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Fired up.
Darkshot Avenger
Player: @Darkshot Avenger
Basic Data
Origin: Originicon mutation.png
Archetype: V archetypeicon corruptor.png
Combat Level: 20
Occupation: special ops agent for Praetor Sinclair
Identity: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Albert Drakinsky
Known Aliases: Al, Magus, "Shadow"
Species: mutant
Age: 25
Height: 6'2
Weight: 186 lbs
Eye Color: crimson
Hair Color: black
Blood Type: unknown mutant blood type
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Neutropolis, Praetoria
Birthdate: July 28, 1985
Citizenship: Praetorian
Current Residence: Nova Praetoria
Religion/Faith: Compromised
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Marital Status: single
Known Languages
Known Relatives
Travis Drakinsky (father); Suzanne "Sue" Drakinsky (mother, deceased)
Known Powers
dark miasma powers
Training / Abilities
flight, complete resistance to mind control and mind scans, pistol-wielding
2 black & grey semi-autos

Note: Bio will be changed accordingly as more information about Praetorian Earth becomes available. All changes will reflect updated storylines in accordance to Going Rogue.

Darkshot Avenger is a mutant from Praetoria. He is under the service of Praetor Sinclair as one of his agents, and is a loyal soldier of Emperor Cole. He grew up without a mother and had a very neglectful father. All his life, all he had ever wanted was recognition and respect. And being a loyal soldier of the Emperor and an agent under Praetor Sinclair, that was something he was able to achieve.

Darkshot Avenger is also the Praetorian counterpart of Nigredo Fist, who previously went under the name Magus Dark. In contrast to the Primal counterpart and his severe dislike for Freedom Phalanx, Darkshot Avenger is (as mentioned earlier) very loyal to the Emperor's Praetors (i.e. Praetors Tilman, Berry, etc.). In addition, the Primal has very severe dislike against Manticore, and yet he works under Praetor Sinclair.

He had been on a quest to carry out something Portal Corporation workers call Tyrant's Will with his current partner, one of Dr. Keyes' apprentices, Ghast Stalker (who is the Praetorian counterpart of Ghast Blade). Due to a malfunction in one of Portal Corp's portals, a portal on both sides (Primal Earth and Praetorian Earth) had opened up and allowed a recorded total of 12 beings coming from Praetorian Earth to cross over to Primal Earth. Of course, they took this opportunity to go through the portal and carry out their missions, which will later be referred to as the New Age Mutants Inquisition.

The Emperor had said to him, "My power, like my empire, knows no bounds." And that was something he used to live by.

Darkshot Avenger's first mission was to defeat his Primal counterpart and destroy New Age Mutants. After that, organize an oppression against both Freedom Phalanx and Arachnos. Unfortunately, this had failed. In returning to Praetoria, he was ready to accept punishment for his failures. Surprisingly, this only assured the Emperor and Praetor Sinclair of his loyalty. This led to some sort of reform for him, and now protects Praetoria within its borders.


For Starters

We all start somewhere, don't we?


Albert Drakinsky was born on July 28, 1985. As it is, his family was very dysfunctional, and it would only go downhill further. As Neutropolis was getting dirtier by the minute, so did the relationship of his mother and father. By the time Albert was two, his mother was killed in the crossfire of a heist between the Syndicate and the Praetoria Police Department. At least that's how the rumor went. At the time, it was unclear whose shot killed his mother. It would later be revealed that his mother was actually an active member of The Syndiate, and was killed by a PPD Justicar.

Childhood/Teenage years

Note: This heading is subject to change, as it includes pre-existing characters created by other players. If their use in this article is not wanted, it will be removed accordingly.

It wouldn't be too long that Albert and his father would discover that he's a mutant, and his powers come from his mother. His mother was able to resist the mind scans from all the Seers because of her ability to block out unwanted psychic signals going in her mind. All thanks to the abilities granted to them both that seem to come from The Netherworld. He is also able to do the same.

Unfortunately, this was not something that his father supported. Travis had hoped that Albert would acquire more of his powers than his mother. Because of this, he began to neglect his son. Sure he was kept under a roof and was well-fed, but his father gave no other kind of support, and only offered ignorance, and was only a father through legality even after all the accomplishments he has made in school or otherwise.

