Demolition Derby

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Demolition Derby
Player: @Wulfie
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 36
Personal Data
Real Name: Michael Francis Doyle
Known Aliases: Mickey, Mick
Species: Human
Age: 32
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 240lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Freelance Mercenary, Smuggler, Former Pro Boxer
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan
Base of Operations: Detroit, Michigan
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Holly Doyle (Sister), Tommy Doyle (Nephew)
Known Powers
Kinetic Manipulation
Known Abilities
Professional Boxer, Boat Captain
Derby Hat (Black)
No additional information available.


Born On The Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Born in Detroit Michigan in the summer of 1975, Michael 'Mickey' Doyle grew up as no stranger to poverty. Raised by his alcoholic prostitute mother after their father walked out on the family in 1978, 'Mickey' learned at an early age how to take care of himself and his sister, Holly, when their mother was too drunk, or too busy with one of her johns, to bother with her children. Rotating in and out of juvenile hall for various offenses, Mickey learned to fight, to lie, and to steal if necessary just to survive. At sixteen he began small time runner work for a contigent of the Detroit branch of The Family, running messages, numbers, and other errands for the higher ups.

Introduction To The Squared Circle

It was through these connections that Mickey Doyle discovered 'Uncle Al's Gym' run by the brother of one of the smalltime mobsters that he worked for. 'Uncle Al' Salvatore gave the young man something to take his anger out on - the boxing bags, and Mickey began a training in the fine art of boxing under 'Uncle Al's' tutelage for the next two years.

Of course, on the side he also put his pugilistic skills to use for The Family as a legbreaker and enforcer. Eventually Uncle Al Salvatore found out about Mickey's promotion in The Family, and threw him out of his gym in disgust. But The Family saw a resource in the young Doyle besides just legbreaking and exortion, and set him up under a manager of their choosing to compete professionally in the boxing ring.

Family Man

For the next three years Mickey Doyle trained under the best that The Family could provide, only occasionally being called upon to rough up the occasional debt welcher. Mickey, for his part thought that this was a fair arrangement, allowing him to provide for his sister and her child after she became pregnant at an early age. Finally, at 21, he was ready.

A Star That Burns Twice As Bright - Burns Out Twice As Fast

'The Demolition Derby' Mickey Doyle stormed onto the pro boxing scene like a freight train, pounding opponants and knocking them out right and left. Never seen without his trademark derby hat (a gift, ironically, from Uncle Al Salvatore as a way of reconciliation between the two) Mickey was destined to be a champion, and The Family was raking in the cash.

Until one fateful bout in a place called Paragon City changed everything.

As a young boy, Michael Doyle had been very ill from meningitis, to the point where he had nearly died. It has been theorized by some that this may have delayed the emergance of his mutant abilities until his mid-twenties.

Doyle was scheduled to fight 'Handsome' Tom Malone, a veteran and champion fighter, and also one of The Family's former favorites. Tom had been instructed to 'take a dive' for the new blood Doyle - without Doyle's knowledge, but had decided to save his reputation as a never-say-die fighter and give the 'young pup' the fight of his life.

For the first three rounds they went back and forth, pounding away on each other, all the while Tom was taunting Mickey, hoping to anger him enough to make a mistake. Finally, Mickey Doyle could stand the personal abuse no more and lashed out in a rage, his fists glowing a bright red. The impact shattered Tom Malone's ribcage, leaving him on the floor, coughing up blood as the horrified Mickey looked on.

Tom Malone would not survive the night, and Mickey Doyle was taken into custody and charged with manslaughter. He was just 23 years old.

The Road To Ziggursky

At his trial, Mickey Doyle's past as an enforcer and legbreaker came to light, that combined with Handsome Tom's death ensured he would never box professionally again. Sentenced to 10 years in prison, he was shuttled from metahuman facility to metahuman facility before eventually becoming an inmate of Ziggursky Prison in Paragon City. Doyle was by many accounts a quite and reserved inmate, but also had a well-earned reputation of someone not to be interfered with. He continued his weight and boxing training, and held the prison's boxing championship for two years in a row.


It was on Halloween of 2005, after having served 7 of a 10 year sentence, that the forces of Arachnos made a mass liberation of the Ziggursky inmates. And although it was not by his choice, Mickey 'The Demolition Derby' Doyle was one of those inmates. Knowing that he would never now be able to have a normal life outside the prison walls because of the breakout - at least for the forseeable future - Mickey Doyle opted to go with his unexpected benfactors to the Rogue Isles.

The Irony? The following day was to be his parole hearing for an early release based upon his relative good behaviour, one that was nearly certain to have been granted.

Among The Rogue Isles

Two years later, Mickey Doyle is still in the Rogue Isles, operating as a freelance mercenary for any who can pay his fees. He has done quite well for himself so far, even meeting up again with Uncle Al Salvatore who emigrated to the Isles to be with family. Salvatore functions as Doyle's 'fixer' as well as running a local gym where, ironically, Doyle has been known to teach boxing to the local youths.

Doyle also sometimes sidelines in smuggling to Paragon City and other points, using a modified motor torpedo boat from world war II to smuggle contraband, and more often people, to and from The Rogue Isles.


Mickey Doyle is a mutant, capable of subconsciously manipulating kinetic energies for different effects, the principle of which is his ability to generate a field of energy around his hands that magnifies the kinetic force of his punches many times over. At its lowest a mere slap from Doyle can feel like being hit by a professional boxer, and at its maximum the kinetic force delivered by his hands can smash cinderblocks and bricks and stave in steel.

His body also generates a field which saps the kinetic energy from anything that hits him and then utilizes this energy for the other aspects of his powers. Thus punches to Doyle may feel like mere taps as his skin-level energy field saps the kinetic force out of the blow, this field even extends to higher velocity projectiles fired at him.

Finally, he can manipulate kinetic forces in a direction, allowing him to vault great distances by boosting his jumps with his kinetic fields, these same fields absorb the impact of his landings, negating any damage they may have caused to a large degree.

As a side effect of his mutant powers, Doyle has a toughened skin and denser muscle mass, which also gives some protection from injuries.

Abilities and Skills

Mickey Doyle is a professional level boxer and veteran of countless street fights and barroom brawls. Although he prefers to use his boxing style in personal combat, he is also not above using dirty fighting methods either.

Mickey Doyle is an expert mechanic and ship's captain.

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