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The Darwinist
Player: @Amarlex
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Stalker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Jane Elizabeth Bollinger
Known Aliases: Faraday
Species: \(O_o)/
Age: 22 (February 14)
Height: 7'1" (216 cm)
Weight: 170 lbs (77 kg)
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Blue/Green
Biographical Data
Nationality: Citizen of Nation
Occupation: Unemployed
Place of Birth: Mead, Oklahoma
Base of Operations: Nation's space station
Marital Status: Dating Synsynth
Known Relatives: Parents (John and Janet Bollinger), Sister (Jamie Bollinger)
Known Powers
Spines, superhuman physiology, electrical absorption and projection, regeneration
Known Abilities
Stealth training, martial arts training,


Jane Bollinger is the child of two very kind and loving parents. Unfortunately, her parents also belong to a church that teaches that mutant children are the work of the Devil. Her mutation started to manifest on her seventh birthday, but it was easy to hide until she was 9 or so and her tail and new teeth started coming in. Being treated as a victim by her parents and as a freak by her peers didn't really sit well with Faraday, and a couple of days after her 13th birthday she decided to run away from home. She wandered aimlessly around the western U.S. for a little less than a year until she met a crippled Rikti War veteran that told her about Paragon City, and that it needed people with powers like hers. Overjoyed, she set out for Rhode Island.

Jane arrived in Paragon in early 2005 and immediately started fighting crime. Almost as quickly, she was apprehended and given a stern talking-to by FBSA agents and was told that she had to register as a "Hero" or be arrested. Rejecting the notion of being monitored and - as she thought of it - "collared" by a government agency just for trying to do good in the world, she fled to one of the few places she thought nobody could watch her: the sewers. For three years, she lurked under the surface of Paragon, acting as boogeyman for the Lost and other denizens of the tunnels and letting her social skills degrade even further.

In 2008 she was discovered by Crey and was offered a chance to join a special program to help mutants understand the full extent of their powers. It was an unethical and horrific program, of course, that amounted to little more than torture and abuse in an attempt to trigger secondary mutations in relatively low-power metahumans. After six months or so, Jane's secondary mutation was triggered. The resulting EMP allowed her and most of the other test subjects to escape.

Her urge to use her newly-acquired powers and vendetta against Crey eventually began to outweigh her reluctance to register with GIFT, and in 2010 she registered as the superhero "Faraday Flechette". Her career was relatively short, however; she rarely worked well with the supergroups she had membership with and constantly chafed against FBSA regulations. Faraday's hero work ended violently in early 2012 when three Crey scientists were inadvertently killed by falling debris after she attacked and demolished a small research facility. By the time the Police discovered the casualties, Faraday had gone into hiding again.

Faraday contacted the Androgyne relatively quickly after disappearing from the public eye, and joined Nation not long after. The rest is current events.


Powers, Abilities & Equipment

Faraday is a mutant with powers placing her at the higher end of an LTR-2 classification. She's also a proficient martial artist and marksman with stealth training, but these skills tend to take a backseat to her extreme primary and secondary mutations.


Most of Faraday's hair follicles have specialized into glands that can rapidly produce large, hollow keratinous spines. The spines vary in length and circumference, but they are all filled with a small reservoir of extremely corrosive digestive acid. They shatter on impact, scattering keratin shards and splashing acid into and onto the victim. Faraday can launch spines from certain glands, reaching ranges upwards of 200 yards.

Faraday has a musculature similar to a great ape's and is far stronger than a mundane human; her personal record for a bench press is 1248 pounds, just shy of twice as much as the world's strongest (human) man. Her mutation's granted her helpful traits from several different species; reptilian eyes complete with nictating membranes, catlike ears, the a bloodhound's sense of smell, a selachian jaw and replaceable teeth, and even the regenerative power of a salamander.

Faraday is a tetrachromat and has excellent depth perception. However, she tends to rely more on her sense of smell and hearing to identify people; her brain is wired to perceive movement better than appearance.

Faraday's secondary mutation triggered after she was subjected to brutal electroshock "therapy" by Crey scientists. Faraday's nervous system is highly regenerative; it's likely that she can recover from severe spinal injuries and even minor brain injuries. She has incredible muscle memory and nearly perfect recall, and is able to learn and absorb new information at a much faster rate than the average human. Faraday is electroreceptive to the point where she can recognize individuals by the way their nervous system "feels" to her.

Faraday can absorb electrical energy and use it to power her metabolism. If Faraday stays in range of an intense enough electromagnetic field, she technically doesn't require food to keep functioning, although she does still need water and nutrition. In addition to absorbing electricity, Faraday can redirect electrical charges so they're projected outwards. If she has enough energy stored, Faraday can cause extreme damage to computer systems and cybernetic implants around her by expelling it all at once. Usually, however, Faraday just stores this energy and uses it to boost her regeneration and shock her enemies.


Faraday is proficient in Aikido and Jùnshì Sanda (although she just refers to it as "Kung fu"), as well as an unnamed style that focuses on the use of katar and push daggers. All three were taught to her by Codename Devilfish over the course of about three months. She's not a master of any of these styles, but when combined with her superhuman strength and spines they can certainly be deadly. Faraday's also a trained marksman, although she rarely puts this training to use; her spines are effective enough projectiles at mid/close range. She can work as a sniper, but her oddly-prioritized sense of sight makes sharpshooting problematic.

Faraday is an experienced infiltrator and can get past most security systems and guard details, although better-trained and higher-tech systems can best her pretty easily. She tends to defer to a stealth specialist if one is present, acting as the backup if something goes wrong.



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