Albert would be fairly popular in school, and would make several notable friendships. While Albert was a junior, he befriended a psychic mutant by the name of Zachary Summers. They would become close friends. Other notable friendships would include Charlotte Nelson, Dorreen Winter, Kyle Penwell, Jacob Dawson, and Jake Jones.

As Albert became older, tensions with his father would begin. He was a teenager with no parental figure and had to figure everything out for himself. While he had all the friends he could ask for, all the recognition from them and his teachers, his father did not care one bit. After a heated argument with him, he left home and pursued his own life. Once he got out of school, he wandered the entirety of Praetoria and thought of where he could put his talents to use.

Rise to Recognition

Albert figured out what he wanted. He wanted to be recognized by important people. Of course, recognition from his friends was definitely appreciated, but he still felt empty with them. Then, something would happen that would garner his attention by the highest of people.

College had began and he met a man by the name of "Fayte". He always spoke in riddles, circles, and in tongues sometimes. Nevertheless, they became friends. Probably even close. They kept in constant contact with each other, especially when it came to studies.

There had been a bank heist that seemed to have been planned by The Resistance and The Syndicate. The only problem? They weren't working together. PPD was already on the scene and they somehow couldn't do a thing. Because of the forces of both The Resistance and The Syndicate, many lives of innocent workers in the bank were lost. The same could be said on both of The Syndicate and Resistance. They wanted money, of course. It was becoming a "national" headline. Advertisement screens across Nova Praetoria and Imperial City changed their frequencies to show this tragedy.

Albert was in the area when he heard about it and immediately fled to the scene. He wanted to help stop it. Lives had been lost, the situation still hasn't been contained. Using the powers of The Netherworld, Albert did all he could to contain the situation and attempted to halt the massacre. Of course, he sustained wounds himself, but in the end, he was able to stop the situation before it got any worse and before any more lives were lost.

Almost immediately, the mass media came and wanted to know how Albert (pretty much by himself) stopped both The Resistance and The Syndicate and for getting them arrested. He wasn't entirely sure how he did it. Just then, an important figure walked right next to Albert and the media went into a bigger frenzy.

It was Praetor Sinclair.

Service to Emperor Cole

Apparently, he had been watching what Albert was doing and how he put the situation right where it needed to be. Because of his talents, Praetor Sinclair offered him a position to be one of his agents and be in service with Emperor Cole's guards. Almost immediately, he accepted. That same day, he would meet with Emperor Cole and would be indicted as one of his guards and as an agent for Praetor Sinclair.

While being under the direct service of Praetor Sinclair, he would not be part of what was known as Project Phoenix. While Albert did get tasks done swiftly and efficiently, Praetor Sinclair put Albert to work with tasks mainly dealing with The Syndicate. Of course, there would be several outcomes where his work and the work of Project Phoenix would intertwine but he kept as professional as possible.


When Albert was sent on assignment to assist Praetor Keyes with getting rid of Syndicate members at the reactors, he was surprised that it wasn't Praetor Keyes directly who was there but an assistant of his who went by the name of Gabriel Winter. Albert and Gabriel (who was known in Neutropolis as the Ghast Stalker) quickly subdued all members of The Syndicate who sought to destroy one of the three reactors in Keyes Island. Albert and Gabriel would then start a tremendous business relationship with each other. Perhaps he would be the first person Albert would fully trust with his life.

Those who deserted him while in service

Being in service with Praetor Sinclair would put strains on other relationships that Albert had. He began to lose touch with his good friend "Fayte". One day, they had come to some sort of disagreement and had a long-standing verbal argument. This resulted in Fayte disappearing from his life for a very long time.

After meeting with Ghast Stalker, Albert would get back in touch with a high school friend Zachary Summers. Unfortunately, they did not have a very productive reunion. Zachary's mutation had fully surfaced and it frustrated Zac that he was unable to read Albert's mind. It was more surprising to know that Zac had become a tracker for Praetor Tilman (since he was male and couldn't be technically a Seer). Because of this hurdle, they would struggle to communicate. The confidential nature of his tasks didn't make their situation any better. Albert deserted any ideas of them being "together" and concentrated on his work with Praetor Sinclair. They would hesitantly part ways, not knowing that they would meet much later.

