Darker Light

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Darker Light in Pocket D
Darker Light
Player: Gleech
Origin: Science
Archetype: Warshade
Security Level: 20
Personal Data
Real Name: John Kingston
Known Aliases: Darker Light
Species: Human
Age: 18
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 179 lbs.
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Orange
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Atlas Park
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mark O'Dwyer: Cousin
Known Powers
Warshade powers.
Known Abilities
White revolver
His official height is unknown.



John Kingston/Darker Light

John is a jerk sometimes, but he tries to be nice when he can. He hates villain guys, but can't help but be nice around villain girls, showing he's a nice guy. He's picked a few fights by either defending people, or because they were just annoying him, either way, he's been in a few fights, he's even gotten his head chopped off once... Luckily he had a wakie ready. He somtimes fills in as Bartender, because the one already there is usually drunk, but he's usually sitting, drinking, or reading a newspaper. He'll often start up a conversation with complete strangers, and they usually go somewhere, but sometimes he just wants to be alone. John knows a lot of info about Paragon City's blueprints and passwords, the reason for this is unknown, but he usually only shares them with heroes that need them, but only one time has a female villain been able to get them out of him. Some say he was drunk, others say he's just nice like that... you decide on that part.

Kheldian Darker Light/John

His Kheldian can be easily spotted, because his eyes will glow purple, he'll have a weird voice, and he'll be destructive. His eyes also glow when John is using his powers, but you should look for the two other signs before jumping to the conclusion that his Kheldian took over. After a few moments of destruction, his Kheldian will let him go, and he'll go back to normal, not knowing what just happened. His Kheldian often takes over faster when he's in his Nova form, but he'll release him if there's nothing that needs to be done. John's Kheldian thinks that he's right about destroying things to teach John a lesson, and John thinks that he'd be better off without his Kheldian, clearly both are wrong. They sometimes work together in a life or death situation, or when they're both in good moods, but often they don't.
Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.
John and his Kheldian will some day get along fine, and they'll be able to work together most of the time, but that is far in the future. They will have many tricks up their sleeves, and will be almost unstoppable, yet the PPD and most of the heroes will still see him as a villain. His Kheldian will regret doing what he did in the past, and admit it wasn't the right thing to do, and John will regret ignoring his Kheldian's information and help, since it means they could've gotten to do this earlier in life.
Spoilers end here.


Life before the Kheldian

John had a dull life before his Kheldian came along, he was just a normal student in college, and he had a job for Crey (Not knowing what they were doing behind all of it.)) by doing some armor repair for robots and Paragon Protectors, not knowing what they were made to do. His job went from 5PM (ET)- 9PM (ET), luckily most of the time he didn't do much, since a lot of repairs were rare, but few days he had a lot of work. When he did have work to do, it usually took about a half hour per-armor. Before work, he'd be in school, learning how to be an inventor for the most part. He usually had his goggles on, so that if he had any inspiration, he'd hurry to the nearest workbench. One day, while walking to work, a Kheldian decided to search for a willing host, as always. He spotted John, and knew that he was the perfect one. John could learn so much, and he had so much unknown power within him. The Kheldian quickly zoomed off, and joined with John. John felt a push on his back, and fell face down on the sidewalk. For him, it felt like someone hit him on the back really hard, but what really happened was his new Kheldian joining him. John got up, not knowing of his new power. He had his eyes closed as he got up, and rubbed his head. He opened his eyes and lasers came shooting out, making a hole in the sidewalk. People walking beside him jumped and ran. After that blast, he could see (For the most part) without shooting out lasers, but people still were afraid, because little did they know what was about to happen next. John's eyes glowed purple, and he started to keep shooting. For him, everything was going dark, for his Kheldian, the world was viewed in a new way, and for most of the people around him, they saw a man going nuts with power. The Kheldian met with John inside their mind, and talked. He informed John what had happened. After that, John told him to get lost, and that he didn't need any power... but little did he know how much power the Kheldian had.

Life with the Kheldian

After John said that, he heard a female scream. His Kheldian, out of anger, and trying to teach John a lesson, shot a lady who was passing by, with his eye lasers. The lady ended up being crippled for the rest of her days, but that was the first strike against John when the PPD came to see what happened. His Kheldian let John go, and went back inside, leaving John to take the blame. John quickly looked around, not knowing what had just happened, trying to scan the situation. The PPD asked him who he was and what he had done, John answered his name, but he had no idea what had happened, the lady quickly yelled, "He shot me!" John was stunned, accidently shot a laser at the sky, then ran away. He couldn't be seen around the zone anymore. He quickly packed up his stuff, and decided to leave SC (Steel), and move to a place where he wouldn't be noticed because of the large crowds, Atlas Park. He moved to Atlas Park, quitting school, and only leaving a note to his family about why he can't be seen by anyone, even them. Sadly, things only got worse. When John did something his Kheldian didn't like, 'he' would destroy a building! The police had no idea who he was, until Steel Canyon's police gave them information on him. Before reports were sent out about him, John bought a white revolver, and some new clothes. His trench coat is part of his new outfit. He tried to tell the police that he wanted to use his powers for good, because he did. Before he blew up the buildings, he stopped robbers, and thugs from the Skulls, and Hellions. Few people agreed he was a hero, but the PPD were not buying it. He told them he had a hero name, once they asked, his mind went blank. He couldn't think of a name! Many more now agreed with the PPD that he was a villain. John decided he couldn't stay in one place, that he had to stay on the move. He hid in a warehouse in Atlas when he needed to rest. One time, he went there, wondering how he'd get them to see he's a hero! Even the local heroes didn't believe him! John knew he'd have to get a name, but what? He settled on Darker Light, since, for one thing, he had darkness powers and he was a hero, but for another thing, most thought he was a villain, but he was really a hero.

Life in the future

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.
John will never earn the trust of the PPD, or all the heroes out there, but he will gain the help of his Kheldian, and become almost unstoppable. This day is unknown, but to fill this part out, you'll have to roleplay with me.
Spoilers end here.
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