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"Dimitri Likes His PVP"
Dimitri Sylvan
Player: @The_sarge
Origin: Human
Archetype: Fortunata
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Dimitri Sylvan
Known Aliases: Party boy. Dimi. Dim
Species: Homo Sapien
Age: 23
Height: 5'11
Weight: 155
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: White
Occupation: Party boy. Strong Arm
Place of Birth: Paragon
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: single(bi)
Known Relatives: Parents.
Known Powers
Psionics. Highly accute precognition. Super speed
Known Abilities
Tech Goggles. Piston boots
No additional information available.



"The best thing in life is doing things people say you can’t do."

Dimitri Sylvan grew up in the mecca of super powers known widely as Paragon City. His parents, simple people who worked blue collar jobs and had but only one child. From a young age Dimitri realized that alot of people around him where different. People had powers, the could jump, fly, lift cars and do amazing feats. All these powers granted to them by birthright. At first it seemed wonderful to live among such awe inspiring people. Until Dimitri found himself a social pariah for not being special, but for being normal. For many years during his school age, Dimitri endured the torment of super powered bully's. Bully's he could not defend him self again. Who mocked him, simply because he was a normal human.

At the age of eighteen Dimitri found work was hard in paragon for someone without powers. Recognition here was reserved for only those who could do amazing feats of the supernatural. As a result he found both a simple source of income and escape. The Rave scene was where Dimitri found himself. Dancing, partying, and of course Extacy. It was not long before Dimitri was both abusing and selling the drug. Lining his pockets with the money he made allowed him free time to party and enjoy the life he had found in the techno underground of the supposed " city of heroes". Until the heroes found out about it, of course they came running, they crashed the raves and began cleaning up the drug rings. Dimitri found himself arrested for possession and intent to sell. Now super humans had even taken his clique away from him.

After a few more years of struggling to make ends meet, under the constant watching eye of the heroes. Selling drugs became almost impossible. He found himself washing dishes and walking dogs most the time. Until at the age of twenty three Dimitri found an ad in the paper. "Wanted human subjects to test new antibiotics" Well money was money. But after being screened and allowed into the program Dimitri found not a antibiotic testing lab. But a group based around anti-meta sentiment. The ad had been faked to lure possible subjects in, Introduced to Dr. Adrian Desmond of the " Empyrean Mandate" Dimitri was offered a unique change. What if they could make him just as strong, fast and "Super" as all those other people. With out turning him into the "freaks" He had come to hate.

Dimitri agreed and was the first candidate for Dr. Desmond's Human Latency program. A series of injections, conceived by genius, meant to awaken the dormant portions of a humans brain. Giving them access to the mental powers we all have the capability to harness. It took time, but with practice and focus Dimitri began to feel his mental powers expand. With in six months he found himself capable of super human feats. He could read peoples minds, control them. He could lift great weights with his thoughts, he could even see tiny glimpses of the future. He was faster, he could think sharply, act with out hesitation. No whe had all those precious "Super" powers he had been mocked for lacking.

Dimitri joined the Mandate as a full time agent. He could think of nothing better to do with his powers then use them against all the freaks of the world who loved to flaunt there own. Mutants, magic users, people who had for long had the upper hand. Now Dimitri had his turn to be the bully and he loved the very idea.

Dimitri's Powers

"The Mind is a deadly weapon. It can be sharper then any blade. Swifter then any strike. More terrifying then any horror"

Dimitri's powers are of top tier psychic ability. He is capable of but not limited to the following.

Telepathy/Mind Reading: Dimitri can speak to and read the minds of others with great ease.

Illusion: Dimitri can fool other people into seeing things that are not real. Or not seeing things which are present. Which represents his ability to seemingly " vanish."

Telekinetic: Dimitri is capable of lifting great weights as well as projecting heavy smashing forces with his mind. Dimitri can lift countless times the weight his muscles are capable.

Precognition: One of Dimitri's most powerful abilities is that his mind is so developed he can perceive events before the unfold. Allowing him to avoid attacks and situations before they happen. Combined with the ability to read peoples minds this makes Dimitri an extremely difficult target to hit.

On top of these powers, Dimitri's sense of timing, balance and awareness are so highly developed it allows him to be a significant melee threat. Using telekinetic to apply force to his blows rather then muscle and wielding razor sharp blades, Dimitri is capable of quickly eviscerating an enemy.

The Party Side of Things

"work hard, and play harder"

Dimitri is a notorious party boy. He spends most of his off time at the various raves and dance clubs of the isles. A very frequent visitor of the exclusive St. Martial rave known as "Club Velvet" Dimitri is also connected in a high class Extacy ring. Dimitri sells a brand of Extacy known as Velvet, refined into a smokeable version and sold packed into what looks like cigarettes, the drug is considered the finest Extacy one can lay hands on.

The smoke that a burning stick of Velvet makes, has a sweet intoxicating smell and lingers easily in the air, it's all the more recognizable by the fact he end burns bright blue and the smoke follows in color, creating a heavy blue haze when smoked in a closed in space.

((feel free to have seen Dimi at a rave or approach him about the drug.))

OOC and Notes

<>I do not, as a actual person hate or condone the hate of people because of race. It's just RP.

<>Dimitri is a psychic of the highest caliber. If you resist his mental abilitys I'll expect a good reason.

<>I like PVP! Not only do I like it, I encourage it. I like making builds for people. Not good at PVP? Want help? Just send me a tell. I'll help almost anyone with it. If you'd like some example of if I know what I'm doing feel free to fight me in a OOC fight See also: Raid Engineer Harpers build See Also: Purifier Kierans build. ((which was copied a few times)

<> I do not hate anyone on an OOC level. Do not presume I dislike you because we fight in character. I love to rp, I love plots, I love Drama, I love twists and I just generally like rp. Want to beat the hell out of Dimitri in a plot? Make friends? Be Enemies? Do something silly? Just plain ol RP any plot or idea? Send me a tell, I will not( contrary to what some people like to say about me) bite your head off. After all what good is it being a bad guy if you dont have anyone to fight?

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