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General Information

Dead-Eye Dawn is a Defender belonging to the T.R.I.C.K coalition of Heroes. She appears to be in her mid-20s, showing signs of youth, sometimes belied by a pained look in her remaining eye. She speaks slowly and often with an acerbic tongue. Dawn is 5'10" and quite fit, due to her intensive archery training and love of the outdoors. Dawn is an archer of no mean skill, remarkably so since she lost vision in her right eye early on. She is athletically attractive, no alterations to her physique outside the eye surgery in her youth and early adulthood. Dawn is in her late twenties, single and not looking as her heroic lifestly is not likely to lead to a long-term, committes relationship.

Dawn's heroic abilities rely solely on her focused mind. Despite her uncanny use of mental blasts to inflict damage on foes, she has no ability to read minds, prognosticate or use any other such talent. An alternate training path sees Dawn learning to use the powers of telekinesis and psychic domination to hold foes through force of sheer will, but both of these powers are incredibly draining on her personal reserves. Dawn has completed a variety of tasks for the Freedom Phalanx, earning her accolades and a much healthier outlook on life. She has also been granted the Atlas Medallion for work beyond the call of duty in Striga Isle, containing the various Council troops in the Bog area over a period of a month.

Character History

The heroic persona of Dead-Eye Dawn came to be after an unfortunate accident. Playing outside with some friends, she was shoved into some piled branches. While she tried to soften the blow, one of the twigs pierced her right eye, dooming her to lost vision in that reticle. She was consumed with rage and bitterness and immediately tried to take it out on her friends. Her parents managed to calm her and brought her to some of Paragon City's best medical facilities.

Unfortunately for her, her right eye was irrepairably damaged and thus she wore a patch over it, symbolizing her lost sight and determination to make her way in the world, 'incomplete' as she describes herself. Her left eye has seen some surgery and a minor cybernetic implant to increase her efficiency into her favorite sport and pastime, Archery.


Dead-Eye Dawn is quite adept with the bow. She uses far more than the normal missiles, however. Her belt contains a variety of capsules and small projectiles which can disrupt electronics, put victims to sleep, drop patches of acid and even glue. All of these tools allow Dawn to combat Paragon City's various foes with some zeal. Dawn is also able to focus blasts of mental energy in combat, an endeavour that is quite taxing on her physical resources. Dawn does not consider herself a great hero, but rather one of many who try to help those in need. She is constantly tweaking her bow and focusing her mental abilities through the use of various technological inventions she finds during her travels.

Dawn can leap incredible distances because of her lightweight fabric suit. This allows her to augment short hops into larger ones, thus crossing large distances without much fatigue. Her recent training has allowed her to vastly increase her footspeed, dangerously so at times.

Training with T.R.I.C.K. has given her rudimentary leadership capacities which help her defend her allies and direct their attacks to better results. Dawn has risen gradually through this organization, but her forays outside Paragon City have left her as a stranger within her own group, amends being made in the near future.

Recent super-powered training changes have led Dawn to increase her levels of personal fitness. Using this increased stamina has allowed her to focus her powers, granting a short burst of continued use ending with a short bout of fatigue. Now reaching the pinnacle of her career, Dawn shrugs off a small portion of ordinary damage from common forms while using her innate ability to focus a burst of power to fuel some of her attacks. While the mythical Incarnate path lies ahead, she eyes this warily, knowing such powers will surely come at a price not easily paid.


Somewhat reserved. Will start conversations with others when bored but generally prefers to be approached. Any questions about her patch are responded to according to tone. Sarcastic and stupid comments will be met with such, while discrete and polite inquiries will be met with a kind smile and explanation.

Dawn is proud to be a survivor, both from her injury and the various foibles life has afforded her. While she does team with other heroes, she prefers moving at her own pace and constantly testing herself against greater foes. Dawn can occasionally be seen patrolling Croatoa in search of the elusive Eochai, a Fir Bolg creature of legend. She has not yet found this being, leading to much frustration.

You can generally find Dead-Eye Dawn in Pocket D drinking a Bloody Mary or a Daiquiri of some sort in her offtime. She is fascinated with the various villains that congregate the area, though her duty-minded personality wishes she could throw the lot of them into the Ziggurat.

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