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Dayblade's latest hero costume
Player: @x2008
Basic Data
Origin: Originicon mutation.png
Archetype: H archetypeicon scrapper.png
Security Level: 24
Occupation: Full time Hero
Personal Data
Real Name: Christopher Daily
Known Aliases: Chris, Day, Dayblade.
Identity: Public
Species: Mutant
Age: 22
Height: 6'3
Weight: 188 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Blood Type: unknown mutant blood type
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Grace, ID
Birthdate: July 28, 1982
Citizenship: U.S.
Current Residence: Steel Canyon
Religion/Faith: None
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Marital Status: Single
Known Languages
Known Relatives
Unknown Father, Claudia Daily (Mother), Gerry Daily (older brother), Steve Daily (older brother), Kathryn Daily (younger sister)
Known Powers
Regeneration, Flight, Limited Precognitive ability
Training / Abilities
A 48" Longsword named Betty.

Dayblade is a 22-year old sword wielding, regenerative mutant whose tongue and wit does not match the speed of his swordplay, which has landed him in several difficult situations. He currently resides in the Rolling Hills Apartments in Steel Canyon.



Christopher Daily is the third boy of four children. Born and raised in Grace, Idaho, he was raised by his single mother, Claudia. A lot of stigma was attached to Chris and his siblings in terms of being children of a single parent mother and not much hope was given for their futures. His mother worked when she could, often leaving Chris' older brother, Gerry, to look after the family.

When Chris was 14, his other brother Steve set off a small firework in one of the bedrooms of their small three bedroom home. Blankets nearby caught on fire and the children futilely attempted to put it out. The fire raged through the house and all of the children escaped and watched helplessly...except for Chris. His mother arrived home to find a burning house and Gerry hugging their yougest sister, Kathryn, while Steve could only look on, wide eyed, tears streaming down his face. All of a sudden, the shadow of a small 14 year old boy appeared amongst the flames, walking towards the family. By now, the neighbours had gathered on their front lawns to watch. As the boy came into sight, his body and face were a horrid burnt mess and parts of his skull and other bones could be seen. However, as his mother prayed, the child's flesh began mending itself, bones reattaching themselves, cartilage and other organs beginning to regenerate themselves. By the time the child reached the family, he looked unscathed, albeit naked.

Although this miracle would bring Chris back to them alive and well, the fire would cause the family financial hardship due to a lack of insurance. The family moved to a shelter which only served to increase the children's social difficulties at school. At the age of 16, Chris was walking home from school with Kathryn when a group of bullies decided they'd like to start some trouble. They boys grabbed Kathryn and began calling her names and she began to cry. Chris raged and ran over there and futilely struck the boys. The boys were much larger than Chris in size, however he was determined to stop them. The boys beat Chris badly, but to their surprise, they'd no sooner injure him then he'd recover. Eventually wearing the boys down, Chris beat the boys and left them as he and Kathryn walked home. The next day at school whispers went around about Chris' ability and he found himself even more outcast.

Several other incidents ended up seeing Chris drop out of school at the age of 17, deciding to move to Paragon City to use his abilities to forge out a new life in the City of Heroes.

Joseph and Leo

On his trek across the country from Idaho to Rhode Island, Chris stopped at a gas station in Nebraska to eat. While he sat there a young man approached him who introduced himself as Joseph Spear. Joseph told Chris that he knew what he was and it was okay, because he too was a mutant. At first Chris brushed him off, but Joseph explained to Chris that there were many people out there like himself, that there were facilities that people like them could go to and learn about their abilities. Chris wasn't interested and left the meal and his new acquaintance, although Joseph's words lingered with him.

Joseph went to Chris' motel room that night and the two talked and shared stories. Even though Chris wasn't interested in the facility Joseph continued to talk about, he was interested in Joseph. They began to form a close friendship that ended up seeing Chris deciding to stay on in Nebraska to continue his relationship with Joseph. Chris was introduced to the rest of Joseph's family and it seemed that a normal life was going to be forged in Nebraska.

One night as Chris and Joseph were walking home from the movies, a bright red flame streaked across the sky. The two looked at each other and immediately ran after the fireball. When they arrived at its location they saw Joseph's home in flames and a winged man circling above, summoning firey rain down on the home. Before Chris could stop him, Joseph ran into the house and as Chris gave chase the flaming man blocked his path. The two battled it out and eventually Chris overcame the man by using the 'daylight' from one of his wounds to temporarily blind the attacker. By the time he reached Joseph, Chris knew he was dying. He carried Joseph out into the snow and in his last moments of life, Joseph revealed to Chris that he knew this was going to happen. He used the last of his lifeforce to leave Chris with the gift he was supposed to all along, a sword that had been passed down in the Spear family from generation to generation. Joseph explained it was a fae sword and using it Chris would never be alone again. Chris took the sword.

