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Dani Prince
Player: @Zekiah
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Brute/Scrapper
Threat Level: Varying
Personal Data
Real Name: Danielle Prince
Known Aliases: Pressure Point
Species: Mutant Human
Age: 26
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 152 pounds (Due to weight of bio-metal and body adaptation)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rouge Islander
Occupation: Whatever pays the bills
Place of Birth: Port Oakes' Black Heart memorial hospital
Base of Operations: Port Oakes
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Disowned
Known Powers
Bio-metal bladed 'claws', Superhuman durability.
Known Abilities
Experienced in parkour/Free running
For violence, bluntness and sexual content.




Rough around the edges with a heart of gold describes Daniele Prince. Brash, loud, uncouth, prone to swearing and prone to making various sexual innuendo as well as impolite gestures... But that can be argued away by her upbringing, really Dani is a sweet woman that acts tough to keep her perch in the world.

Attachments don't come easy to a woman that's grown up in a world where backstabbing is a common happening, thus, Dani is hard to come by real friends she can trust... Or people she can form any type or relationship with. A heavy sense of distrust hangs about her and she's rather suspicious of people's motives, believing in asking 'what's in it for you?' first.

Clothing wise, Dani's a bit of a tomboy, choosing pants over dresses for all occasions unless it's something she absolutely has to dress up for. She does like flaunting herself about a bit when in the mood however, tight skimpy tops and an attitude usually follow close behind.

Back Story

Born in Port Oakes on new years day during a horrible storm, Danielle Prince has a normal life for a middle-class family in the islands. The family made enough to pay the protection money, the Hellions, Skulls and Snakes had bigger fish to fry... Life was nearly normal for the time being. Dani even got to travel to Cap Au Diable every weekday to go to school.

At the age of twelve however, a change came over the household. It was no little secret that her mother and father were fearful of metas to the point of hysterics... And on the day after her birthday Dani proved to be one. In a fight that the Hellions had started with the Skulls, Dani was the unfortunate bystander to receive an errant round to the forehead. Instead of killing the girl on the spot, all that stood testament to the shot was a pink mark and a slightly stunned teenager. Already afraid by the show of impervious skin, Danielle sealed the deal when in a scream of anger at the fighting parties, metal claws emerged in a shower of blood from her fingertips.

Dani was left in the street, proclaimed a monster by her family. With no home to turn to and blaming the villains for her homelessness, Dani turned on the Skulls and Hellions, wounding several to calm her rage. Found crying by the ambulance workers and covered in blood, Dani was taken to hospital to have tests run on her. Found to be a mutant with bio-metal claws that rested in her forearms when not in use and skin that could withstand many times more than a human's in damage before breaking, Dani escaped before the Hospital workers could find somewhere for her to stay.

For the next few years the teenager grew up on the streets, working for people, protecting warehouses as a form of cheap security... And when she hit eighteen, Dani found more work in the form of pornography to quickly rake in money.

Now at the age of twenty six, Dani has been informed of her Destined One status. If a Destined One gets as much attention and money as she thinks it does, Dani's game.


Danielle's main weapons are quite clearly her claws. Made of a bio-metal with properties unseen before, the blades seem to have a cutting edge only a few atoms across while being unbreakable to conventional (and unconventional means) due to their unique structure. Each blade measures five point five centimeters in length and store in groves through Dani's arms, ending up below the wrist while not in use. To unsheath the blades, Dani must make a straight hand, fingers and thumb together parallel to her forearm until the blades are pushed upwards through her wrist to her fingers.

Dani's physical body also has some strange mutations. Her skin, while seemingly normal in texture, elasticity and appearance is extremely durable to stress. Bladed weapons and conventional rounds bruise more than actually hurt, though strong enough impacts can cause internal injuries as one would expect, Dani's body seems to heal quickly as well thanks to mutant blood cells that seek out damaged areas and repair the wounds at inhuman speed.

Other than her mutations, Dani is experienced in free running as her mode of travel in the city landscape that is the Rogue Islands. Able to easily jump, twist, run up small walls and climb places that inexperienced humans would say is unnatural or impossible.

Other stuff

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