Dante Stonewayne

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Dante Stonewayne
Player: @Jade Defender
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 21
Personal Data
Real Name: Dante Stonewayne
Known Aliases: ??
Species: Human (Spirit)
Age: ??
Height: ?? (appears 5'10")
Weight: ?? (appears 185lbs)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black (Dark Brown)
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S. Citizen
Occupation: Covenant of Astoria leader
Place of Birth: Bakersfield, Ca. U.S.
Base of Operations: Dark Astoria, Rhode Island, U.S.
Marital Status: ??
Known Relatives: ??
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Ability to manifest, and Interact with the World of the Living.
carries dual blades in all his manifestations...
No additional information available.

(WARNING: Mature RP)



And Now...

DarkManifestations1.jpg DarkManifestations2.jpg

OOC information

  • Is a Sentient Ghost (spirit) trapped in Dark Astoria...(aka: The Undead)
  • Is not Cruel, wishes to return home...
  • IS Immune to mind reading (as he does not have one)...
  • IS Immune to charm/sleep effects...
  • Is Immune to Cold "DAMAGE" but not effects...
  • Is NOT immune to Emotion reading
  • Is susceptible to Weapons against the Undead... (save; Holy Water, Holy Ground, Prayer(as recited from the Bible))
  • Is trapped in Dark Astoria, so long as the Supernatural mists remain...
  • Cannot leave Dark Astoria, (unless summoned via Magic, Seyonce, etc.)
  • Is capable of Hauntings; (Ghost writing, melancholy calls, mind games: visuals/audibles, Cold chills, Telekinesis, Invisibility, Insubstantial, and even Physical Harm!)
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