Chris stayed in Nebraska long enough to attend the Spear family funeral and then packed his things to continue on to Rhode Island. Along the way a small fae man who revealed himself as Leo, appeared. He explained that he was sent to Chris by a group of fae calling themselves the Descadians. He explained that this particular group of fae's purpose is to guard meta humans, to ensure they do their job well and maintain peace on earth.

The two would travel together, learn a lot about each other and become quite close friends. Leo was able to console Chris in his time of grief for Joseph and also help him move forward by providing Chris with moral guidance. Often Chris would ignore Leo and he would joke with him that he needed to lighten up. Over time, Leo's frustration with Chris' misguided actions would build.

A new Family

Chris would eventually reach Paragon City only to be intercepted by Gianni Esposito. Gianni met with Chris early, offering him a reliable job and a steady source of income working as a mechanic for his father's business. Against Leo's warnings, Chris accepted. Gianni fixed up the paperwork so that Chris could get to Cap au Diable to begin his new job. Leo continued his warnings which only increased Chris' stubbornness to pursue this course of action.

As he worked for Espositos garage, he became suspicious of some of the 'jobs' he was asked to do. There seemed to be a lot of changing of licence plates and respraying of cars more than actual mechanic work. Gianni offered Chris some extra work that he could be paid more for. Struggling already as it was on his meagre wage Chris accepted, against Leo's warning. It would be the next few jobs that would awaken Chris to the reality that he was working for the Family. A well known organised crime mob. However, as his bank account lessened, he became more desperate to get money and joined in on a few of the Family's gambling nights. Chris won a few rounds and things were looking up, until Leo appeared to give him one final warning about his new way of life. The other mobsters immediately accused Chris of cheating, took their money back, shot him and left his body in Atlas Park.

A Hero Rises

Chris woke in Atlas Park and immediately went to City Hall to register as a hero, under the name Dayblade, to begin his dream. He found stable accommodation in the Rolling Hills Apartments however was unsure of what he was going to do to secure himself financially. A few jobs were offered, yet they were nothing that Chris seemed to be interested in. One final comment from Leo saw Chris' rage snap and out of frustration he grabbed and crushed the tiny winged man.

The Descadian council retrieved Leo's body and confronted Chris. Being judged by the Council the decision was made that Leo should merge with Chris and utilise his regenerative abilities to restore Leo. Unable to disagree, the choice was made and the merge was carried out. It would be less than thirty minutes later that Chris' powers would alter and see wings emerge from his back. As time went on, Chris noticed some of his other powers changing and developing new ones. He found that he could summon and dismiss wings as he needed but also began experiencing images of what appeared to be events that would occur in the future through contact with objects.

Deciding to truly honour his friend's memory, Chris decided that he would take on hero task, big or small because it was the right thing to do.

During a task in which Chris was to rescue some hostages and apprehend a villain, he confronted the villain, but found him not what he thought he would be and so convinced him to rethink his villainous ways. As he did so the Arachnos Night Widow known as Nocturne appeared to confront him, who Chris bested in combat. As he left the building to a crowd cheering and calling out his hero name, he began to finally realise his true calling in life. A hero was now born.



Powers and abilities

Regenerative Healing: Chris' primary mutant power is an accelerated healing process that enables him to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with far greater efficiency than an ordinary human. The full extent and speed of Dayblade's healing isn't known. He has fully healed from numerous gunshot wounds, severe burns covering most of his body, and regenerate missing organs within a matter of seconds. Among the more extreme depictions of his accelerated healing involves him having his skin, muscles, and internal organs incinerated from his skeleton only to fully regenerate the tissue within minutes.

Foreign Chemical Immunity: Chris' natural healing also affords him the virtual immunity to poisons and most drugs, except in massive doses. For example, it is extremely difficult for him to become intoxicated from alcohol.

Immunity To Disease: Dayblade's highly efficient immune system, which is part of his accelerated healing, renders him immune against all known Earthly diseases and infections.

Delayed Aging: In addition, Dayblade's healing factor provides him with an extended lifespan by slowing the effects of the aging process.

Wings: Chris possesses the superhuman ability to fly by means of his wings, which span 16 feet from wingtip to wingtip. Fully feathered like a bird's, the wings have a very flexible skeletal structure, enabling him to press them to the back of his torso and legs with only the slightest bulge visible under his clothing. Dayblade flies by flapping his wings, as a bird does.

Prescience: Chris has exhibited prescient abilities which have given him brief glimpses of the future.

Angellic sense: Chris generates a divine aura which make many mistake him for an angel. He is also able to sense the presence of other angellic and demonic beings.


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