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Personal Information
Known Name: Sasha Darkmantle
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 124 lbs
Eye Color: Lt. Blue
Hair Color: Whatever color she's in the mood for.
Biographical Information
Nationality: U.S. Citizen
Occupation: Occult Detective
Base Of Operations: Legacy House
Group Affiliations: Legacy House, Protectorate, and The Expeditionaries

Darkmantle is an Occult Detective and Spell-caster leading Legacy House with her partner Dreamscape.

Personal History

Sasha was born a mutant with a hero father working under the moniker All-American man. Though she does possess mutant powers, she opted not to use them in order to avoid becoming All-American Girl at the age of sidekick-dom. Instead, Sasha was more interested in the Arcane and started to learn magick in the fashion of a Hedge Witch. Going Full Gothy Alchemist she joined a group of powered teens with similar do-goodery tendencies and fought crime in the Teens Supreme.

She left Paragon City in 2012, joining the Protectorate and honing her crime fighting skills under the auspices of such heroes as Phoenice and John Marker. In the spring of 2019 she returned to Paragon City to found the Legacy House. Feeling that the world stage was, well, perhaps over served by many of "Earth's mightiest heroes" she turned her attention back to what she truly loves - occult and arcane underdogs that look out for the regular folks. With her small and dedicated group of colleagues, she helps people who are threatened by cults and have things going bump in the night at their homes and businesses.

The hero Dreamscape followed her from Protectorate and now helps her lead Legacy House, assisting in cases while teaching her regimented magick and theory.


Sasha's powers are based in self-taught magic that uses ambient magic residue that flows in patches around the environment.


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