Decimbyr Tryst

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Decimbyr Tryst
Player: @Myriad Silvre
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 50 [my first!]
Personal Data
Real Name: see above
Known Aliases: None currently
Species: Human / Changeling
Age: Appears 28, is actually 44.
Height: 5'9
Weight: 140 lbs
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Black with a burgundy sheen
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Personal assistant at Arcadian Homes
Place of Birth: Unknown; somewhere in California
Base of Operations: Currently Cap Au Diable
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None she is aware of
Known Powers
Known Abilities




January 15th, 1965. Five months later her parents attended an anti-war protest/"teach-in" at the Pentagon (Wikipedia link [1]), bringing baby Decimbyr along for the ride. The five-month-old infant was kidnapped, by Fae privateers, and kept in Arcadia for an indeterminate amount of time.


Decimbyr was used to anchor shadows in place. She was small enough to get into hard-to-reach places, and rarely bored of running after shadows. Her Fae master was, comparatively, nicer to her than many masters are to their pets. She took the time to teach Decimbyr all things shadow, including their use as a cloak. Decimbyr liked that so much she wore her shadow cloak all the time, and eventually bonded with it.

She aged, somewhat, during her imprisonment there, and returned in 1998 after a complicated barter between her master [Shadow Iris; a TrueFae] and a goblin king. It was felt that, because she was so young when taken, she would probably be more willing to steal others away through the Hedge [as she wouldn't have the human regret others might have].

The goblin king presented Decimbyr with different baby-toys. She latched on to a particular rattle [which was more like a homemade maraca], as the hippie commune she was born in made all the children's clothing, diapers, and toys [in hopes of nurturing a high-love for the environment]. The goblin king used this to bring her human memories to the surface, which would help her come back through the Hedge. She was also taught ways to hide her now-true form [a slightly terrifying solidification of shadow and thorn] inside a "human casing". While she was not afraid of her new form (or Mask), upon seeing how normal humans appeared she became secretly ashamed of her true form. She hides it unless absolutely necessary.

At Present


When Decimbyr was returned, she was put in contact with a man named Darius Zephir, a Changeling, who was starting a Privateer business. Decimbyr currently works at Arcadian Homes as a partner with Darius, and a personal assistant.



Decimbyr dons an arcane cloak and hood to keep non-friendly Changelings from seeing her human face during combat. This outfit is "strange" enough to satisfy some when she is confronted with questions regarding her magic. It's also fairly resistant to the grime of this world, so it's her "work" uniform. [see main image]


This is going in your file.
While doing "legitimate" business with other characters, Decimbyr wears business suits; a casual blazer with either slacks or a skirt. When in these dress clothes, she seems completely human to beings sensitive to such things.

Theme Songs

The Beautiful Murder & Through The Looking-Glass - InkDotBoy

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