gabriel
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Sebastian D'ark
Known Aliases: Fate, Shadowy Bastage, Dark-Fate
Species: Human (Altered)
Age: 28
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 200 lbs
Eye Color: Shadowed (Orginally Light Brown)
Hair Color: Raven Black, Grey at temples
Biographical Data
Nationality: English/American
Occupation: Historian/Relics/Mystic/Nether & Shadow Professor at D'ark Studies Academy
Place of Birth: Striga Isle
Base of Operations: D'ark Studies Academy
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: The D'ark Family
Known Powers
Manipulation and Control of Shadows, Darkness, Nether, Lust, Desire, Sensual-ism
Known Abilities
Singer, Romantic, Sensualist, Darkness Wielder, Romance, Rituals, Spells, Nether Studies (Science, Mystic, Mutation, Natural and Technology)
From the darkness, he can pull out Darkened Steel Blades that are as strong as Impervium
No additional information available.


The D'ark Family

The D'ark family has been known throughout the ages as dealing with the supernatural. Their true talent lies within the darkness. Not just shadows, but the dark places between here and the nether world. They have always ran on both sides of the fence. They would make sure that the villains of Mercy Island were satisfied with the knowledge they were always given and the heroes of Paragon City were either one step ahead or on the same page with their counterparts.

There was a recent split between the Family when the Father of the line of the D'ark was found dead. There is now a power struggle between the Eldest son and the Youngest daughter. Yet, there is rumor that all the females of the line that were born amongst them should be dead. Why, then, is there still one alive?

The Tale of D'ark Fate

Sebastian D’ark was trained from a child in many different things. At first, it was his normal education: reading, writing , mathematics and social studies. As he grew older, he was taught more of the same, but was shown the history of the D'ark Family Lineage. He absorbed what he could, but didn't take any of it to heart. Zombies? Ghosts? Occult? Dark Demons? He could believe all of that ... but ... his Uncle dealing with Lord Recluse *and* Statesman? No! These things were not possible. One night, he heard his Uncle arguing with someone. He was 17 at this time. He came down to watch as his Uncle was talking with Lord Recluse himself. Behind his Uncle was a dark, imposing figure that looked like it was made of the very shadows itself. It turned to look right at Sebastian. Sebastian ran.

It was many years since the night with his father and Recluse. He had left to go study in Paragon and was an up and coming Professor at the University and Museum. With his teachings from his family, he was able to not only research the old tomes, but also occult findings, relics, artifacts, mystic languages and more. There was word that his father had passed away, but he knew better then to come home. He was sick of the current in-fighting and did not wish to be a part of it. Although, he did take the lessons when he was younger, he decided not to follow the path darkness and line walking between good and evil.

The eldest son of the D'ark Family, his cousin, was not pleased with this. He decided to set Sebastian up for a fall and made it look like Sebastian was the ring leader of a gang of Hellions breaking in to the museum. They were to rip it off and blame everything on Sebastian. The evidence was quite astounding and the police decide it would be best to lock him into the Ziggeraut!

While in there, through his dreams the Darkness came to him. They would seduce him, tempt him, show him things that the Family never told to him. This went on for weeks. He finally decided to stay awake. If he did not dream, it could no longer effect him. This went on for almost 14 days. On the night before his 14th day of being awake, his body, mind and spirit finally gave into sleep. Because of this exhausted state, the Darkness had no problems entering into his dreams ... almost immediately. The promises were there, the temptation lay before him, all he had to do was let it in. Finally, he could struggle no more and gave into the Darkness.

As He did, He felt an insurgence of power, lust, desire and control. His awareness was heightened, darkness surrounded him ... He was a new master of the Nather, chosen for something ...


It was at this moment that the Archanos agents made another daring ploy to break out more of the "Chosen Ones". Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, Sebastian took the lead out. With new power and new looks, he easily escaped the prison to the aircraft. When they asked what His name was, after looking back over the things He had tried to avoid, only to come full circle, He said, "D'ark Fate".

Now the shadows were His to control. His confidence has grown to more Dominant roles now. He is not cycnical in what He does, but can see the irony of trying to escape destiny. He walks the path of Villainy and tries to see the Light within Darkness. His eyes are pure orbs of the darkness within his veins. Upon the moment His eyes catch yours, you feel as though the darkness of His eyes rush forth to enfold you in a velvet and silk blanket ... as though the darkness had a tangible hold upon your body...and it caresses over you.

Fated Updates

It has been over a year since The Rogue Islands has seen or heard of D'ark Fate. The RIPs were on patrol one evening when a large explosion rocked the area a couple of blocks away. The RIP boys ran over expecting to have to clean up a situation ... Only to find a large group of Skulls and Hellions were bound by dark tendrils. A note left on the leaders stated: "One step towards my goal of leaving. I shall start by cleaning up the messes left by others. Take the credit, if you wish. The story is all ready being told. -D'ark Fate"

The dark shadows seem to be more alive, active and ... calm? Almost as if they were listening to a new Master.

Through trial and error, Sebastian fought his way back. He found the evidence, slowly, leading back to clearing his name. He brought the evidence over to PPD and to Vanguard, proving once and for all that he was innocent. The officials looked over the evidence and told him that Sebastian would still have to stand trial. He agreed and turned himself in. Within 96 hours of this act, his record was expunged and was shown that he was innocent of all accusations.

As of the beginning of June, Sebastian is building a new school over near the family home in Striga Isle. As the new headmaster, he has dedicated this school to those trying to understand the Nether, Darkness and Shadows ... not just for one origin, but for all. He is currently looking for those of each origin to help teach and show the ways of the Nether.

During the early part of August, Fate was running with a fellow hero named Angel-Kitten. She asked for some help protecting a shipment from the Malta group. He agreed and went forward. After this, he was awarded the highest security level that Paragon City could bestow upon a hero. He felt honored and humbled that the city has welcomed him back as a true hero. When he got to the Academy, there was a black letter waiting for him. It was cryptic and made mention of a higher source of power and a greater darkness. Fate was intrigued.


The D'ark Studies Academy The D'ark Family of Paragon

... Songs from, and for, the Darkness ...

Darkness - Disturbed ... This is one of the songs that sums up Fate and the things that keep happening to him
I Stand Alone - Godsmack ... This is one of the songs that plays in his mind as he starts to fight
Dangerous Game - Jekyll & Hyde ... This is one of the songs that plays in his mind when true lust comes through his body

D'ark Thoughts

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D'ark Acquaintances

D'ark Rumors

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OOC information

Player: Anthony Macedo

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