Dee Jay Attercap

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Dee Jay Attercap
Player: @Attercap
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 12
Personal Data
Real Name: N/A
Known Aliases: Attercap, Attertroll, Mr. Superadyne
Species: Human clone
Age: 4 months actual, 32 year physical
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blond (shaved head)
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: None actual, believed hero & DJ
Place of Birth: Crey labs, Atlantic Ocean
Base of Operations: Cap au Diable, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Incredible resilience, superhuman strength, minor earth control
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

Attercap is the secondary red-side character of @Attercap, designed for comedy/RP play. Initially created for a one-off show, the character's history and background has grown through play and the alt of "Dee Jay Attercap" has become its own character, with very few direct inspirations.



Supergroup: The Cape


Outwardly simple-minded and aggressive, there is a spark of intelligence and a gregarious nature in this clone's eyes. Dee Jay Attercap is impulsive, reckless and brutish, choosing the way of bone-crunching violence whenever the option is given. When in a social setting, the troll-like humanoid is generally good-natured and seemingly gullible.

Beneath his thick, green hide and angry eyes, however, is the quick-witted mind of the original Aiden Vance (Attercap) struggling to break free. Within the cloned neural paths lurkes a fierce streak of independence, a sharp tongue and an agile thought process. This personality is suppressed but often breaks free or shows itself in unsuspecting ways.

The clone once believed himself to be the real Attercap. Trapped in the Rogue Isles by the forces of both Arachnos and Longbow, Dee Jay Attercap fed his lust for violence and his subconscious desire to do good, but helping to clean the Rogue Isles streets of undesirables.

After discovering the truth of his history, the trollish clone ceased much of his activities for months before coming to peace with his nature. He returned to the public as a vigilante and became employed as a DJ in his own right for The Cape.

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The Brute has a superhuman level of strength, equivalent to the SuperTrolls that plague Skyway City. With his strength, he swings a heavy sledgehammer. His strength allows him to jump long distances.

The Rogue Isles resident also has the power to surround his fists or his weapons with a thick layer of rock-like mineral. It's assumed that the rocky substance actually comes from the dust in the air.

Dee Jay Attercap has hard, leather-like skin that offers protection from most types of physical damage, including negative energy. While his hide will not deflect bullets, it would take a high-caliber firearm to actually break through the skin to his organs. It's believed his high-density exterior is the result of the Superadyne in his bloodstream as well as a layer of rock--a thinner layer similar to the same hard substance that the villain forms around his fists or weapon.


Dee Jay Attercap has the ability to "rawk out" by playing hard-rock and heavy metal songs on The Cape.


Dee Jay Attercap carries a 20 pound sledgehammer and wears a heavy leather jacket. Within the jacket interior pockets resides numerous pieces of "Bazooka Joe" bubble gum wrappers. Ostensibly, the clone keeps the tiny scraps of papers because he finds the jokes funny.

Character History

Attercap's Troll Daze

For years, the hero known as Attercap used a diluted form of the Superadyne drug to stimulate his fighting ability and powers of recovery. Through close monitoring, enemies of Attercap were able to discern his source for the de-powered 'dyne and exchange it for a full dosage. The effects were immediate and catastrophic. Horns sprung from Attercap's forehead and his skin turned a greenish hue.

Many Rogue Isles residents that Attercap considered friends (or at least, semi-trustworthy allies) encouraged Attercap's continued use of the fully-powered stimulant, while heroes staged intervention after intervention. In the battle over one man's fate, the heroes won and Aiden Vance went into rehab.

During this strange time of the hero's life, a blood sample was taken from the scrapper and, after going through various channels, was sold to a Crey Industries genetisist .

The Cloning and The Escape

The blood taken from the Paragon City hero was used to create a force-grown clone. Ideally, the clone would have been a replica of Attercap under Crey control to be used in information gathering and to help discredit any anti-Crey references in the media. It was unknown to the secret Crey lab (operating in international waters) that the blood was tainted by the effects of Superadyne.

When the clone had reached its optimal state, the hue of its skin became a deep green and horns sprouted from its head. Unprepared for the strength of a troll, the clone was able to smash its way out of the lab and swim to the shores of the Rogue Isles.

Crey Industries decided not to consider the experiment a failure, nor does it seek to track the clone down (at the moment). Instead, it noted an immediate confusion in of the populous who believed the clone to be the real Attercap, back on the 'dyne.

Rogue Isles and The Cape Radio

Currently, Dee Jay Attercap resides in the Rogue Isles. The confusion over his presence has allowed him to continue his position in The Cape, within the Rogue Isles chapter of the station. Due to his limited control of his mental faculties, however, he's rarely interrupted the real Attercap's shows and the two have yet to realize there's another Attercap around.

During the Big Beach Blanket Bonanza Blowout '07 Dee Jay Attercap did manage to take the airwaves from the real Attercap. However, the hero didn't notice due to the chaos and confusion caused by a Rikti attack. The knowledge of a clone's existence--and a trollish clone, at that--remained a confused secret.

Confrontation and Aftermath

Eventually, Attercap and his clone did run into each other and after an obligatory fight, realized that they weren't enemies. The original wasn't very fond of his clone as it reminded him of the dark path traveled, but saw that Dee Jay Attercap also wasn't inherently evil. Attercap avoids his clone, but does not impede the troll version of himself--he even helped arrange the troll's institution to The Cape as a DJ.

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