Dimension Lass

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Dimension Lass
Player: Masker




Threat Level:


Personal Data
Real Name:

Stella Falls

Known Aliases:



Unknown Alien





Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Biographical Data

Resident Alien, USA


Student, Intern

Place of Birth:

Unknown; Found in Baumton

Base of Operations:

Paragon City

Marital Status:


Known Relatives:

Dr. Robert Falls, adoptive father.

Additional Data
Known Powers:

Gravity Control, Kinetics, Stealth, Fitness, Teleportation, Psionic Mastery

Known Abilities:

Physics and Sciences, Mechanical Engineering

Known Equipment:

Access to high-tech labs and tools.

  • Chronologically only 7 years old, but is physiologically similar to a 16 year old human female.
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In the first Rikti Invasion, found in the wreckage of a Rikti command craft was an alien infant girl. Not Rikti, nor any other alien life form known, Paragon City took her in as a ward to be studied. Her discovery made the headlines in the Paragon papers at the time, and though her celebrity has faded somewhat over the years, she still is known and recognized for her past. Those who were around during the first Rikti Invasion may remember seeing sensational headlines and photographs about her.

She was raised under the name "Stella" by ELITE scientist Dr. Robert Falls, who came to love his charge as a daughter, and adopted her. Stella quickly adapted to life on earth, and demonstrated the ability to control the dimensional forces which hold worlds together (see below). She matured rapidly, and now has the physiological age of a sixteen-year old human girl. She has been granted a Hero License and operates under the name "Dimension Lass."

She has developed a keen scientific mind, especially in the realms of dimensional physics where her innate intuition about dimensional forces gives her surprising skill. She still attends Paragon High, but has begun taking advanced classes at the University and has a part-time internship with Portal Corporation.

With the second Rikti invasion, Stella's mysterious past was brought back to the forefront of her mind, and she has joined the Vanguard group to strive to repel the Rikti invaders and find more information about who she is. She is on "active reserve" with the Vanguard, and has contacts within that organization.


Stella has the ability to sense and manipulate the various dimensional forces which bind the universe together. Gravity is the most obvious one of these forces, but she can also sense electromagnetic fields, strong and weak quantum forces, and "pkDim" energy, which is created when different dimensions interact or "rub against" each other. She can sense these forces intuitively, and rearrange them to a limited extent.

Thus, she can lift heavy objects, propel them at high speeds on gravity waves, speed up or slow down time in limited, localized ways (thus, for example, allowing her to speed up an ally's movements). She can teleport herself or other people by opening wormholes in space. She can bend light around herself or her allies, rendering them invisible. Stella can alter the density of a person or object, making them tougher. She can transfer energy from enemies and give it to her teammates, weakening the former and strengthening the latter. She also has a kind of "portable storage" space in "Tweenspace" (the space between dimensions) that she carries a wide assortment of objects in.

All of these abilities seem to be natural for her. She cannot express easily how she does these things, nor can she teach others to do them. Stella's powers are mostly under her control. However, this was not always the case. Early on, they would manifest unpredictably, often when she was dreaming or sick. There were occasions when the furniture in her house would rearrange itself, or the door to her closet would open into the kitchen. There have been 'near misses' as well, such as when she accidently hurled a tree through a Freedom Corps office, or when she sucked a car into a temporary singularity, crushing it and obliterating it utterly. Fortunately, no was has been seriously hurt by these events. Nowadays, such strange happenings are rare, but the possibility exists that when she is under great stress or fatigue, they may return.


Growing up so fast, in the spotlight, and being "different" has caused Stella to be shy and quiet. She is socially awkward, keeps to herself, and doesn't like too much attention. She is a tireless worker, spending long hours in the lab working on machines and designs. While she loves her adopted father and Earth is the only home she truly knows, she desperately wants to know of her people, her origin, and her original place.

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