He would also be unwelcomed by other former high school friends like Kyle Penwell. At this point, he could care less about them and proceeded to mind his own and concentrate on his current career path.

A New Mission

Albert had been assigned a mission. But little did he know, this was actually a test for him. But being the loyal soldier that he is, he followed orders without question and in good faith.

Into Primal Earth

Albert was informed of a portal anomaly by Praetor Berry and his assistants that lead into a dimension that would be known as Primal Earth. With this information reaching both Praetor Sinclair and Emperor Cole, Albert would be given a mission: to eliminate his Primal counterpart. He was advised to take all his allies to into this dimension and carry out his mission. Before he actually left, he was given more tasks while in that dimension: to cause a rift between Emperor Cole's counterpart, Statesman, and his nemesis, Lord Recluse that would give both sides reason to go quickly at war. He was explained that once this happens, Emperor Cole would then strike this dimension and claim it for his own. Not questioning the Emperor's motives, Albert called on as many friends and even just acquaintances as much as he can.

Arriving on Primal Earth, Albert would quickly discover that his counterpart is fairly famous amongst its hero community and would later learn that he goes by the alias, Nigredo Fist. With his partner, Gabriel Winter/Ghast Stalker, they would make plans to infiltrate his then supergroup, New Age Mutants, and eliminate each member from the inside out. More of Albert's friends and acquaintances would arrive to this dimension including Jacob Dawson, Jake Jones, Zachary Summers, Charlotte Nelson, and Dorreen Winter. Coming as no surprise to any of them, they come to discover that their respective Primal counterparts seem to be more closely knit than their group seems to be. The events that would take place in attempting to kill their own counterparts would lead to a series of events that Albert's Primal counterpart would call "The New Age Mutants Inquisition."

Failure of The Inquisition

Unfortunately, Albert would find it difficult to track down his Primal counterpart. When he does finally get the chance to confront him, however, things would not bode well for the Praetorian soldier. He would soon learn that his counterpart is much stronger than he is and he would be easily defeated while they had a bout on the shores of Peregrine Island. However, Praetorian Albert is surprised that his Primal counterpart did not kill him and was told to leave immediately.

Of course, he would not. He would continue to carry out the Emperor's Will and see to it that his wishes are fulfilled. He would soon learn that more bad things would come out of this. One by one, his friends and comrades are being finished off. Killed. The first to go was Jacob Dawson. Charlotte would soon follow. Even enigmatic friend, Versalis. And once close friend Zachary Summers. Or so it would seem like. In a huge fit of rage, Albert took all measure to find and kill his Primal counterpart, only to be defeated once again. But instead of walking off, the Primal demanded an explanation as to why he was blindly following his Emperor. At first, Albert didn't want to talk but after numerous attempts at prying, Albert found himself vulnerable to emotion and told his Primal counterpart everything. He found himself... talking to himself, in a manner of speaking.

His Primal advised him to return to Praetoria and start doing things his own way. He can still protect Praetoria within its borders. His Primal also declared a truce between the two of them, as he explained that he did not want to "kill himself" and has never been "suicidal" in nature. After that was agreed upon, Albert hesitantly returned to Praetoria, understanding that he had failed and will take whatever punishment is given to him.

The Aftermath of Failure

When he reluctantly returned to Praetoria, Albert was expecting the worst. He had failed his mission that was given to him by both Emperor Cole and Praetor Sinclair. Little did he know, there were other things on their minds.


While Albert was not publicly given any awards for his efforts in attempting to overtake his Primal counterparts, he was commended by both Praetor Sinclair and Emperor Cole for his absolute loyalty. While they did inform him that he failed his mission, he remained faithful to the Emperor's wishes and realized that he had lost comrades. He requested to the both of them that he wanted to change. He wanted to protect Praetoria inside its borders and wanted a new start. Emperor Cole had no qualms about this request, and Praetor Sinclair took him up on it. And with a new start comes new images.

Albert threw away the name "Magus Dark" and the magi-image and decided to blend in more within its citizens. The picture above is what he changed his image to, and Praetor Sinclair decided it would be in Albert's best interest to be trained in dual pistols. Fortunately, he would quickly become adept in it. As soon as Albert was completely back on his feet, he became a primary taskmaster for Praetor Sinclair and concentrated his tasks and missions around The Syndicate. With his powers of The Netherworld and his newfound skills with dual pistols, Albert adopted the name "Darkshot Avenger."

