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Dalantia (left) and the Dawnknight (right)
Dalantia or Dawnknight
Player: @Dalantia
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50 as Dalantia, 42 as Dawnknight
Personal Data
Real Name: Dalantia Dragonet
Known Aliases: Dal, the Dragon
Species: Half-dragon
Age: 172
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 207 lbs
Eye Color: Sky blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Licensed Super Hero
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: The Temple of Dawn
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Victoria Valore (Wife)
Known Powers
Dark Aura, Half-dragon Heritage, Divine Affinity, Divine Language
Known Abilities
Weapon Knowledge, Acrobatic acuity
Katana with magnetized grip, twin jian
Dawncaller of the Circle of Dawn

Dalantia was a traditional name for his player, and wound up becoming the old character from a different universe, with a twist..



Dal tends to adopt the traditional knightly demeanor - taciturn, steadfast, and patient. Some would argue that he is fanatical in his devotion to his diety, or maybe just a little bit too devoted to his wife - and the Blessed of the Dawn tend to call him, when they're feeling nice, "detached". He seems to be completely fearless. Scarily, the dragon has ruefully mentioned before that he often spent far too much time drinking...


Dalantia melds his draconic heritage with his paladin's training to focus his combat ability. His corrupted powers, while still useful to him, have to be wielded in far different ways than he is used to, and this has enabled him to adapt and overcome.

He has, recently, begun to focus on developing other aspects of his powers, taking up a pair of blades and learning to use both at once - in tandem with beginning to relearn his divine powers.

Bladed Weapon Affinity

Dalantia's favored weapon is a katana, used seamlessly in the form of iaijitsu. The weapon itself possesses no special magical ability, and the skill with it is purely learned from training and long years of battle. However - he does possess the magical ability to wield any bladed weapon with a significant amount of skill.

He is slowly developing a second method of melee combat, involving two weapons, in his own style. Oddly, his magical affinity for blades does not extend to wielding multiple weapons at once, so he has had to develop the style from scratch.

Dark Armor

Dalantia is what would be known as a fallen knight. His powers have been corrupted by his fall from grace (though his goddess still looks after him), becoming only useful for defending himself. Primarily, he uses them to shield his body and mind from harm. His healing touch and gift of resurrection were corrupted as well, into a life-draining vortex - while it still restores him, it requires the life force of others to do so. A formerly fearsome aura that attracted the attention of all who stood against the Knight of Passion's allies now makes him unnoticeable, average. Above and beyond this, he has learned to meld his draconic presence with the darkness that cradles him, allowing him to strike fear into all around him. Interestingly, he has to have a hand free to focus these powers, which precludes him using them when wielding multiple weapons.

Darkness Mastery

As Dalantia's abilities with his corrupted powers have increased, he has learned to project it outside his immediate presence. He can gather the darkness and strike a distant foe with it, or cause paralyzing terror at a distance with simply a sharp glare. (The Blessed have sometimes grumbled that he doesn't need magic to do that.)

Divine Affinity

However, it seems that since then, Dalantia has learned to wield his abilities without the darkness. It manifests itself in amplification of abilities Dal already possesses - strong will, the ability to rise to the challenge, and the ability to endure what would kill others. These abilities tend to be instinctive - he does not need to shape them in the same fashion he does the corruption, he simply calls upon them. Of course, if he were to use his darker powers with these, he would be unable to maintain enough concentration to keep them up.

Oddly, this is not how his powers used to work, and he has been exploring them in the hopes of figuring out the connection.

As an extension of this, Dalantia can speak with and understand any living sapient creature, regardless of the languages known by either himself or another. He has displayed considerable ability to absorb and attain fluency with languages that do not ordinarily belong to him, as well.


Dalantia is acrobatic and agile, capable of rebounding on the offensive no matter how hard he's hit, even turning a blow that would send a normal man through a wall into an opportunity to counterattack. With a trivial expenditure of magic, this can be enhanced to allow him to leap great distances.

Character History

Dalantia's arrival in Paragon occurred with little fanfare, and little damage, except to himself...

(Coming soon!)

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