Righfully-placed Distrust

Making reports to Praetor Sinclair, he was notified by him about a man who has suddenly appeared in Praetoria who seemed to have been subdued by Praetor Tilman. He was ordered to find out what was going on and report back. He arrived in Nova and witnessed a short conversation between the Emperor and this man who seems to be from Primal Earth. Hearing the conversation from up above, Albert took note of what was going on. Thankfully, his powers allowed him to block all Seers and other psychic intrusion so he would not be sensed. After seeing this man shoot someone who called his best friend in front of them, Albert could not believe his eyes. Even worse still that the Emperor cared nothing for it, and he would be accepted as one of his guards, Albert became infuriated and immediately fled the scene.

Albert would report back to Praetor Sinclair and expressed his concern. While he trusted the Emperor's decisions, he did not trust this man (who he would later learn that his name is Eddie Polstra) and advised Praetor Sinclair that he needed to be kept a close eye on. And vowed to himself that if he became a Praetor (read: before Albert himself does), heads will roll. Praetor Sinclair seemed to have understood his frustration, especially so since this man was from Primal Earth. He vowed to himself that if this man makes one wrong move and hears about it, he will kill him.

Distrust In The Grey Area

Praetor Sinclair had sent Albert on a different assignment than he normally would. He was sent to get rid of any remnants of Project Phoenix. While Albert had worked with them before the NAM Inquisition, it was explained to him that the project failed and needed to rid the streets of their tracks. It would lead Albert to go into The Underground. Here, he would run into many members of The Resistance and Destroyers.

After making quick work of them, Albert would then learn of their secret communication network called The Static. There was a box behind him that seemed to have been for a Resistance Officer that Albert had already killed. Albert attempted to make friendly with whoever it was on the other end. She said her name was BV. When Albert was given an indication that it worked, he was told to meet at a certain location in Neutropolis' Lambda sector to meet this BV. Oh they met alright, but Albert fell into a trap.

BV explained to Albert that she was once where he is at now. At "Justin's" side. Until he tried to kill her, that is. She explained to him that once she became too powerful, "Justin" became afraid and attempted to kill her, as he did with many other people that were once working for him. Why? It was because he could not control her, and could not keep her at a leash. She further explained that everything he had done for him, it was under his terms. Everything had been planned out the way "Justin" had imagined it to be, everything was controlled. BV then urged Albert to think for himself.

Was being sent to Primal Earth not just a test, but was planned out for failure? Was that why both Emperor Cole and Praetor Sinclair dismissed his failures and gave him a chance to redeem himself? While he contemplated those two things, BV then informed Albert that PPD would be well on their way here in an attempt to capture her. Apparently, this meeting was something Praetor Sinclair has hypothesized and planned on. When PPD did arrive, Albert almost single-handedly injured or killed off all of them. While BV and the rest of The Resistance fled in one direction, Albert fled in another.

This raises many seeds of doubt within Albert and has since been questioning his resolve. While he still remains loyal, he isn't very sure about Praetoria as a whole anymore. First, this Eddie Polstra man, now BV and her obvious connection with Praetor Sinclair. What was truly going on? What are Praetor Sinclair's and Emperor Cole's true intentions? Albert decided that he needed to find out.

No Doubting

Albert is seeking answers without knowing what question to ask himself. He wants to know the truth. About Praetor Sinclair. About Emperor Cole. About Praetoria. The Resistance leader did not kill him and even offered him a place in their faction. While he gave no answer, his loyalty has been compromised.


These are Albert's abilities broken down a bit.

The Netherworld

Much like his Primal counterpart, Albert is a mutant that taps into the powers of The Netherworld. Unlike his counterpart that he uses his powers with hand-to-hand and close quarter combat, this Albert previously used his powers offensively from a distance. After he reformed, however, he now uses these powers more defensively.

Double Pistol Wielding

Before his training, Albert knew nothing of guns. Much less using them. But after guidance and a little bit of training from Praetor Sinclair, he quickly became adept in them. Should he continue his usage and training in them, he's well on his way to rivaling the skill of both Belladonna Vetrano and Eddie Polstra.


Power Grid
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill

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